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Beaver Builder vs Elementor: The Best Page Builder For Beginners

Page builders are strategically and intensively crafted to make sure web page developers will have a great time creating a website while pouring their passion into it. Selecting the best WordPress page builders or any website that you are working in progress is essential. Let’s say, the process needs carefully considering a lot of factors concerning what you love to do.

There has been an on-going discussion to which WordPress page builders provide the best services, interface, modules, styles or formatting, widgets, and everything in between. popular services and names like Beaver Builder vs Elementor may ring the bells and whistles. There had been a complete silent feud between the two, Beaver Builder and Elementor, they have been dominating the visual world and continue to provide stunning websites.

Things are getting better and better for these page builders in the market today. We want to end these silent wars between page builders. What we’re about to give you is an in-depth comparison of which page builders suit you best. There are a million users and counting to this moment. What we will give you is clarity and peace of mind knowing you get the best of everything.

Let’s take a look at what these page builders have to offer and break down why they suit you best. Besides, choosing a page builder plugin is an important stage of your life as a web developer, professional page builder, a seasonal casual user, or a beginner that wants to explore and learn all the possibilities you can get along the way.

Now here’s a tip, two things, we mean. What you are looking for in a page builder are convenience and control. Selecting one is like choosing a partner that you will spend the rest of your life with. Building a website is like building your future. You have to find the best WordPress page builder that enables you to take control and customize everything without turning your world upside-down.

Ease of use, controls and navigation, templates, modules, widgets, and everything you want to put into your website is essential. You have to be the ‘boss’ of the site to truly put your heart in it and explore your passion for high-quality design while keeping things low-key to provide greater impact.

Beaver Builder vs Elementor, which page builder should you choose? One thing you’ll have to keep in mind is that once you’ve decided to deactivate page builders, it will leave your website a complete mess, codes all over the place, and the possible loss of style and formatting you’ve previously or planning to work on with. Let’s get to know them both.

Beaver Builder: Getting Started, A Complete Guide

The Beaver Builder is a popular WordPress site builder that works best with drag and drop web page building. It is loved by most developers due to a variety of options that it provides. There are over a million websites created with this site builder.

Beaver Builder (BB) continues to provide professional-grade websites that are guaranteed developer-friendly and provide stunning outcomes. The drag and drop features enable you to conveniently customize a variety of elements from your site, ranging from icons, widgets, typography, videos, images, and more.

For first-time users, you’ll be amazed by the simplicity of building a website through this site builder. You’ll get complete access to a clutter-free, clean interface that provides a great deal of space suitable for exploring and customizing to your convenience.

Beaver Builder was first released in 2014. The site builder proves its reliability, outstanding support, and usability interface for developers, both beginners, and professionals alike.

The Beaver Builder provides a comprehensive design mechanism suitable for WordPress plugins and framework concepts. The Beaver Builder guarantees time savvy options to help you be incredibly productive while creating premium-quality stunning websites quickly.


The Beaver Builder is known for its ease of use. It enables you to create stunning and professional websites and pages through its precise drag and drop system. These features transform your web developing encounter to a new level.

With convenience to control everything on your website, the page builder is already a god-sent answer to every developer’s age-old dilemma. The Beaver Builder can be activated anytime into your plugin dashboard options.

You can start off using a blank canvas to help you customize everything. The Beaver Builder pricing varies and comes with a free demo version and a premium version. There are limitations to what you can create with the demo version compared to the premium one.

If you work with a row, take note that you can have multiple columns that enable you to place one element or module. These can be typography, videos, or images.

You can simply do this with a dragging and dropping process to add your preferred column where you want it. Your Beaver Builder will notify you of how your module or row looks like, including aspects that represent the style, general look, and the advanced settings ideal for your module or row.

What makes Beaver Builder interesting is its complete customization features. You can freely drag the pop-up settings where you want to place them without blocking the modules that you are editing.

The blue lines will help you dock the elements or modules from left to right without blocking your way. The pop-up can be completely accessible via mouse hovering or through the wrench icon on your screen by clicking it.

