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What’s The Best High End PC Case? (Dec 2023)

When building your gaming rig, the PC case is probably the least of your concerns when it comes to budgeting. You just pick out a decent enough case that’s capable of housing your PC components, a decent number of expansion slots, and some minor extra features.

But sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to splurge a little when it comes to buying PC cases. You see, some PC cases end up being more expensive than others mostly because of their added functionalities and higher aesthetic value. A high end PC case doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be made of gold or embossed in jewelry.

On this list, we’ll go over some of the most expensive PC cases you should check out this year. We’ll arrange them from the most expensive down to the most affordable.


Cost: About $1,000

InWin WINBOT E-ATX Gaming High End PC Case

The most expensive PC case on this list is the In Win Winbot PC Case and is always priced somewhere above the $1,000 mark. On their official website, the newer iterations cost well over $5,000 while the Winbot PC case price over at Amazon hovers between $1,000 and $3,500.

The In Win Winbot PC Case is more than just a hamster wheel of a PC case. It’s fully customizable and packed with features you’ll never see in any of the cases here or anywhere else.

To start, the In Win Winbot PC Case packs a facial recognition feature and hand gesture capabilities that allow you to move the case as you walk by it. The case rotates for a full 360-degrees with a simple swipe of the hand. The facial recognition feature is also capable of detecting real faces and faces in a photo.

As of this writing, stocks are limited for the In Win Winbot PC Case so it might take a while before you see this being back in the market.

Cougar Gemini X Dual PC Case

Cost: Around $700

Cougar Dual Tower Case High End PC Case

The Cougar Gemini X Dual PC Case is a beast of a Mini ITX case for one good reason: dual PC configuration.

The Cougar Gemini X Dual PC Case has full ATX motherboard support with a secondary mini ITX motherboard support for the second build. It can house up to 5 case fans for both sections for maximum heat management. With the way that the Cougar Gemini X Dual PC Case is built, you can mount it vertically or horizontally.

The Cougar Gemini X’s casing is 3mm thick, way above the industry standard of 1mm for aluminum casings. The tempered glass is also thicker at 5mm, compared to the 4mm you usually see with other cases.

The downside to the Cougar Gemini X Dual PC Case is that it’s heavy, but that’s a given. You have a case that supports two PC builds with thick tempered glass panels.

FSP CMT710 PC Case

Cost: $450 on average

FSP CMT710 PC Case High End PC Case

Going past below $500, we have the FSP CMT710. Just like the Cougar Gemini X, the FSP CMT710 also has dual PC configuratio that houses two separate PCs with an open frame design. The chassis is made of aluminium and has two chambers for dual water cooling systems. There’s also a center compartment for cable management.

Unlike the Cougar Gemini X, the FSP CMT710 is an open-frame PC case, which makes it all the more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But then again, dust and dirt will probably gather around your PC components faster on the FSP CMT710.

Going over its dual PC configuration, the FSP CMT710 provides motherboard support for Extended ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX. The case also has both horizontal and vertical GPU mount support.

In Win Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube PC Case

Cost: Around $350-$400

In Win Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube High End PC Case

Another entry from In Win is their Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube D-Frame Case which is considered to be a favorite amongst PC builders.

The Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube D-Frame Case comes in different colors namely Blue, Red, Green, Orange, and White. There are also mini ITX versions of the Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube D-Frame Case. But just like the WinBot PC Case, supply of the Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube D-Frame Case is limited.

The Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube D-Frame Case comes with an adjustable PSU holder, open air cooling support, and mounted routing holes for the best cable management features that DIY builders fancy.

Azza CSAZ-804V PC Case

Cost: Around $300

Azza CSAZ-804V Pyramid High End PC Case

We’ve seen a hamster ball PC case and a dual PC case system, but what if we told you there’s a pyramid case? Well, there’s actually a couple of them on this list and they’re made by one company: Azza.

