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Ideas For The Best Minecraft Survival Houses (Sep 2023)

What is it about Minecraft that draws both young and adult gamers into the game? Is it the idea of being able to create anything in the world? Is it about being able to just wander aimlessly into a vast space? Regardless, Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world right now and we have the Minecraft statistics to prove it.

Whatever your goals are, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to build a decent house. You’ll need one so you have a safe space to log off from.

In this article, we’re going to go over some impressive Minecraft house ideas that will put your creativity to the test. So if you’re a Minecraft player who’s:

  • Got no idea on what kind of modern house to build
  • Got no inspiration on how to approach an underground house
  • Always wanted to make the biggest Minecraft House

Then you’re in luck! Any one of these best Minecraft house ideas could turn into your dream house. From a modern Minecraft house to an underground house, we got you covered for this bit.

What Are Some Of The Best Minecraft Survival Houses?

If you’re playing with other players or if you’re running a server with friends, then you’re going to want to stay for this part.

Minecraft players who play survival mode know just how important it is to have a house. Survival mode is one of the most popular game modes in the game where you’ll need to protect yourself from the elements, even when you’re AFK or offline.

And yes, part of the enjoyment of running survival mode is being able to create a survival house that protects you from Creepers, Griefers, and more.

Little House on the Prairie

A Simple Starter House For The Solo Survivalist

Little House on the Prairie Best Minecraft Survival Houses

Whether it’s your first time to ever setting foot in Minecraft, or if you’re a solo Survival player, then you’ll probably want this simple modern house idea.

The premise of the Prairie House is simple. It has at least one room, a door, and some windows. Depending on the complexity of the design, you only need wood to build this Prairie House.

While it may not protect you from a lot of griefers, it does a good enough job in making sure that you have a safe space when you AFK or log off. The Prairie House is one of the easiest survival house ideas that you can easily recreate, regardless of play mode and server.

Stone House

An Uncomplicated Starter House With Size

Stone House Best Minecraft Survival Houses

A survival house doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it’s a decent enough starter house where you don’t need a lot of materials, to begin with.

A lot of new players, myself included, have found this combination to be a staple when it comes to building a survival house. At least for the first couple of hours, or days even. With some glass windows, you could literally make it look like a modern house.

YouTubers such as TheMythicalSausage goes over the process of building this house in great detail on his YouTube channels.

Co-op House

A Big Enough House For More Than Three Players

Co-op House Best Minecraft Survival Houses

If you’re gunning for a large wooden survival house, or a good mix of wood, stone, and other material, then you might want to run with the Co-op House.

A Co-op house was first designed by Heyimrobby, and has become a popular Minecraft house for groups of friends. As the name implies, you need more than two or three players to help you build something as grand as what Heyimrobby has made.

What makes this one of the best Minecraft survival houses is that you don’t get pressured into building it as grand and as large right off the bat. You can easily start with just a couple of rooms and work your way up in terms of size and complexity.

Tower House

Build It Like How Sauron Would

Tower House Best Minecraft Survival Houses

A Tower House is one of the best Minecraft survival houses for players who want to make sure that no one will ever set foot inside their house, both the griefers and the mobs.

The concept is fairly simple. Imagine Saruman’s tower from the Lord of the Rings and turn that into a modern house, you’ll get the Tower House.

This is a tedious build since you’ll probably need two or three kinds of materials, but you’ll need a whole lot of them. How high you want to build the Tower House is completely up to you.

What most Tower House builders usually do is just take the Prairie House design above and add a couple of stories to elevate the entire house. Remember, the fewer rooms you have, the taller the house will be.

Co-op Ravine House (Or Waterfall House)

Complicated, Majestic, and Impressive Survival House

Ravine House Best Minecraft Survival Houses

This modern house idea is only doable if you’ve stumbled across a ravine. And as veteran players know, ravines are those massive openings on the ground that grant access to resources such as diamonds and emeralds.

Now, going down the ravine can be tedious since you’ll have to dig everything out, take it back home, and then go back in. But what if you could just build a house on top of it?

Well, you can. The house placement is simply right alongside the edge of the ravines, or if you’re creative enough, you can build on top of the ravine. This way, not only are you soloing the entire ravine but you now have a place to easily store your materials.

Modern Underground Or Subterranean House

A Cool And Hip Minecraft House Idea

Modern Underground Best Minecraft Survival Houses

We’ve talked about how you can build your house wide and high, but what if we told you that you could actually go deeper too? An underground house is one of the most popular survival house ideas mostly because you’re the only one who knows where it actually is.

An underground Minecraft house takes a lot of work to begin with as you’ll need to dig a big enough hole to build your house. To push your creativity further, you can place the entrance somewhere inconspicuous so griefers wouldn’t stumble upon it.

