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Amazing Modern Minecraft House Ideas (Apr 2024)

Who would’ve ever thought that it would be possible for a video game to give player a chance to design a modern house outside of SIMS? Well, Minecraft is one of the most popular world-building and sandbox video games in the industry right now, and it’s heavily played by both children and adults.

For the uninformed, Minecraft is a world-building video game where you get to harvest resources and refine them for building or crafting materials. You could literally make a simple wooden house in a few minutes or a fancy barn for your animals.

But you could always go for something bigger. And that’s what we’ll be discussing today. For builders who want to take building houses to the next level, here’s a short list of the best and most modern Minecraft house ideas to inspire you.

And yes, all credit for the modern house ideas you see here will go toward their creators.

The Best Modern Minecraft House Ideas

You’re probably thinking that the modern houses you see here are inspired by professional architects, and you’re right to think that. Some of the house ideas you’re about to see are beautiful and amazing to look at.

Unfortunately, these designs may not be feasible when you’re playing other games that play a lot like Minecraft.

SheepGG’s Clean Modern House

Standard Build Minecraft Modern House Ideas

SheepGG is one of the most popular YouTube content creators for Minecraft, and he probably has one of the best Minecraft house ideas in the game.

Breaking tradition from cottage-core builds, SheepGG takes us back to when things were simpler. The modern house design he has on his channel is as simple as it can be, but it can be a grind if you decide to follow the entire list of materials.

To build such a house, you’ll need wooden blocks and normal and dark Quartz block to augment the textures. It’s completely up to you on whether or not you do follow the list.

This is a two-story house with enough space on the bottom floor for living quarters and storage, and the upper floor for personal rooms. There’s even a small garden attached to it, which you could turn into a farm for some small crops.

Halny’s Modern Mansion with Swimming Pool

Modern Mansion Modern Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft house ideas on this will either be large, grand, might contain a pool, sculpted into a mountain, or buried underground, or a combination of all of them.

But we thought we might keep things simple first with this modern mansion designed by Halny. The exterior facade reminds me a lot about honeycombs, which creatively highlights the three home’s compartments. This is a three story modern house design, but you have enough room to be creative here.

The yard is simple enough as it is. There’s enough room for a walkway, a garden to the right side, and then of course, your very own pool.

Juns Mab’s 5×5 Modern House

5x5 Mansion Minecraft Modern House Ideas

Taking things one step further is Juns Mab’s 5×5 Modern Mansion, adequately named as such because the house measures 5 blocks long and 5 blocks wide. If you’re running low on space on the island, this large modern house build might be enough.

Juns Mab goes over the design of this mansion through his large modern house tutorial on YouTube. Each compartment serves its own function, such as the bottom floor being the kitchen and storage room, the middle room being the living quarters, and the top floor for being an enchantment area.

SheepGG’s Aquarium House

Aquarium House Minecraft Modern House Ideas

You read that title right, and SheepGG takes all the credit for this fancy modern house design.

This super creative design takes you with a one-story modern Minecraft house but with a large glass aquarium attached to the side. You can fill up this aquarium with fish and sea plants as you can see in the image.

SheepGG utilizes a combination of black, white, and grey color scheme, which makes it one of the most minimalistic Minecraft modern house in terms of aesthetics. But the exterior aquarium takes the cake.

6tenstudio’s Modern Treehouse

Modern Treehouse Minecraft Modern House Ideas

Did you unfortunately spawn in the middle of the jungle? Take advantage of the elements with this literal wooden house design by 6tenstudio.

This is a modern take on the classic treehouse, and as you can see from the video, the house is literally carved into the tree. The trunk houses the elevator showcased at the start of the video, which will take you to the main part of the house.

The house itself has two floors and gives you enough room for living quarters, storage, and then some.

Juns Mab’s Full Wooden House

Full Wooden House Modern House Ideas

Nothing says modern like a full on wooden house, or shall we say, a modern take on the classic log cabin.

Juns Mab once again decides to show us how to fully maximize the use of wooden blocks, and this is probably one of the most impressive yet practical wooden houses we’ve seen.

The modern house design has two floors, with the stairs built outside and leading to the second floor. You’ll have a lot of room on the bottom floor for furniture pieces and double chests. The second floor features glass panes for the windows so you have a view of the sunset or sunrise.

Halny’s Squid Game House

Squid Game House Minecraft Modern House Ideas

Halny’s second take on a Minecraft modern house is this Squid Game-inspired creative house. And yes, the home’s facade is based on the red hoodie and mask combination that the guards were wearing in the Netflix series.

The house only has one story and is broken into three compartments, which you can easily access through the side doors.

Random Steve Guy’s Smallest Modern House

Modern doesn’t necessarily mean grand. And the next modern Minecraft house we have is the smallest house we’ll see on this list.

Designed and built by Random Steve Guy, you can think of this as the modern version of a tiny hut. The house features a beautiful combination of white, grey, and black color scheme and is built mostly out of concrete with wood finishings.

The house is slightly elevated off the ground, which is evident of the stairs leading to the front doors from the side.

If you just want a modern Minecraft house to build in survival mode or in PvP, this is the design.

Zaypixel’s Modern Beach House

Beach House Minecraft Modern House Ideas

Spawning in a tropical zone might seem like a deal breaker, but there’s no better place for the next Minecraft modern house we have than the beach.

Zaypixel has designed this amazing beach house right by the shore. The house has two floors, with the second floor serving as the main floor of the house. The bottom floor houses the stairwell and other materials.

Juns Mab’s Extreme Mountain House

Mountain House Minecraft Modern House Ideas

Juns Mab has outdone himself with one of the most impressive modern Minecraft house ideas on this list. We’ve seen houses built on top of mountains, but what if we told you Juns Mab built a house inside the mountain?

This mountain house is built a lot similar to an underground house since it requires you to do a lot of digging, except you’re not digging underneath but on the side of the mountain.

This modern house has two floors dug deep into the side of the mountain, so house building will be a bigger challenge than the mountain itself. The house follows the same patterns as his other Minecraft house designs where the rooms are in compartments.

You have windows big enough to see the outside, and with the house being built into the mountain, it’s also one of the best survival house ideas too.

JINTUBE’s Gracium Modern House

This is one of the most beautiful Minecraft house designs we’ve ever seen, and the best thing about this is that you can have different builds while still achieving the same results.

JINTUBE, the brains behind this amazing Minecraft house design, showcases a beautiful white mansion with a building-like facade, an infinity pool, and carved strategically on the side of the cliff.

And from the video, you’ll see similar Minecraft houses bearing the same aesthetics but have different modern builds. Some houses are just built with one floor but sprawled across a wide area, and there are houses with an indoor pool instead of an outdoor one.

The Wrap Up

It’d be close to impossible to condense all of the modern Minecraft house ideas from YouTube and Twitch into one piece of content. Modern houses are becoming thematic for a lot of people who want to build their dream houses in Minecraft.

But with these builds, you’ll need a lot materials, ranging from wooden materials to different kinds of stone materials. If you don’t want a similar house, you can always go with materials different from that of the modern houses on here.