First up, we have the Azza CSAZ-804V and you’ll find no other case that’s as beautiful as this. The Azza CSAZ-804V has multiple motherboard support for ATX, ITX, Mini ITX, and Micro ATX. It also comes with 120mm RGB case fans at the top of the case.

Common user feedback about the Azza CSAZ-804V is that it has a mediocre cooling performance due to poor airflow, so you’ll need an AIO cooler for your CPU. But since you’re already spending $300 on the Azza CSAZ-804V, you’re probably eyeing a liquid cooling system already.

There’s room for creativity here in setting up your LED lights along the pyramid angles. And with the tempered glass side panel windows, it’ll look like the Louvre Museum sitting on your desktop.

The overall build quality of the Azza CSAZ-804V is top-notch, making it a great choice for building a beautiful and powerful gaming PC.

Cougar Conquer 2

Cost: Around $300

CougaCougar Conquer 2 All New Ultimate Gaming Full Tower Case High End PC Caser Conquer 2 All New Ultimate Gaming Full Tower Case High End PC Case

Like its price tag, there’s nothing small about the Cougar Conquer 2 PC case. The Cougar Conquer 2 is a full tower PC case with full tower motherboard support, and its aesthetics is just as impressive as its size.

The Cougar Conquer 2 has removable parts that allow you to easily slide components in and out of the chassis. That way, internal components can be accessed without any difficulty.

Azza CSAZ-802F PC Case

Cost: About $270

AZZA CSAZ-802F Cube CASE High End PC Case

Here we have another entry from Azza, but this time it’s a cube PC case. The Azza CSAZ-802F is slightly cheaper than its pyramid counterpart by about $30. The Azza CSAZ-802F comes with 5 Hurricane II Digital RGB pre installed fans, graphics card support for up to 280mm, and radiator support for up to 240mm on the front panel.

With 5 pre installed fans, it goes without saying that the cooling performance of the Azza CSAZ-802F is anything but excellent.

But what’s impressive about the Azza CSAZ-802F is that despite being a Mini ITX case, it does have support for ATX and mATX motherboards. Talk about complete flexibility.

Antec Striker PC Case

Cost: Around $250

Antec Striker Aluminum and Steel ITX Computer Case High End PC Case

Up next and slowly crossing the affordability threshold we have the Antec Striker Aluminum and Steel ITX Computer Case, a high end mini ITX case with water cooling support.

The Antec Striker Aluminum and Steel ITX accommodates smaller form factor motherboards, but that’s not the reason you actually buy this case. The Antec Striker Aluminum and Steel ITX Computer Case is meant to showcase your water cooling system.

The Antec Striker Aluminum and Steel ITX Computer Case features front GPU mounting and support for up to 2 x 120mm or 1 x 240mm case fans for rear and sides. It also has 240mm radiator support on both sides.

Needless to say, the Antec Striker Aluminum and Steel ITX Computer Case is one of those PC cases where you buy solely for aesthetic purposes. If it didn’t have water cooling support, it wouldn’t make sense to purchase this case.

Why Are These PC Cases Expensive?

In the world of PC building, the most common parts you would often spend more money on are the graphics card, processor, RAM, storage, and cooling system. Whatever’s left of your budget would often go towards the PC case.

Why would people ever want to spend more money on a PC case than they should? The following factors should give you an idea on why…

Design and Uniqueness

As you can see from the list, the majority of the cases have this insane design, regardless if it’s a mid tower case, mini ITX case, or any other type of PC case. The aesthetic appeal of having a case that resembles a robot or a spaceship is just too irresistible.

Other aesthetic points that draw people into buying these cases are their support for different types of CPU coolers, the types of glass panels the case uses, the size and look of the motherboard tray, and even how the power supply is positioned inside the case.

Utility and Functionality

People also end up paying for more features and functionality for these types of PC cases. For example, a case that could house multiple motherboard types is already considered great value. Content creators and streamers usually use the double PC configuration or use a PC with extended ATX support to house powerful and bigger components.