Selecting options depends on what plan or version you have. For example, with the Free Version, you’ll have limited accessibility compared to the Beaver Builder Pro Version. These includes

  • Saving your preferred and customize templates
  • Preview the layout you’ve created 
  • Duplicate the layout you’ve created
  • Edit the page responsive modes
  • See and check page revisions 
  • Add Javascript and Custom CSS layouts
  • Customize the UI brightness or activated dark modes.

Keep in mind that the demo or free version for your Beaver Builder has limitations building your web page.

Customizing the width of your content needs configuration which depends on the WordPress theme that you are using. Find a theme that is compatible with page builders for stretching your content container for Full-Width customization.

With superior performance and excellent customization features that are not overwhelming, the Beaver Builder is an easy to learn theme builder you’ll get fond of for your website building experience. For additional information, check out this Beaver Builder Review specially compiled for you.


There surely are a lot of benefits that you can get with Beaver Builder. Knowing what they do helps you fully understand the capabilities of page builders and how it can transform a website into a dynamically stunning one without compromising convenience, ease of control, and complete customization.

Let’s dig deeper into what Beaver Builder can truly offer you.

  • Separates The Page Builder And Website Theme For Complete Content Control And Accessibility.

The Beaver Builder enables you to use multiple themes per published content on your blog post or page. This flexibility allows every developer to take advantage of the plugin page builders and switch themes easily without worrying that you might lose all content you’ve been working for.

What is surprisingly stunning about Beaver Builder is that it retains all content you have worked for in case you will deactivate the theme builder itself. All of your previous content will be redirected to the WordPress Editor.

  • Enjoy Powerful And Flexible Theme From Beaver Page Builder

When it comes to customization, you can use the Beaver Builder Child themes. You can select from the preset settings for styling and formatting your website and then enhance it through WordPress Customizer to help modify your content.

Though there are themes available for Beaver Builder, you have plenty of options to select with this site builder as it allows you to work with other WordPress themes faster, like Astra theme, for example. You’ll have full control of your page from end to end. Easily and hassle-free.

  • Customize Images Positions Precisely And Create Element Column Based Designs And Layout Faster

If you’ve been working with WordPress editor, you’ll know the first-hand struggle when it comes to image positioning and dragging them to your desired place. It is one of the pain points of every web page developer when it comes to customizing your content and style.

What Beaver Builder offers is complete ease, through its drag and drop front end editing interface, you’ll have complete control of the layout and design of your page. Easily and at its finest.

  • Stimulate Creativity With Gorgeously Free Templates For Web Page Like A Pro

What WordPress templates provide are superior customization and professional-grade styling, formatting, and editing. You can instantly create a new world of style and sophisticated pages through a myriad of templates ready-made for import.

You can also save previously used templates, designs, and layouts for future references. Beaver Builder also enables you to reuse these templates and export them for different size usability. Either way, it offers convenience to select what page template you’ll prefer and change the text and images with your preference or your images and just publish them instantly.

  • Excellent Support And Unlimited Usage of Site License

Beaver Builder offers unlimited access to multiple sites and it provides extremely excellent priority support for a year until your license expires. Your subscription packages enable you to access the premium templates and modules with ease.

Though access to these premium templates and modules can only quality packages or bundles and not the free version of Beaver Builder. The Agency And Pro version qualifies you to have accessibility with the Beaver Builder Theme.

Keep in mind that some themes may not be compatible with page builders like Beaver Builder. What the Beaver Builder theme does is it integrates these themes’ framework to match with the plugins to prevent issues whatsoever and treasures you of complete compatibility.

  • Quick Front-End Web Page Builder

Beaver Builder enables you to have complete accessibility and usability to drag and drop whatever elements you wanted to incorporate with your page visual settings. Through its quick front-end builder interface, you can check edits in real-time and see how your page looks.

You can work with a blank canvas or try the ready-made templates to save time and work faster. These options are suitable for every developer that wants to customize their pages while keeping every format and style saveable for exporting or on your next project.

Through this dragging and dropping system, more web developers, both beginners and experienced enjoy full-time customization with convenience.

  • Full Access To Stunning Templates You Can Import/Export

Page builders are the most excellent new technological innovation that offers accessibility and customization of your websites through pre-made templates to match every website niche and developer’s demands.

