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8 Ridiculously Awesome Wall-Mounted PC Build Examples (Sep 2023)

While the growing popularity of desktop PCs and PC gaming has seen a rise in creative and striking computer setups, featuring more RGB than you can shake a mechanical keyboard at, there are some who have pushed the boundaries of computer building even further.

If you’re someone who never seems to have enough desk space or who is struggling with temperature management, there’s one trend in PC building that has taken off and may be something worth looking into.

This trend is the wall-mounted PC, and it’s as impressive to look at as it is crazy sounding. Think of it as taking high-end prebuilt gaming PCs to the next level.

While many people still love the standard mid-tower desktop, and there are plenty of great options available if this traditional setup appeals to you, there’s something truly amazing about a wall-mounted PC, whether it be the exposed components whizzing overhead or the sheer practicality of freeing up all that extra space – it’s no wonder these setups have exploded in recent years.

The growth in popularity of this slightly strange but highly appealing system has seen a number of incredibly badass looking computers be put together, and as they become ever more elaborate we move one step closer to that glorious cyberpunk future that awaits us!

In this post we’re going to look at 8 of the most zany and impressive wall-mounted PC builds from all over the world, to give you a little bit of inspiration and to encourage you to consider if you really need that new PC case after all!

This build was posted on the forums way back in 2014, by user Recoil P, and it’s probably one of the earliest trackable wall-mounted PC builds making this a very early iteration of the new very popular, and incredibly refined philosophy of wall-mounted computers.

The build consisted of an Intel Core i7-920 and a GTX 590 paired with a custom water cooling system made from a variety of specialist custom parts from Aquacomputer, Monsoon, Phobya, and Alphacool, and a few others.

While the component list shows the age of this system, at the time it would’ve been a beast, and despite its relatively simple design compared to today’s standards, it’s clear to see how much desk space this has saved.

There are some interesting design choices too, such as the reverse mounted graphics card and minimal blue lighting.

If you’re interested in looking at the build log, you can check it out here!

Another great early build is this one by Show4Pro, as posted on here

As you’ll see in the post, this one was put together over the course of a month and took around 100 hours to build indicating how much effort and care goes into these designs. Much of the work would need to be done by hand and custom rigged, so if you thought building a PC was nerve-wracking enough, imagine bolting it all to your wall as you do it!

The build itself consisted of an Intel Core i7 950, an ASUS Rampage III Extreme,  12GB of Corsair Dominator RAM, 4 x 120GB Corsair Force SSDs, 2 1TB Western Digital HDDs, another 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green HDD and a further 1.5TB  Caviar Green HDD with a Corsair AX1200i as well as cooling components from EK Supreme, Swiftech, FrozenQ, XSPC and Koolance among an array of others.

It’s a seriously impressive build for a very early run at this style of PC, and while the specs may be well and truly outdated today (and were probably quite a pain to swap out) this PC would’ve been a true spectacle at the time and is a historic piece in the world of wall-mounted PCs.

This build, put together by Chris Howell was highlighted on in 2015 and it’s one of the most visually consistent and striking builds on the list, that looks like it comes straight from the Metro franchise or maybe even the Bioshock Universe!

The steampunk aesthetic is awesome and is well connected by copper-colored accents on the fans and power supply, as well as the HDD. The copper cable routing is also a genius touch to hide the cables, and the custom wooden backboards look great too, if they may be a little difficult to keep clean.

You can check out the build itself here.

The next build was put together by an Imgur user known as FerosRigs, and as you can see this is a very nice system with a batman-esque pairing of purple and green lighting that looks as if this PC is Bane’s own personal gaming rig!

This builder has put together an array of different rigs and as their name suggests they’re clearly an avid builder keen on experimenting with systems and pushing them to be as artistically appealing as they are powerful.

There are several nice touches here such as the metrics display to monitor temps and speeds, as well as invisible cabling and very cool lighting around the power supply fan and around the rear of the backboard for a nice surround effect.

You can check out some of the builds here.

This rig by Reddit user u/vicoooo is a very nice minimalist system that shows you don’t have to go crazy with the cable management or the lighting to get a very sleek and clean-looking system that would suit almost any room or aesthetic.

The lack of a theme is actually a boon and the simple, clean layout speaks more to the practical user who wants to get the benefits of the space and cooling wall mounting can provide without agonizing over thematic details and elaborate lighting and cable management.

You can find the build log here.

Back to the heavily themed builds, this rig goes to show how glorious it can be to honor your favorite franchise or show with a stunning wall mounted PC.

This rig was put together by Imgur user marksmanguy and shows how well yellow and blue work together, and how to incorporate a lot of personality into your wall-mounted PC.

This PC truly floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee! 

The build log can be found here!

This build by Imgur user JalfreziJeff is an interesting carbon fiber style system that makes heavy use of this effect along with plexiglass and RGB lighting and gives a feel of a Formula 1 racing car engine more than a high performance gaming machine!

You can find the build here!

This build by Imgur user kdevault813 is a much more modern PC and has some awesome touches such as the power gauge on the right and old-fashioned switches coupled with a rustic wooden backboard.

The build is no slouch despite its old-fashioned aesthetic and the whole build can be found here!