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Best Minecraft Base Ideas (Sep 2023)

Minecraft is one of those games that both young and old gamers enjoy. For young gamers, there’s the appeal of doing things with their friends and just having the time of their lives in a sandbox environment. For adults, there’s the interaction between Minecraft players and then being able to build something out of nothing.

But the biggest appeal that draws in both young and old players alike is the game’s ability to stay exactly the same. Leave Minecraft untouched for a few years and you come back into the game like nothing’s changed.

It’s also one of those games where there’s no pressure to do anything at all, even when you’re playing Survival mode. Yes, we know how rough that game mode can be but it’s still fun so as long as you have a robust and decent enough Minecraft base.

The Best Minecraft Base Ideas

And speaking of Minecraft bases, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article. We’re going to go over the best Minecraft base ideas to inspire you to build a new one or improve your current Minecraft base.

And in Minecraft, the terms “base” and “house” are somewhat interchangeable. A Minecraft player would probably just use the term “house” if he or she is the only one using it. Other Minecraft players use the term “base” if they’re housing other people in them.

Minecraft Base Idea#1 Wooden Castle Keep

Wooden Castle Keep Best Minecraft Base Ideas

If you’re playing Survival mode with friends, then your base should be focused on two things: protection for you and the team, and protection for your resources.

Both of these needs are met when you’re building this Wooden Castle Keep, one of the most popular Minecraft base ideas in the game right now for two reasons.

First, the materials are simple. You just wood and stone, albeit by the numbers, and some of its variants if you want to add more details.

Second, you can freely adjust the size without unnecessarily redoing the entire thing.

Its aesthetic appeal is irresistible. A rustic theme, or a medieval theme, would fit in quite nicely if we’re talking about beautifying the interior space. If you also build it high enough, you should be able to get a great vantage point where you’ll see a whole lot of terrain.

Minecraft Base Idea #2 A Stone Keep For Survival

A Stone Keep Best Minecraft Base Ideas

Similar to the Wooden Keep, there’s a variation that takes up a lot more stone than wood. Players who are familiar with how the game works should find this relatively easy to make, given that all the resources are available immediately.

What most people do here is make the ground floor the widest part of the base. The upper floors will be narrower compared to the ground floor so you don’t take up too much space as you head on up. You’ll also give other players the impression that you’re building a tower.

Minecraft Base Idea #3 Underground Base

Underground Base Best Minecraft Base Ideas

One of the best Minecraft base ideas is this underground base and its many variants. An underground Minecraft base has more than enough room for creativity, and you don’t need expert building skills to build this base. However, you do need tenacity and persistence.

Similar to the wooden and stone keeps mentioned above, you can keep the interior design to a minimum but where’s the fun in that?

Minecraft Base Idea #4 A Slightly Modern Underground Base

Modern Underground Base Best Minecraft Base Ideas

If you want to spice things up with your underground base, you could a modern flair into it. We’re talking about using glass panels, oak logs (or other variants), hanging lights, and maybe even a secret entrance somewhere.

For this one, you’ll need something more complicated like stone, concrete, and deepslate. How you’ll design the interiors is completely up to you. It’s also one of the best Minecraft starter houses you’ll see on YouTube channels.

Minecraft Base Idea #5 Scary Nether Base

Scary Nether Base Best Minecraft Base Ideas

Accessed via the Nether Portal, the Nether is home to a lot of valuable building resources and hostile mobs. A lot of veteran players would often build their own Nether bases to protect themselves from these mobs and possible griefers.

Be prepared to grind it out though if you are planning to stay in the Nether world. A Nether Portal is tricky to craft, so you’ll have to make sure that the trips to the Nether are worth it.

This is definitely not a starter base for the newer players.

Minecraft Base Idea #6 A Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle Best Minecraft Base Ideas

Probably the grandest and largest base idea in this article, the Castle is a challenge undertaken by a lot of veteran players. The amount of grinding, designing, and decorating these massive Minecraft structures is overwhelming.

This takes up a lot of real estate in game, so if you’re playing survival mode, you’re probably going to have enemies gunning for you if you want to pursue this project.

Minecraft Base Idea #7 Spruce Mansion Tutorial

pruce Mansion Best Minecraft Base Ideas

If a castle is too ancient for you, then you might be interested in something more modern. The Spruce Mansion is an interesting design because you could think of it as a modern-day castle.

Hardcore creative mode players would often find a real-life mansion to work with and hopefully try to replicate it in Minecraft.

Tips On How To Make Your Minecraft Bases Better

Real Life Structures For Inspiration? YES PLEASE!

One of the best things about Minecraft is that you could any building in real life and turn it into a base or a house. If you’re unable to come up with a design of your own, there’s no harm in getting inspiration from the real world.

We’ve already seen the glories of Hogwarts Castle and Minas Tirith fully replicated in Minecraft, down to the last detail.

Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

The temptation to go big or go home in Minecraft is huge, but there’s actually no point to go for a bigger structure if there’s no need to.

In most cases, your surrounding area might not even be feasible for one of the bases above, except maybe for the underground base.

Play With Different Wood Types

There are different wood types to choose from in Minecraft, and each of them with different shades, durability, and texture.

A lot of players go for different wood types because of their coloring. If you want to give your interior or exterior a fresh shade, then experiment with the many types of wood.

Use The Environment To Your Advantage

Sometimes, a raised platform isn’t enough to get you the base that you need. Sometimes, you’ll need to use the mountain, the cliff, the ravine, or better yet, the lake.

The varied terrain of Minecraft allows you to make environment-inspired bases like a cave base, underwater base, or even mountain base.