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Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer

Blogging became popular when people became interested in sharing their ideas, acquired knowledge, personal experience, earned expertise through studies, or practical education with other like-minded individuals. Its popularity exploded as more and more netizens around the globe learned to explore what was available online to read, watch, learn from, and think about. Blogging became their medium where they can express their creative ideas, random thoughts, and crazy visions.

Readers became involved and tried to emulate what they experienced in blogs, contributing to their expansion and worldwide appeal. In the beginning, before blogs became known for what they are today, blogs were started by simple individuals who sought to share and inform their readers about what they knew of the world. But as the Internet expanded and more people gained access to it, blogs became more than personal expressions of ideas and information.

They became part of what came to be known as social media where people can promote not only themselves but also their business, and consequently, the product or service they wanted to promote. In today’s most competitive and most rewarding platforms for blogging, we can find two of the most popular ones, and we want to present them to you so you can see for yourself what you can use for your purposes. Here we have our Beaver Builder vs. Visual Composer showdown to help you discern which of the two will best help you promote your agenda, be it yourself, your business, and/or your services or products.

WP Page Builder: Beaver Builder vs. Visual Composer

Both Beaver Builder and Visual Composer are WordPress page builder plugins. This means that you can use either of these to create your personal or company websites easily and quickly. Both of them use drag and drop technology to create amazing websites, making them ideal for both experienced web developers or beginners alike. WordPress is itself a standalone web design and creation platform that you can depend on to come up with a beautiful overall site layout. It has its page builder, modules, templates, and other tools to set up a complete blog or business, corporate-oriented site.

As for blogs, you can use WordPress to create a scrumptious looking site for your food blog. If you are fond of traveling, it can be your perfect platform to showcase the photos and even videos you took of the scenic spots you have visited. Lifestyle and fashion bloggers will not be disappointed as WordPress is an excellent platform to explore their interests and present them to the world. Fitness and sports enthusiasts will be happy to use it to display their accomplishments, such as their six-packs abs and entire physique to admirers and other fitness buffs. WordPress is the platform to use, especially if you are a DIYer who wants to put your skills and creations in the world stage so that others can be inspired and become creators themselves.

There are plenty of independent WordPress theme creators, both free and paid. You can simply download, install, and apply any of them to your website. You can customize a WordPress theme to alter the look of your page and make it more appropriate to the image you want to project, add plugins and extensions to include more functionality to keep your site updated, shared and liked in social media. However, to fully appreciate and take advantage of what WordPress has to offer, you need to know how to write code. This way, you can tweak its features as accurately as you want them to be and help you achieve your exact goals. The tools we have mentioned are what we call drag and drop website builder with WordPress. They help make creating, editing, and updating your site as easy as possible without the need to learn how to write codes and still achieve total control on your site.

What is a WP Page Builder

Good old manual work. Many pre-millennials down to the baby-boomer age would be so familiar with that. That also means what they would call elbow grease or work by the sweat of their brows. There plenty of lessons to be learned from those people who lived during those times. They were certainly productive by their standards. However, they would have to learn to adapt and live by today’s standards if they want to be more productive. One of the buzz words we often hear among website creators and programmers is “drag and drop” in contrast to writing the source code into the page what they want to appear in their site, which what programmers did in those old days.

However, not all people are born with that system hard-wired in their brain, and they will be so hard to educate and thus unable to learn to write code. Drag and drop came to existence as a way to help non-savvy website designers create beautiful websites without knowing a single line of code.

It uses a pointing device, usually a mouse, where you select an object or text within your program by grabbing it and dragging the same to a different space or location inside the screen. This gesture or action is meant to simplify copying or moving items for users who are not used to typing codes or commands to accomplish the same thing. All Microsoft programs use this technique to help users produce better-looking projects and become more productive.

A WP page builder is a free WP plugin for easily creating web pages that could be compared to those professionally designed ones. It is meant to help those who are not trained or knowledgeable in writing codes. Its main strength is its drag and drop capability to create websites with so much ease and flexibility. It is the perfect tool for users of all levels, especially for those who don’t know any coding.