Beaver Builder provides complete access to a massive number of templates and modules that you can import or export to simplify your preference and style. You can also save customized templates of your choice which allows you to reuse it to your convenience.

  • Page Builder Reliability With Whitelabel Options (Access To Higher Package Options)

White labeling is accessible only through the Agency package. Beaver Builder provides the option of removing the site builders logo and replacing it with your own company or brand logo for optimum customization and personality.

For every web developer, white labeling is an essential factor that they need when building a dynamic website for clients who want to establish their names through a logo. The logo enhances the companies credibility and developer’s reliability to provide first-class services through the services and products that they offer.

White labeling is an important factor that developers should always look after, not just for their benefits but for the client’s branding.

  • Suitable For Agency Page Builder

Beaver Builder is suitable for Agencies that handle multiple numbers of sites for their respective clients. The package enables you to produce premium-quality websites that are easy to operate and maintain and enables white labeling, a feature that is extremely beneficial for your client’s company or brand to establish properly.

The Agency package depends on what type of peculiarities you need. Purchasing the higher-priced bundle enables you to have superior access and usage to useful and in-demand tools that will simplify your web page development experience and save you time and effort. It enables you to provide the best services your clients will surely adore. The service also affects your credibility and reliability.


beaver editing_content

The features that page builders offer are essential and crucial at the same time. The summary of features and what you can do with your page builder plugins helps you to simplify your loads without compromising premium-quality visual layouts and modules for every possible niche you are working with. The web design that you are developing and the builder plugins that you are using have a great impact on the overall outcome.

Below are what Beaver Builder offers its customers of more than 1 million and counting.

  • Live Editing, Front-End Accessibility, And Tools

The intuitive page builder for WordPress web design offers a simplified yet powerful way of creating websites. Through real-time front-end tools for editing, you get to see what you are creating with complete ease.

Beaver Builder established a guesswork-free web design experience. With the drag and drop features, you can place everything you prefer in the right place with convenience.

Customize and decide what elements should be part of your page or post, all by hovering your mouse, even if you are just starting, it won’t be a pain working with websites using the perfect page builders.

  • Responsive Theme With Mobile User-Friendly Settings

The responsiveness of your page depends on using the right page builders that customize the settings easily. Beaver builder offers a user-friendly response through a wide array of devices where spectators check your website.

You can custom fit its full-width, based on where it will easily respond per demand. You wanted to make sure that the loading page is faster. The page response to the number of visitors that will come, stay and return to websites you’ve created.

  • Translation Ready

The core of Beaver Builder supports standard and popular translations like WPML plugins. This is both a beneficial factor for global users. That way, your website can easily be accessed with a wide array of audiences.

  • Widget And Shortcode Support

Beaver Builder enables you to use additional plugins of your favorite selections. It also supports widgets and shortcodes for total control and convenience.

Some of the wide options that you can work with your Beaver Builder are (Easy)Pricing Table And Ninja Forms are guaranteed covered by the page builder plugins for superior convenience and exceptional experience.

  • Web Developer Friendly

Web page developers will surely love the user-friendly interface through excellent and complete customization. With the customize and powerful module boilerplate, you’ll enjoy extendable usability and widget customization for the webpage you’re building with.

What’s fascinating about this page builder is the endless possibilities that you can get through customization and complete control.

  • Multiple Support For Custom Post, Pages, And Blog Post Types

This page builder enables you to work with multiple sites aside from WordPress. It allows you to have completely custom made posts, pages, or any visual post you wanted to create.

It supports a variety of options that most developers will surely love aside from WordPress. You can even customize and save templates from WordPress and export them to other sites conveniently. These multiple sites are some of the peculiarities that you will enjoy with this page builder.

  • WooCommerce Support

This page builder supports WooCommerce and it allows you to instantly and conveniently design your storefront for a professional-looking web design that brings profit and provides excellent support to your business.

Now setting up your WooCommerce has been a breeze of fresh air. The Beaver Builder provides intensive support for WooCommerce integration that you can’t find with other page developing services.

  • Custom Accessibility For Clients With Hands-Off Editor Mode

Customizing client’s restrictions and access to their page has a great impact. This helps prevent users and clients from accidentally breaking or messing the format and style of their web content.

