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Best Minecraft Barn Ideas (Apr 2024)

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games right now amongst children and adults alike. During the first year of the pandemic, Mojang has seen an immense increase in Minecraft players, with new players joining in every single day.

But what exactly is the appeal here? Is it the endless sandboxed universe that allows players to just gather resources and build anything on a whim? Or is it being able to get together with your friends and just do anything and everything?

If you’re a new player and you want to get started with playing the game right, you’ll want to learn about two important concepts: your starter houses and your starter barns.

Minecraft houses are pretty explanatory. This is your shelter that protects you, and maybe your tamed mobs and villagers, from other players and hostile enemies.

Minecraft barns will house your food and animals, which is important for food production. On top of building Minecraft farms, you’ll want someplace to store your harvests. And that’s what we’ll be talking about in this article.

Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

Listed below are some of the best Minecraft barn ideas we sourced from various Minecraft players. Some of the builds here are perfect for new players, while others are a bit more complicated. There are a few that may require another player or two due to the size of the project.

Ultimate Minecraft Barn

For The Ultimate Minecraft Designer and Builder

Creator: MythicalSausage

Ultimate Barn Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

First on the list we have the Ultimate Barn from YouTuber MythicalSausage. Featuring a rounded roof and side towers, this barn has everything you’d ever want and need in a barn.

The materials are a good combination of dark oak wood and bone blocks, which will require you to visit the Nether if you want to follow this tutorial down to the T. If not, any type of wood and stone will suffice.

The foundation is made of stone blocks while the upper half is made from wooden materials. You’ll need stone bricks for the wall if you want to add more texture. Spruce wood is necessary for the roof and cobblestone for the walls. If you’re a solo player, this might take you a few days at the very least, but it’s all worth it.

Free Range Circular Barn and Animal Pens

An Aesthetic Animal Barn

Creator: ItsMarloe

Free Range Animal Barn

Are you currently located in an open field or a wide area? If so, this free range animal barn by ItsMarloe should have you covered.

This is an elegant barn when it boils right down to it. The main barn is a small barn but it does have enough room to separate all your animals and enough space for crops and plants.

If you’re going to work off ItsMarloe’s design, this classic barn should have you building four separate animal pens for your baby animals. You’ll have an outdoor pen for your adult animals too.

Just like the Ultimate Barn by MythicalSausage, this animal barn is a good combination of wood and stone materials. If you want to match the texture, you’ll need a lot of spruce wood, brick, oak, granite, and brown concrete powder.

Minecraft Barn Idea With Chicken Farm

A Classic Barn For Housing Animals And Raising Chickens

Creator: Gorillo

Barn with Chicken Farm Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

This is another one of the most popular barn ideas that’s meant to keep your animals separate while raising them at the same time. For Gorillo’s design, this isn’t an ordinary barn in Minecraft.

This is a functional barn that comes with a functional chicken farm and egg farm. Following this tutorial, you’ll need 18 bricks and hoppers. Both are difficult to acquire, but like all the other barn ideas, they’re worth it.

If you want to get started with eggs and feathers, then this is the perfect barn for you. The ground floor of this animal barn holds three animal pens and two chicken farms, though you’re free to adjust as you see fit. The animal pens are designed to hold larger animals such as cattle, horses, and llamas.

The main blocks are stone and cobblestone, while stairs are made of deepslate, and brick blocks for the walls. For an aesthetic animal barn, you’ll want chains, lanterns, and grindstone. You can make use of other aesthetics such as oak fences or a bench made out of spruce logs. On his YouTube video for this barn, Gorillo will show you how to design everything.

Rustic Barn

A Simple Animal Barn Design

Creator: Cryptozoology

Rustic Barn Design Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

If you’re looking for a rustic barn design, then get a load of this design by Cryptozoology. Unlike some of the other barn ideas on this article, this barn only has one floor and is spread out across the area.

Cryptozoology’s design covers six animal pens, workspace for smokers and furnace, and enough storage space for double chests.

At a glance, it looks like a simple barn design. You have your usual ingredients such as brick, spruce logs, and dark oak wood. If you’re going to follow the tutorial, you’ll need to farm for Spruce blocks. Thankfully, Cryptozoology will give you alternatives if grinding isn’t your forte.

A Llama Barn With Stables

House Your Llamas And Other Animals In Style

Creator: Reimiho

Llama Barn Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

This American styled barn is one of the best barn ideas that involves raising horses and llamas. And Reimiho’s building skills took this idea to the next level, as you can plainly see from the image above.

This is a two-story barn that offers enough rooms for llama stables and horse stables. There’s also an outdoor enclosure and some room for double chests. Depending on your building skills, you could easily build an adjacent starter house.

Although it looks like a simple barn, the design is a lot more complicated. You’ll need a combination of different wooden materials for their texture and shading.

Medieval Barn With Stables

A Barn Idea From The Past

Creator: Mr Mirror

Medieval Barn Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

Up next we have this medieval barn created by Mr Mirror. And the aesthetics alone will take you on a journey through time.

Mr Mirror did an excellent job designing this medieval barn, and it has everything you could ever ask for. The barn has enough room for double chests and crops, but the main features are the horse stables reminiscent to that of what you’d normally find during the medieval area. Each horse stable has enough space for running around, food, and other items.

As for the materials needed, you’ll need a hefty amount of cobblestone and stone, and a decent combination of oak, spruce, and other wooden blocks. How you’ll decorate the medieval barn is completely up to you.

Classic American Styled Red Barn

You Can Never Go Wrong With The Classics

Creator: Goldrobin

Classic American Styled Bar Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

Even though we’re nearing the end of this list of amazing Minecraft barn designs, we can’t skip this American-styled red barn. And yes, it even has the colors to match.

This classic barn was designed by Goldrobin and follows the typical red and white color palette with a large enough doorway. It’s not a giant barn, but still a solid barn design for the average Minecraft player.

The barn’s roof uses deepslate while the structure requires a lot of mangrove wood, which is mostly mangrove planks and logs. You’ll need a lot of spruce splanks, stairs, and slabs too. Alternatively, you could use oak logs if you want a darker palette for the barn building.

The barn offers enough room for four animals inside and enough room for two outdoor stables. There’s even enough room to store hay for when it’s the time to breed cows. You could use these rooms to store double chests too.

This isn’t one of those ultimate barns you’ll see on Twitch or YouTube, but this is one of those classic rustic barns that will get you noticed.

The Wrap Up

When you’re playing in a PvP world or in Survival mode, resources matter. You need shelter to protect yourself, your animals, and your items.

Barns can help you protect your animals and crops. You can safely raise and breed animals, which will give you access to materials such as feathers and leather.

Depending on the size, a large barn can also serve as your house. It doesn’t need to be fancy since you can easily take any of these Minecraft barn designs on here and just use standard wood blocks.