The Best Custom PC Builders

The Best Custom PC Builders

Whether you’re looking for your first-ever PC or seeking a total reboot of your existing setup, finding a quality new PC can be really difficult. A lot of people don’t have the time or energy to sift through massive amounts of information about the latest hardware, how they compete with each other and how they … Read more

The Different PC Case Sizes Explained

The Different PC Case Sizes Explained: From Full Tower to Mini ITX Cases

PC Cases may look quite similar, but there are a wide variety of different sizes and styles that can be difficult to spot when hunting for an upgrade or starting a fresh build. For a long time, the categories for cases weren’t easy to understand and different brands and manufacturers often changed their specifications and … Read more

Best $1200 Gaming PC Build To Dominate 1440p

Best $1200 Gaming PC Build To Dominate 1440p

When it comes to gaming there are more options than ever when it comes to performance and resolution. 1440p gaming, in particular, has come a long way and is now a real sweet spot in the market between the high frame rates possible at 1080p and the crisp graphical fidelity of 4K gaming. But of … Read more

gpu fan not spinning

GPU Fan Not Spinning [Resolved]

There can be multiple reasons behind the graphic card not being functional, besides just the GPU’s fan; for instance, the graphic card may not be adequately seated or connected to the power supply.

Gaming chair featured

How to Clean A Gaming Chair

All of us would agree that a comfortable gaming chair is vital for a gaming enthusiast to be comfortable and perform their best. And, for it to last, you need to maintain it regularly.

Best Thin Bezel Monitors featured

11 Best Thin Bezel Monitors Review 2021

Thin Bezel Monitors are a vital aspect of a multi-monitor system, and many gamers love it because it allows them to focus solely on the game. Many professionals may be well-versed in this area, but many others would like to join the fight but are unsure where to begin.

Astra Review

Astra Theme Review

We put the Astra theme through a full battery of tests and here is what we found out. Read our full Astra theme review to determine if it is worth it!