By customizing and limiting the editing modes of everyone’s access to the site, it guarantees that the page is in perfect shape, protected, and excellent running like how it should be.

  • Compatibility with Any WordPress Theme Available

One of the important factors that you have to check with page builders are its compatibility with any WordPress theme or page themes you are using.

While this can be a challenge, Beaver Builder makes sure that you get complete customization and easy to use regardless of which theme you are using. The site builder plugin enables you to work with any theme you prefer.

Whether you are using Woothemes, Divi, Astra, Genesis, Ultimatum, or anything inside the box, your page builder will work perfectly right.

  • Optimized And Tunes SEO Standards

Creating content pages that match the required standard for accessibility and visibility through optimizing and tuning up with SEO is essential. Search engines are a great help for generating traffic for your site to gain more views and rank up through various search engines available.

  • Multisite Capability

The Pro and Agency bundle supports multisite installs. With the Agency bundle, it provides accessibility to a wide range of networks through a control panel that enables you to make changes conveniently across the network.

  • Reusable And Saveable Templates

As a developer, you want to create uniform page templates, especially if clients want these types of settings. The Beaver Builder enables you to create stunning layout and web page designs and save them for future references.

You can create unlimited page templates or layouts for a certain niche to build your branding and established credibility. By doing so, you can also customize them for future use and make unique and distinctive changes over time.

  • Reuse Or Save Content Modules And Rows

Putting together or configuring the content modules/rows that you have used on your site enables you to use them for the next projects or websites you’ll be working with. You can also save these modules or rows as ‘global’. That way, you can create changes that will affect every instance of your row or module.

Just like saving templates or layouts for complete customization, you can also do that with content modules and rows easily. Thanks to this page builder, custom made layouts, designs, templates, content modules, or rows are saveable and can be reused anytime needed.

  • Enables Import Or Export Templates Or Layouts

With your saved page templates, modules, rows, designs, and layouts, you can share these interesting ideas instantly with others. You can also migrate the content pages that you have designed through WordPress import or export tool that is built-in for your convenience.

Aside from importing or exporting saved page templates, you can also take advantage of importing pre-made page templates to what you are working with. This is always an option for developers, or you can work from a blank page easily.

Beaver Builder Theme

This feature is suitable for both the Pro package and Agency package. This tool provides a powerful approach for developers while keeping it simple for end-users. What Beaver Builder offers is an extensive balance of functionalities and settings which cater to all your client’s needs especially with web agencies.

The live editing tools allow you to preview and see changes in real-time. With this page builder, you can conveniently edit the theme like you are editing the web page.

The child theme for Beaver builder works differently compared with other page builders. It is not complicated and with simple theme setting updates, it automatically presents a variety of styles with simple button clicks. You can simply modify presets to how you want them through the child theme.

This page builder is utilizing the Bootstrap framework which works as your page CSS base. With guaranteed theme stability, this site builder has been tried and tested for reliability and credibility that won’t affect any project size you’re working with.

Support Community

Beaver Builder Support.JPG

One of the things that most users appreciate is the on-time support system that this site builder offers. They get back to you as soon as possible, at the latest, few hours from your notice. Though it can take up to the next day (business days, limitation during holidays and weekends), but will surely get back to you asap.

The support team will check permission first if they can access your site and log in to have a full view of the possible cause of any issue that is causing delay to your site’s productivity.

Plus, they make sure that issues will be fixed to prevent delays or cause inconvenience both in your end and your clients/end-user experience.


The modules provided for this site builder are as follows: (*modules included on Free Version)

