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What Does WP Mean In Gaming?

You’re playing a quick round of competitive ranked for whatever online game is hot right now. After a certain match, one of the enemies typed in “WP” in game chat, and you’re probably wondering why they’re talking about a wrong person.

Then another player types “WP” in game chat, and then another follows. You’re intrigued and wondering why they’re looking for WP, and now you want to know what does WP mean in gaming.

In this article, we’ll define what WP means in gaming and how you can use it for your future matches.

What Does WP Mean In Gaming Actually?

Well Played My Friend What Does WP Mean In Gaming

In computer gaming, online gamers frequently use WP to denote “Well Played” after matches. This is often tied in with another acronym, GG or Good Game.

When combined together, you get GG WP, or GGWP, which stands for Good Game, Well Played. In rare cases, GG also means Great Game.

WP, or GG WP, is a verbal way of displaying sportsmanship in the gaming world. Winning or losing teams both use WP within different contexts.

Apart from displaying sportsmanship, WP also has other meanings and used for different contexts. Here are examples of the different contexts where WP or Well Played is used:

  1. When a player has outplayed another team
  2. When a player exhibits great skill or ability
  3. When a player experiences something positive from another player

What Are the Other WP Definitions In Gaming or In Real Life?

Well Played is one of the many cyber definitions for WP, but they’re uncommon in gaming apps. Let’s take a look at the different WP definition and how they’re used through different sentence examples:

Wrong Person

An uncommon way that WP stand for is Wrong Person. This context involves a miscommunication of sorts between two players, usually with one sending a message not intended for the current recipient.

Here’s an example of how the abbreviation is used:

  • Macky: Hey, Peter. I need you to join the raid right now.
  • John: WP
  • Macky: Oh my bad!


WP means Waypoint within the context of online games. One of the uncommon abbreviations, WP as Waypoint is often used to designate a particular location that a player has marked for a different player.

Here’s an example of how the abbreviation WP can be used:

  • Peter: Macky, where’s the treasure? The WP on the map says it’s here but I can’t see it.
  • Macky: The WP has an arrow indicator on top of it, so the treasure is on the upper floor.


In the rarest of cases, WP stand for Word press, or WordPress, a popular blogging platform. In a gaming context, this is often used to refer to a website that other players might be looking for an online game.

  • Peter: Hey, Macky. What was that WP site again that had the World of Warcraft guides?
  • Macky: Do you mean WowHead or IcyVeins?

What Does GGWP Mean?

GGWP What Does WP Mean In Gaming

GG WP definition is “Good Game, Well Played”. In some instances, it can also mean “Great Game, Well Played. This is a common group of slang terms used together to congratulate the winning team, or to acknowledge the efforts of the losing team. As a whole, it can also signify that the round for that board game, online game, or even sports match went extremely well.

While GGWP is a slang word used for congratulating the winning team online, it’s not without its real life applications.

Here’s a good sentence example of how GG WP is used in real life:

  • John: Hey I heard you did great on the sales presentation yesterday
  • Ralph: Yeah, who told you that?
  • John: I heard it from Macky. GG WP.

Albeit it sounds a bit weird when verbally said as to just limited to online gaming, the abbreviation WP or well played does sound like a great way to congratulate someone on their victory.

Whether you want to use it to congratulate someone in game or real life, now you know how to use the term WP properly and what it means.

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