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Best Minecraft Farm Ideas (Jul 2024)

Minecraft is one of the biggest video games right now, and the statistics show it. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, Minecraft has a certain appeal that draws in users from different demographics.

A lot of players are drawn to doing PvP, and if you’re one of them, then you’ll know just how nasty the game mode is. Limited resources can be hindering to your ability to build starter houses, let alone survival houses.

And one of the best tricks to surviving on limited resources is trying to set up your own farm. If you’re new to PvP, you’re in luck. We have some of the best Minecraft farm ideas that will come in handy for survival or for PvP.

The Best Minecraft Farm Ideas For New Players and Veterans

Sculk Farm

Sculk Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Late June 2022, Minecraft released a new 1.19 version that allowed players to farm Sculk blocks. But what was even more fascinating is that mining for Sculk also drops experience orbs.

By using a Sculk catalyst, you can spawn Sculk blocks in your area. Then start mining them. You only need an open area that’s at least 9 blocks in radius to place the Sculk catalyst. Then put a block that’s 8 blocks away from the center block in all four horizontal directions. These will mark the range at which the Sculk will generate.

But you probably won’t believe what we have as the next Minecraft farm idea.

Creeper Farm Ideas

Creeper Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Minecraft players will know just how terrible creepers can be, especially when they get close to players. They can be dangerous for you, your animals, your villagers, and even other players. But if you know how to farm creepers, then you can easily have access to gunpowder, which is essential for killing other mobs and mining for diamonds.

A creeper farm is one of the best Minecraft farm ideas when it comes to PvP, and the build isn’t as complicated. You just place a spawning platform in an ocean or body of water to maximize their spawn rates.

From that platform, make a 2-block wall with trapdoors for its roof. Have boats with cats loaded in them to scare creepers away and instead direct them towards the other end. This other end will have a water stream that will guide the creepers to a kill mechanism, which can be equipped with magma blocks or campfires.

Think of it as having one of those automatic farms for gunpowder.

Dripstone and Lava Farm

Dripstone Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

One of the most unusual Minecraft farm ideas involves dripstone and lava. Introduced back in 17.0, players have been mining for dripstones, which allowed them to turn lava into a renewable resource.

And establishing a dripstone/lava farm is easy. You just need to find some of these things in the world, and farm just enough of them to give you an automatic farm for dripstone.

Enderman Farm

Enderman Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Ender pearls are necessary if you want to beat the game, or if you want to be able to teleport around the world.

But to get Ender pearls, you need to kill Enderman. And what if we told you you can set up automatic farms for endless spawns of Enderman? Well, this process takes a lot of time and travelling. But the end result is going to be worth it.

You’ll need an Enderman trap, which will allow you to easily access and kill these mobs. The spawnable blocks are usually located near The End or Warped Forests, and this is where you’ll build these traps.

The Enderman walks into these traps, which is basically a pit with certain mechanisms. Once an Enderman is trapped, players will activate the switch, which will raise up the platform repeatedly. As a result, the Enderman’s head is smashed into the ceiling until it’s weakened and players can kill it with one blow. Some players are also smart enough to use pressure-sensitive traps so they don’t need to use the switch. As soon as an Enderman falls, the trap closes and the platform does its job.

And then just do this repeatedly for every Enderman that spawns and you’ll have an automatic Minecraft farm for Ender pearls.

Cow Farm or Chicken Farm

Cow Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

All right, maybe some Minecraft farm ideas that involve treasures aren’t exactly what you need. Maybe you just need a resource farm, like cows for example.

And just like any other Minecraft farm, you just need to find where they’re spawning and then build a wall with fence gates around them. Several barn designs also include an enclosure for chicken and other livestock.

Chickens and cows can be found all over the map, and if you’re lucky, you’ll probably find a spawn point near you. Once the wall and fence gates are all set tup, you’ll have more chickens and cows to deal with every day.

Pumpkin and Melon Farm

Melon Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Livestock isn’t the only thing you can farm on Minecraft. Crops like Pumpkin and Melon are just as popular as chickens and cows. But unlike your usual crops, pumpkins and melons aren’t exactly meant to be placed near other crops because their growth mechanisms can other crops nearby.

What you should do is have a separate automatic farm for crops such as melons and pumpkins. Having them separate not only makes them easily accessible, but also protect your other crops.

Sugar Cane Farm

Sugar Cane Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Sugar cane is an essential material for making enchanted items such as banners, maps, and books. And the reason why is that these items need paper before you can craft them. And guess where you can get paper?

That’s right. Sugar cane. Just like crop farming, having automatic farms of sugar cane will come in handy. Otherwise, you’d spend hours roaming the entire map looking for spawns of sugar canes.

Tree Farm

Tree Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Having a tree farm is handy in Minecraft, and it’s one of the best Minecraft farm ideas for PvP and survival mode. However, the tree farm is the most complicated farm to make. But don’t worry, there are several videos on YouTube that will show you how to do that.

Since trees provide you with the necessary materials needed for building houses, traps, and other items, it’s worth noting that this is one farm you can’t do without. You can probably make do without a crop farm or any of the other farms, but a tree farm is crucial.

AFK Fish Farm

AFK Fish Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Fishing can get boring easily in Minecraft and even though a lot of materials rely on fish, some players just can’t be bothered to go do it.

An AFK fish farm is one of the best Minecraft farm ideas because you have easy access to fishes without going into the open world. Some AFK fish farms are comprised of glass panes and a good combination of different stone bricks.

Villager Breeding Farm

Villager Breeding Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Yes, you can actually make a farm for villager breeding. And as dark and as morbid as it may sound out of context, villagers are part and parcel of being in a Minecraft world.

Villagers are NPCs or non-playing or non-playable characters. If you’re a new player, villagers look have the features of Spongebob’s Squidward.

A villager breeding farm idea involves creating beds, water buckets, a composter, and some carrots. And of course, some walls. All you have to do is lure them into the farm, and they’ll automatically start breeding.

If other players are destroying your villager breeding farm, you can easily re-do the process.

AFK Food Farm

AFK Food Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

An AFK food farm is a crucial farming method for players who go deep into survival modes. Survival players actually build a food farm during the early game. A YouTube video by JC Plays goes over different AFK food farms such as beetroot farm, carrot farm, potatoes, and more.

Iron Farm

Bedrock Iron Farm Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Iron is a crucial material for crafting, and having iron provides you with more options for tools, weapons, and armor.

Just like food farms, a Minecraft iron farm is one of those farms that players would gun for so they could easily harvest or mine iron.

There are several variations for iron farms, but videos by Takodachis and Ninomae Ina’nis’s are great references.

Sheep Wool Farm

Sheep Wool Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Another animal-friendly farm on the list involves having sheep. Sheep wool drops from sheep, and having a sheep farm gets you access to this material.

For sheep, you don’t have to kill them. You just shear the wool off of them and deposit it into your storage or chest. You can also use dyes to give your wool a different color or shade.

The Wrap Up

Setting up Minecraft farms is as easy as building starter houses or survival houses. It’s tedious work still, but having a Minecraft farm in a PvP world or survival mode can make a huge difference.

There are still a plethora of Minecraft farm ideas out there and it’d take more than one article to fully illustrate them all.