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Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas (Sep 2023)

Minecraft may look like a daunting video game, and it’s probably intimidating for new players who want to get started with the game. True, there’s a learning curve but it’s not that steep.

Minecraft statistics are showing that the number of players is constantly growing, so there must be something that Minecraft is doing right. Is it possible that the game gets better once you get used to the grind and the builds?

Well, if you’re a new player, chances are you want to get started in building a new house. And we have something for you. We have some of the best Minecraft starter house ideas on this article that should make your first Minecraft gaming experience memorable.

But first…

What Are The Qualities Of Great Starter Houses?

Before we talk about some of the best Minecraft house ideas, we want to talk about the qualities that would make your starter house a good one.

First, it has to be compact. A compact starter house is what you’ll need for the first few hours of getting into the game. The primary reason why you something compact or smaller is that it takes a while to get used to everything. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with building just yet. Another reason why you should always go for smaller starter houses is you want to familiarize yourself with the controls, the ingredients, and the gameplay overall.

Second, you need to stick with the basic materials that you can easily attain. Wood and stone are two of the easiest materials to farm. Then you can move on to the more complicated materials such as deepslate, copper, moss, and quartz. There are great resources out there for Minecraft farm ideas on YouTube.

Lastly, you want starter houses that are easy to build and erect no matter which part of the map you’re in. This is crucial if you’re playing Survival mode and you’re moving around the map a lot.

Now, with that being said, let’s move on to the list of Minecraft starter base ideas.

The Best Minecraft House Ideas For First Time Players

Standard House With Storage Space

Basic Build Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

Your standard starter house is pretty much as compact and as functional as it can be. Regardless of the design, the structure is simple enough as you only need two rooms. One for your bed, and one to store your belongings. Granted, you could also stick with just one room and store everything there.

Remodeled Village House

Another example of a well-made wooden house is this Village House, as you can see from the picture.

It follows the same standard starter house template, but it’s relatively easier. What makes this one of the easiest Minecraft starter houses is that you only need to build one room, build a roof, a door, and you’re done.

Standard Roundhouse

Roundhouse Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

Moving on to modern house ideas, we have this roundhouse Minecraft house that’s a big leap from your standard house build.

New players who are tired of building huts and smaller houses often transition to building roundhouses to test their creativity. The size and design are completely up to the players, but what makes this a great starter house is that it’s a lot more economical in terms of resources.

Mountain House

Mountain House Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

Some Minecraft players like to live out their superhero or supervillain fantasy by creating a mountain house. A mountain house is a functional yet good looking house for a number of reasons.

First, you don’t need as many building materials because the mountain is your foundation. You will be doing a lot of digging through the sides though. This might not be the first house you’ll build as a new player, but it does challenge you enough once you get bored with the standard builds.

It’ll probably take you a few days to build through the mountain and another few days to gather wood, so your early game will probably be boring. Then you’ll move on to decorating the space inside and the exteriors.

Simple Underground House

Underground House Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

An underground house is built the same way as you would with a mountain house, but as the name implies, you’re building underground.

An underground house is one of the most flexible and creative house ideas because you can go for a compact build or a large build.

Large Bunker

Large Underground House With Rooms Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

This is one of those extremely modern houses built underground as it’s clearly inspired by your everyday doomsday prepper. And as you can see from the design in the photo, you could easily beautify the underground house with just different types of wooden slabs and stone bricks.

Different Minecraft house ideas often revolve around variations of this bunker. Some players prefer digging down vertically while others are going for a wider reach. Some players would use a glass roof on top of their bunker, while there are others that would hide the entrance behind their old starter house.

Full Wooden Survival House

Full Wooden Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

A good starter house may be ideal for getting used to the game mechanics, but if you’re feeling confident and want a decent challenge, then this full wooden survival house is perfect.

In the Survival world, players and mobs are gunning for you. Build this wooden house big enough and you’ll probably have enough room inside for your beds, chests, and a few rooms to house farm animals even. You could even add some glass panes on the roof to give you a skylight ceiling as part of your final build.

This particular build was made popular by YouTube content creator, SheepGG. On the outside it looks like a typical log cabin and would make for a great starter home if you have the patience and skills to build it. SheepGG is one of those content creators that beginner builders should follow.

Mangrove Starter House

Mangrove Starter House Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

Another one of those great Minecraft house ideas is the Mangrove house, or Mangrove starter house, popularized by YouTube Folli.

If you find yourself situated within a mangrove or biome, then this is the starter house to build. The size would probably be small at first, with just enough room inside for beds, crafting table, and chest.

Desert House

Desert House Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

Popularized by YouTuber Dio Rods, the desert house is one of the most practical Minecraft starter house ideas if you find yourself playing in desert terrain. The desert house is one of the most popular Minecraft house ideas simply because it’s easy to make, regardless of game mode.

Instead of using trees and stones, you’ll be using sandstone and granite to build this starter house. You only need a few hours of farming at best to build this Minecraft starter house.

Winter Cottage

Winter Cottage Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

Folli is one of those Youtubers who became popular by making videos on different Minecraft starter house ideas and providing tutorials for them. On this list, we have the Winter Cottage and is a solid pick amongst survival players.

Just like the Desert House, the Winter Cottage is the starter house for those who spawned in maps with cold climates. The Winter Cottage is a decent enough starter house because it will give you enough room for beds, furnaces, and storage.

If you have the attainable materials, you can use smooth stone or oak wood to build up a platform to raise up this rustic house. It’s a great early game that will only take you a few hours to complete. You’ll probably have this up before the first night ends.

Jungle Treehouse Build

Jungle Treehouse Build Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

Don’t get us wrong. We’d love different variations of an underground base, but what if we told you that you can go higher without building a tall house?

To make that possible, we have the treehouse build. Granted, this might take you a few days to complete, but it’s going to be worth it. If you go high enough, not even a skilled Minecraft player or a bunch of hostile mobs could go through a great build.

Of course, you need to spawn in the jungle to make this build worth it. It’s a decent Minecraft starter house because you only need a lot of wood and some stone bricks to make the stairs and the house itself.

If you spend time in Survival world, then this is one of the most feasible and practical Minecraft starter house ideas because you’re out of reach by other players and mobs.

The Wrap Up

Now that you’ve seen different starter house ideas, here are some last-minute tips and tricks to spice up your first Minecraft house and Minecraft gaming experience as a whole.

  • YouTube is a great resource for finding Minecraft house ideas. There are different YouTubers and streamers out there who play a lot Minecraft and will gladly share a thing or two about building designs.
  • Experiment with different attainable materials for your starter house. Just because it’s a simple house doesn’t mean you should skimp out on using materials.