However, even those who know coding could also benefit from using it. The standard WP page builder in the WP platform has a full suite of productivity and creativity features. They should be enough for you to create the ideal website for your blog or to feature your product or service, in full color, and with rich media content, But the truth is, you can find that there are third party WP page builders who can do a better job. They have added features that go beyond the standard features offered by the free WP page builder as they have gone through so many developments and changes that overcame the standard WP page builder.

Which WordPress Page Builder is the best?

We all have a story to tell. Well, maybe some will have more interesting stories to tell than others. If you put your own story into writing, would you have a page-turner or a dud of a story? But whatever level of interest you stir in your story, you would need a platform with which you can put your story on your computer and then to a web page. It is easier said than done, and they’re so many things to consider before you can put your page up and running.

You would need a name email, a host, and a platform that you can use to give form and structure to your ideas. WordPress is such a platform that many bloggers and digital entrepreneurs have been using for a long time now. It has evolved to become more than a blogging tool as its latest iteration now features a Customer Relationship Management tool, plus thousands of WordPress themes extensions and plugins for all and sundry.

It is your publisher and business partner to the world! Many users have found WordPress to be the ideal platform not only for their blogs but also for their online stores, membership sites, portfolios, and plenty more. You can probably think of a specific idea where you can use WordPress. You can be sure to have one builder theme, extension, and WordPress plugin for that. Much first time and veteran website developers have found the endearing features of WordPress to include being easily customizable, flexible, and versatile.

You might find it necessary to use a WordPress page builder plugin to make your task of setting up your website to be much easier. A page builder plugin is used to customize your website from your back end fully. WordPress, as it comes out of the box, is indeed ready to run. It has enough customizable features to create a basic, although fully functional website, be it for your blogs or business pages. However, for those who are not technically inclined, there will be features that, without further coding knowledge, those features and functions will remain unlocked for them. They will be mincemeat for seasoned coders, but those who are mere mortals like most of its users must use a different WordPress page builder like Beaver Builder or Visual Composer. That means a few mouse clicks, drag, and drop move here and there and voila! Your newly minted basic WordPress website would have been transformed into a new, exciting, and media-rich page.

Beaver Builder

Some things just get better as they age while some new ones surpass what the others before them have achieved. We could be talking here about people or about things that we see around us. The wine they say becomes better as it spends more time in oak barrels where they are left to mature, acquire finesse, and appropriate color and bouquet. Human beings? Well enough said. But when it comes to page builder plugin, we find that the Beaver Builder is one that has withstood the test of time and has matured. Website developers and bloggers who have used WordPress are delighted with the usual features you can find in the best page builders. Still, you’ll be more amazed to know that the makers of Beaver Builder theme are constantly improving and updating current features and developing more new ones.

Apart from those, it also has two optional plugins designed to complement your creativity:

1.) Beaver Builder Theme plugin lets you create layouts applicable to any location on your page except your content area.

2) Beaver Themer plugin is the one you use to create layouts for your archive pages, allows you to create headers and footers, and provides the template for a post type, search, and even 404 pages. One of the strongest components of Beaver Themer is its Field Connections, which allow you to facilitate binding your WordPress themes templates and parts into the data in your posts or pages. You can also use it to connect existing text fields to whatever you want to be connected to your site, connect picture fields to the featured image in your post.

All WordPress users can enjoy complete control of their website, be it a blog or digital marketing site featuring products or services. The Beaver Builder page builder plugin comes with a slew of flexible content elements that can be used to build professional-quality pages. Because it uses drag and drop systems in building your page, you can be sure that it is user-friendly and easy to master. Since Beaver Builder supports builtin core WordPress widgets as well as third party ones, you can integrate all existing plugins that you have been using before installing Beaver Builder. As a web-page creator, you will have more time to publish content that helps you in your SEO campaigns. Beaver Builder will help bring to the fore your creativity and, thus, put your best work in your pages, ready for the audience’s appreciation.

Mobile users have outnumbered other types of devices, as revealed by Google, and you will certainly be glad to know that Beaver Builder is 100% mobile compatible and friendly. Your site will look its best whether your audience views it in their cell phones, tablets, or desktops. Its responsive design is a notch above the rest in terms of display and speed.

Is Beaver Builder free?

