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Incredible Minecraft Kitchen Ideas (Sep 2023)

Minecraft is probably one of the most popular sandbox games of all time, and we have the numbers to prove it. The game was developed by Mojang Studios in 2011 and was later acquired by Microsoft in 2015 for $2.5 billion. Their lifetime revenue as of this writing is somewhere above $3 billion. That’s just how popular the game is.

The popularity of the game can be explained by its ability to give players different opportunities to interact with the world around them. Players can cut down trees, mine for minerals and ores, and even raise livestock and villagers.

The possibilities are endless in Minecraft. You can create modern houses, incredible fortresses, replicas of real life structures, awesome bridges, and more.

And speaking of designing modern houses, there’s one room that’s often ignored and that’s the kitchen. In Minecraft, kitchens are rooms that let you store your cooking supplies and food. If you’re creative enough, you could turn it into a dining room even.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the most amazing Minecraft kitchen design ideas that should inspire you for your next build.

Our List of Favorite Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Listed below are what we consider to be some of the best Minecraft kitchen ideas in the game right now. We also give proper credits to the brains behind the designs, as you’ll see on the headers.

MCram’s Simple yet Spacious Kitchen

Simple Kitchen Design Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

First we have this simple but spacious kitchen design by MCram, and it’s perfect for small-sized modern houses. Now, how you’ll decorate it will be completely up to you.

In his YouTube video, MCram includes hanging lamps, wooden floors, dining tables and chair, and elevated cupboards. Going into the finer details, you could also adds potted plants and other decorative items.

Blendingi’s Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Up next we have this amazing and minimalistic modern kitchen by Blendingi. You’ll find this modern design over on his YouTube channel.

The kitchen design is simple enough to replicate, even if you don’t follow the materials to the T. There is enough space for a dining table, wall shelf, fridge, sink, and even a double chest if you really want to.

And yes, you can even add carpet for you to add your PC on (if you feel like making one on Minecraft).

MCram’s Modern Kitchen With Black and White Color Scheme

Black and White Modern Kitchen Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Another variation of modern kitchen ideas is this black and white design by MCram. The beautiful combination of black and white really helps a lot of details pop out. But the focal point of this Minecraft kitchen design is the countertop color palette. Accented by the kitchen stools’ and the appliances’ black palettes, everything just works in this minimalistic Minecraft kitchen.

ManDooMin’s Checkered Kitchen

Simple Checkered Kitchen Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

You’ll never run out of inspiration from these modern Minecraft kitchen ideas, and if you want to stick with black and white, here’s another variation by ManDooMin.

Unlike the previous Minecraft kitchen ideas listed above, ManDooMin includes a wider window with drapes for aesthetics and to let more natural light come in. The kitchen countertop bears a white color palette and is highlighted further against the dark grey floor panels.

And yes, the kitchen features functional shelves that allow you to place small and decorative items on top of it.

Nerdak’s Simple Corner Kitchen

Simple Corner Kitchen Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Most of our Minecraft kitchen ideas revolve around the kitchens being the center of the room, but what if we told you that you could build a large kitchen without taking up a lot of space?

Well, Nerdak’s made it possible thanks to his amazing corner kitchen which is reminiscent of how a restaurant kitchen is usually placed in the building.

This working kitchen can be incorporated into any house size, even if you have one room available. In his YouTube video, he’ll feature the materials needed to make this kitchen design, including how to build the shelves and cabinets.

6tenstudio’s Wooden Log Cabin Kitchen

Modern Kitchen for Wooden Log Cabin Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

For those of you who built a wooden log cabin, this is the modern kitchen for you. Designed by none other than 6tenstudio, this modern design is heavily accented with different wooden blocks and materials, log decoration and furniture, and even a stone refrigerator.

The countertop is wider than most designs on here and is easy to recreate. Depending on the kitchen’s height, you should have enough space for at least 3 shelf layers.

MCram’s Medieval Kitchen

Medieval Kitchen Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

If modern Minecraft kitchen ideas are not your thing, then maybe we can convince you to go back in time with this rustic medieval kitchen by MCram.

A common misconception here is that Minecraft players are fond of creating modern structures and aesthetics, but believe it or not, there’s a vast number of players who would rather go for fantasy-themed designs.

And MCram does an incredible job in making this medieval kitchen that looks like it comes straight out of Game of Thrones. The build is a decent combination of cobblestones, dark oak planks, stone bricks and stone brick slabs, and jungle planks. Aesthetics include a sea pickle, a water bottle, torches, and trap doors even.

His YouTube tutorial will go over how you can recreate this ancient Minecraft kitchen, but of course, there’s always enough room for your personal touch.

Key Takeaways For Kitchen Designs for Minecraft

Whether you want to build a simple kitchen to store all your food and cooking supplies, or if you want a complete kitchen with all the appliances and other items, you might want to consider the following:

  1. The best Minecraft kitchen is determined by its capability to meet your needs and if it’s a perfect fit for your Minecraft home. And believe it or not, some of the best Minecraft kitchen ideas aren’t based on size either. As seen with Nerdark’s design, you could easily make do with a corner kitchen that could last until you build a bigger home.
  2. Are you unable to farm all the necessary materials? Well, don’t worry. You could always substitute different resources and materials to build your kitchen in Minecraft. In case some materials don’t appear as they should, try resetting the chunks.
  3. Aesthetics don’t really affect functionality, but it still impacts the overall feel of the kitchen. For example, wooden doors leading to your kitchen in Minecraft are a nice touch if you have a wooden house or base.