  • HTML *- This is used to add customize HTML/shortcodes to your site
  • Photo * – Enables you to insert images to the WordPress Media, Library and/or URL
  • Sidebar * – It allows you to insert widget columns through your WordPress sidebar core
  • Text Editor/Typography * – It enables you to maximize and include rich text which is almost the same with your WordPress post
  • Icon – It provides an icon to your site. You can select for available icon from Dashicons, Foundation, and FontAwesome
  • Video * – It enables you to provide videos from a URL or your own Media Library
  • Icon Group – This is essential for enhancing social media icon buttons
  • Separator – It enables you to insert lines for content or section separation
  • Map – It provides a precise map based on your location via Google map
  • Accordion – This is an excellent module for Q&A or FAQ sections
  • Posts – It enables you to create blog pages and post grids that include images. You can filter them by categories or tags
  • Heading – Suitable for page titles
  • Post carousel – This generates an animation of a carousel for your custom post types, blogs, and site post which is filtered by categories and tags
  • Button – It provides a button to redirect to an internal URL or external link(s)
  • CTA – It provides a get the attention of your end-users with the services you are offering or promoting deals
  • Post Slider – Generates a magazine-style/animated slider post which is filtered by categories or tags
  • Pricing Table – It provides a pricing summary of your service
  • Callout – This is similar to the CTA but has a robust approach
  • Contact Form – It is for visitors details to fill out for site subscription
  • Content Slider – This provides a powerful approach to showcase featured content with images and interesting text
  • Slideshow – It gives your page a
  • slideshow of photos or images coming from your SmugMug or media library
  • Social Buttons -It enables you to add social icons for your content to be shared to various social media outlets
  • Gallery – This enables you to put an image into the Gallery from your SmugMug or media library
  • Testimonials – It allows you to make slider testimonial with different styles
  • Tabs – Conveniently make tabular content
  • WooCommerce – Established an online store through dragging and dropping off products
  • Number Counter – Make animated bar counters, numbers, and circles
  • Menu – It provides a WordPress native menu with various formats and displays
  • Subscribe Form – Easily make newsletter forms to sign up which is integrated into Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, MailChimp, and more.


With Beaver Builder pricing, aside from the Lite version that offers limited access to its features. You’ll also get a 40% discount on your annual renewal for all packages. Here’s your guide in a nutshell:

  • $99 for Standard
  • $199 for Pro
  • $399 for Agency

The Standard version enables you to have unlimited site access with excellent support for a year, accessibility to premium templates and modules, and plugin page builder.

The Pro version offers more flexible features with multisite capabilities, access to builder plugins, premium templates & modules, excellent support for a year, and qualifies for the Beaver Builder theme.

While the Agency, from its name, is suitable for developers who work with multiple sites, brands, or companies. It offers white labeling which is a great deal for most brands to place their logo into their pages content instead of the Beaver Builder logo.

The Agency version qualifies your access to the settings for multisite network, Beaver Builder Theme, one year world-class guaranteed hands-on support, unlimited sites, plugin page builder, and accessibility to premium templates and modules.

Elementor Page Builder: The Fastest Page Builder You’ll Ever Need

Elementor is known to be the fastest full-featured page builder that comes with a Free Version suitable for developers who want to hone their craft and for professionals who want to level up their site-building skills.

This page builder is super easy to use with minimal complex peculiarities that even beginners will master easily. With premium settings over convenience, no wonder it’s taking the visual developing process by storm but with excellent usability and ease of learning.

You can go over the free version and level up your skills with Elementor Pro instantly. With its intuitive settings, right-click unique menu, finder features, and navigator, no wonder it’s the easiest page builder to use.

Get to know the most interesting facts with this in-depth Elementor review and we’ll help you decide why this page builder is strategically designed just for you. Elementor page builder guarantees an all-in-1 solution to all your web designing issues and creates a harmonious workflow like never before.

With it’s simple, flexible, and robust visual web design and layout, site-building is 100% accurate and professional-grade build websites are just a click away with full control coming from you. This site builder is for freelancers and Agencies alike, let’s explore Elementor from a developer and end-users perspective.


When it comes to performance, Elementor provides a distinctively superior performance and fast loading pages every developer has been longing for until this page builder was introduced in 2016. Since then, over 2 million lives and counting were saved from a complete complex site development.

What sets Elementor apart is it was strategically built to provide excellence without weighing your site down. Full features, everything a developer has in mind is already provided by Elementor and it’s all getting even better, update after update. Yet it guarantees your page to be at the utmost performance, regardless of what templates, modules, or any elements you drag and drop in there.

Even beginners can work seamlessly with Elementor due to its ease of learning and complete usability and user-friendly front-end interface and accessibility. Elementor is a universal page builder, with growing users ranging from web developers, businesses, marketers, content writers, and more. That’s how flexible and fully functional it is.