You can try Beaver Builder before you buy it. They have a hosted website demo where you can try out all the features you will find in the regular version. This will let you get the feel of its power and flexibility so you can see for yourself how your website will look and function. You can also download a free lite version that comes with limited features.

Although Beaver Builder’s creators are sure that you would want to keep your purchased version, they do offer a refund in case you decide that it is not for you, if you request a refund within 30 days of purchase. But if you do decide that it could help you in every way it says it would, Beaver Builder will renew your annual subscription automatically at a 40% discount. You have the option to disable this automatic renewal by visiting your account page. Once active, you can get the customary product support and updates.

How much does Beaver Builder cost?

You can get both the demo and lite versions to try for free. Of course, the features you get are teasers to get you hooked, but what you see there are not idle promises. They do work and deliver on their word to make your web creation task a very easy one. You can upgrade to one of the premium versions, and the web page you created with the lite version will be kept intact so you can continue to develop it to a full-featured website.

Beaver Builder premium has three subscription plan levels. Each one has been developed to help the different types of users and goals in building a website. Whether you a blogger wanting to build your blog site, a digital entrepreneur building an online e-commerce store, or a developer, you will find a subscription plan that will cater to your requirements and needs. All three subscription plans have common features.

They start with the $99 Standard version that comes with unlimited sites, 1-year support, the Page Builder plugin, and premium modules and templates.

With the $199 Pro subscription, you get all these common features plus the Beaver Builder Theme and multi-site support capability for the Beaver Builder plugin.

The $399 Agency subscription has all the previously mentioned features plus Multiple Network Settings that allow super admins to configure and override the page builder on all networking sites, and White Labeling, which enables you to replace or modify Beaver Builder’s core templates.

Visual Composer

The so-called old school of learning emphasized learning from books, memorizing their content, and when examination day came, the students were supposed to answer based on what they read from books or the teachers’ notes. We will not get into the pros and cons of that learning style, but let us just state that according to some research done by the Social Science Research Network in 2013, about 65% of the population belongs to the visual learners’ group. They are those who process and also assimilate information based on what their eyes perceive or see. This means that among the group where we belong, there are also several visual learners among them. Another research revealed that using visuals can improve the learners’ comprehension by up to a high of 400%.

Along with that is a corresponding increase in the stimulation of the imagination and cognitive level. Using visuals is also said to increase information retention, enhance fundamental mental abilities, and improve skills involving higher-order thinking processes. Including visuals in the learning process brings about positive results. Knowing that the creators of Visual Composer might have something up their sleeves when they developed it to help WordPress users create their websites with ease, exciting visual appeal, and informative value.  A Visual Composer review shows its features and advantages in building a WP page.


Visual Composer employs the proven efficiency of the drag and drops technique in designing, developing, and publishing a website. Its interface is user-friendly, and the included premium templates, WordPress widgets, extensions, blocks, and elements are essentially the most important tools that you can utilize to create a website. Where bloggers and digital marketers can be proud to have and present their ideas, products, and/or services to the world, not everyone can do coding.

However, for sure, given the opportunity and time, you can learn coding and utilize that knowledge to create professional-like pages. But if you neither have the time, aptitude, and finances to go through the learning process, your best next step is to get a WP page builder such as the Visual Composer. It is powerful, feature, and functionality-rich, and the best is that it is very simple and effective to use. Designing from the ground up is super easy with its drag and drop capability.

With Visual Composer, you have virtually no hindrance to design and development freedom creating any type of website, from fashion blogs to e-commerce for your online store. Using Visual Composer, your website can be the home of your design portfolio, fashion photos, exotic travel pictures, vintage cars and motorcycles collection, philosophical discourse, a showcase of your antique furniture, and classic paintings.

There is no shortage of website elements to enhance your web presence and attract more visitors and convert those visits to revenues. If you are adapting Visual Composer from another similar WordPress page builder, you don’t need to worry about losing any of your previous works as it will work with any existing post, page or theme on your WordPress website.

Is WPBakery the same as Visual Composer?

There is a simple answer with the question WPBakery page builder is the same as Visual Composer, and there is a rather not so simple one. If we take the definition given by their developers, we can see that WPBakery page builder and Visual Composer are two distinct WordPress plugins, with a different purpose for their existence and role they play in the WordPress universe.