It’s a bunker when it comes right down to it. The materials required will depend on what you’re planning to build. To keep it modern, you can use a good combination of stone, wood, and bricks.

The Nether Hell House

Nether Hell House Best Minecraft Survival Houses

Every Minecraft player knows how The Nether is an important part of the game, as it’s one of the few locations for gathering some of the rarest resources. On top of getting high quality building materials, you’re also getting aesthetically pleasing blocks to incorporate into your build.

With that said, what if you have a modern house right smack in the Nether? Accessed via the Nether Portal, one could easily hide their home from other people. But there’s a risk to be made here. The Nether has a lot of mobs that are going to be challenging to take down, but if you’re tenacious enough, the rewards are far greater than the risk itself.

A Nether Hell House is a survival house that lets players know you’re not to be messed with, especially if you’re camped out in the Nether.

Mega XL Base

Large and In Charge Survival House Idea

Mega XL Base Best Minecraft Survival Houses

This survival house idea was inspired by Zaypixel, and you’ll see this house design in his YouTube videos. The premise of this survival house is simple. Make it a self-sustaining house that lets you plant crops, raise livestock, and more. There’s no limit on how large the house is, if you’d categorize it as still a house.

As seen in the image, you can have up to five to eight stories, a plateau containing crops and livestock, and what looks like a series of underground houses. This is one of the best Minecraft house ideas that are perfect for large groups of players who won’t mind putting in the hours into building this mega base.

To say that this is a Minecraft survival house would be an understatement.

Japanese-Inspired Survival House

Lots of Wood And Stones With Class

Japanese Themed Best Minecraft Survival Houses

We first saw this Minecraft survival house from SheepGG, though there have been several iterations way back.

This Japanese house is a bit complicated since you’ll need materials such as Deepslate and its many variants for the exterior, then a good mix of wood and stone bricks for the interiors. The blueprint that you see above is what SheepGG has in one of his many videos, and the details are just amazing.

Skull Mountain Base

A House Idea Fit For A King

Skull Mountain Base Best Minecraft Survival Houses

This survival house, or base, was created by Ayvocado and can be seen in one of his YouTube videos. And as awesome as it looks, you’ll need to be creative enough to carve this out of the mountain and structure the 3D skull as it is.

From what it looks, the Minecraft house is built into the mountain, though you could also have this as an entrance to your underground house.

This is not a suitable starter house if you’re just getting used to house building or trying to get your feet wet in a survival world.

How Do You Improve Your Minecraft Survival House Ideas?

We’ve seen some of the best Minecraft house ideas, and they’re as unique as they can be. But the sky’s the limit for Minecraft.

Even if you do fancy one of the survival house ideas on this list, it boils down to your ability to create, destroy, and recreate.

Having said that, how do you improve your Minecraft house ideas? How do you get to a level similar to that of Ayvocado and SheepGG?

Experiment With Themes!

You shouldn’t be limiting your Minecraft survival house ideas to what you see on this list. Rather, you should expand your horizon by sticking to a theme. Any modern Minecraft you see on the Internet takes inspiration from real life houses, fictional buildings, and more.

We’ve seen Hogwarts recreated beautifully in the world of Minecraft, and we’ve also seen Minas Tirith. You have no excuse here when it comes to what you can come up with for themes with your Minecraft survival house ideas.

Build Paths Between Builds

Pathing is an underrated part of Minecraft, and it’s just as crucial as house building. When you’re playing with a small group and you already have houses set up, creating paths in between the houses can turn any island into a quaint village.

Work on the Interiors Too!

A Minecraft house should be as beautiful indoors as it is outdoors. A lot of people make the mistake of just working on the exteriors so much that they forget to work on the interiors.

And believe me, your interiors are crucial for whatever theme you’re trying to incorporate into your modern Minecraft house.

Set aside enough materials to beautify your interiors. You can even look at pictures on the web for inspiration on how to decorate the insides of your house.

It’s the Finer Details!

Do you want to know why the best Minecraft house ideas thrive over the others? It’s because they work on the finer details of the houses. And it’s not just the paths we’re talking about either. We’re talking about campfires, bushes, and other items that accentuate the looks and theme of the Minecraft survival house.

If you want an example, you could raise an actual bridge over the river if you’re thinking of building a ravine house. Small details like that are what make Minecraft house ideas worth looking into, and worth building.

Mob Proofing Is No Joke!

Mob proofing your Minecraft survival house is just as important as making it look good. And we’ve seen several videos about how Creepers can easily get into certain houses. And yes, torches are important for making sure that your house is mob proof, but there are also creative ways to go about this.

For example, you could dig a fire pit, place the torch inside it, and cover it with glass. This will light up the entire room while making your interiors look beautiful.