The WPBakery page builder is used for creating content with different content elements, while for its part, the Visual Composer can be considered as a full-fledged website page builder. WPBakery page builder and Visual Composer went their merry way to the hearts of WordPress users, although they came from the same provenance.

They can be said to possess the same degree of birthright in so far as having come from the same creator is concerned. But speaking of what came first, history will show that WPBakery page builder used to be known as Visual Composer. It doesn’t mean though that Visual Composer ceased to exist as defined in current corporate parlance. WPBakery page builder did not do a takeover or assimilate Visual Composer, which is one of the original WordPress page builders.

When it became known as WPBakery Page Builder, it continued its separate existence and is now one of the most popular page building plugins on WordPress. Visual Composer stayed, became a separate entity, and assumed the trademark as Visual Composer Website Builder. They are independent products compatible with the WordPress platform.

Beaver Builder vs. Visual Composer

Comparing Beaver Builder with Visual Composer is not an easy task, although we can make a more objective comparison if we list down each plugin’s features, strengths, and ease of use. Beaver Builder and Visual Composer allow you to start from scratch or simply pick from their available builtin templates. Starting from scratch means you need to dig into your creative mind to come up with appropriate design elements based on the purpose of your website. That could be a deal-breaker if you lack creativity and imagination. In its stead, though, you can drag and drop modules such as columns and customize them according to your requirements. Modules are what give each website builder WordPress the structure your site needs.

Beaver Builder offers about 30 modules divided into six different categories. You can utilize them to set up landing pages and content elements within the site. You can add text using various fonts, buttons, and rich media content ranging from maps, galleries, and testimonials. Beaver Builder has the Actions category where you can encourage your site visitors to click an action button to buy or put items in their cart, subscribe to your name email, or fill out a form. The Layout category allows you to show important information engagingly. Beaver Builder has a powerful Posts category that lets you display a set of posts filtered and shown according to your settings. 

Visual Composer has a wide range of elements running to hundreds, although you might find some of them as similar to others already in the list. You can go to the Visual composer Hub when you can see all the available elements, blocks, page templates which you can integrate into the Add Element part of the page editor. 

Beaver Builder modules have advanced options that allow you to customize what you see on the screen. From margin settings to user access, you can select the different options appropriate for the page. With varied options selection, Visual Composer has more or less the same option settings. 

Page templates are the page builder plugin elements you utilize to show your WordPress website’s soul to the world. The template you use is your website’s window, where your audience gets a glimpse of your ideas. Thus you must get the most from the page builder’s collection of page templates. Beaver Builder has a few dozen built in layout templates that you can utilize for your landing page and also with your content pages. You also have the option to select from 100 builtin rows of curated content. You can select from those available and appropriate for your site’s niche. 

Visual Composer offers a similar count of built-in templates. However, you cannot find a categorized listing of templates, although you would be surprised that the selections are more than enough, and you can freely utilize them for different your web site’s landing page, service, or product pages and styles.

Both plugins have “freemium” offers. Beaver Builder includes a few modules, enough maybe to just when your website creation appetite. Visual Composer’s free version has two button elements and two video elements for use in Vimeo and YouTube videos. They will also give you some nice free templates if the free account you created will be connected to your website.

Conclusion (Winner: Beaver Builder)

Our final thoughts in this Beaver Builder vs. Visual Composer showdown reveal our inclination to choose Beaver Builder to be better than Visual Composer. Beaver Builder has consistently shown itself to be more intuitive and fast. Its users’ testimonies and their first-hand experience give credence to this WordPress website builder plugin as the best among the present crop of similar website builders. Given the multitude of design, layout, and thematic elements you have to consider and have to give attention to, this WordPress plugin can still help you keep your sanity.

Other WordPress website builders can be so clunky and confusing given those many elements, buttons, layouts, and dozens more you have to learn to utilize and manipulate. This website builder for WordPress helps keep your focus on the job and then do it quickly, efficiently, until your dream web site is finally available online for you and your readers’ enjoyment and why not bring you many happy returns of the day.

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