The demo or free version of Elementor sets a new standard. Unlike many site builders, the Elementors free version is already a great stepping stone for you to work with your craft with high-quality industry-standard websites.

It’s already a robust tool with added features for you to create professional-grade build websites that are fully functional and enticing. If your budget does not meet the Pro version yet, you can start with the free one and upgrade for added value and unlock more stunning peculiarities that will surely help you improve your crafts.


Elementor Pro Screenshot

As a site developer, whether you are a freelancer or an agency that handles thousands of professional websites, you need to find a page builder that seamlessly works faster and provides complete settings that you need to enhance the quality of every site you are working with.

What Elementor offers is a one-stop-shop of every possible thing you need to make stunning websites. Here are the extremely essential benefits that you can get with this popular site builder.

  • Extremely Convenient To Use

Ease of use, learning, and complete control on customizing your WordPress page. Elementor knows the complex world of webpage development. There is no guesswork when using this site builder because everything you need is just a click away.

There are even pre-made templates, layouts, and designs to simplify your life. Elementor is a game-changer in the world of web development. With the dragging and dropping of elements that suit your site’s niche, with a front-end editing interface, you can have complete access to your site, edit everything and simply hit the save or publish button.

  • Fully Loaded All-in-1 Page Builder

With all the features, modules, elements, templates, blocks, layouts, designs, and customization settings, surely you have everything under the sun with Elementor.

One of the many reasons that this page builder gains more and more users is how simplified everything is for the developer’s life and everyone using the service. What Elementor offers is answers, even to those questions you may encounter in the future, the brains behind this site builder think and act on your shoe, that way, they know your demands first-hand, and offer the best solution to it, 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

  • Multifunctional Design For Developers And Easy Accessibility

Elementor offers a massive array of designs that offers functions and flexibility to meet every developer’s challenging life and simplifies access to these elements for convenience.

With Elementors ready-made layouts, templates, and designs, you can save time guessing what needs to be included, and it helps you create professional-looking and profitable websites without turning your world upside-down.

  • Provides Block Library And Stunning Templates

Your Elementor Pro site builder enables you to select stunning blocks and templates to easily set up your website like a professional and experienced developer with ease. These blocks are helpful not just for website builders but add value to your site when the end-user visits them.

Included with these blocks are your page’s essential information and services, such as the About Us section, testimonials for the services you offer, CTA (call to actions) list of peculiarities, FAQs, and a lot more you wanted to add. Just like the free stunning templates, blocks are fundamental elements needed to create stunning websites.

  • Optimum Website Personalization Peculiarities

Site builders like the free version of Elementor Pro provide optimum customization when setting up your website. if you are a WordPress user, you’ll know that everything is limited when you create and set up your site.

That is where the site builder takes place. Elementor Pro and it’s another version, either the free one, helps customize your web page without breaking the bank of hiring developers. Elementor offers you hands-on simplified settings that you can easily learn without the guesswork of what you need and how to execute your ideas.

You wanted to break free from messed up codes once your site developer is out of reach or you have access to the wrong settings, etc. Site builder like Elementor provides you a guarantee, peace of mind, and precise yet customized service that matches your preferences.

  • Robust Top Notch Page Builder

Unlike any other site builder, Elementor offers a robust, fast, and reliable performance you truly need. You may not be aware yet until you get caught up into the pain point of using site builders that’s not full feature and you need to re-do every single thing.

Time is an essential factor when building websites. You want something that will save you with all the headaches, trials and errors, and wasted time. When in fact, you can do it by yourself through a credible, high-speed, and top-notch site builder everyone is using. Breakfree and embrace the beauty of simplifying workloads today, the Elementor Pro site is the answer.

  • PRO-Version Enables You To Custom Your Sites Header Or Footer

There are limitations to how you can customize your website when working with a trial version. Though you can set up a decent page, the settings are still limited compared to premium versions. This is where the Elementor Pro helps you create websites that stand out among the rest.

With your Elementor Pro, you can customize specific areas of your website. Some of these are essential for a dynamic page. Areas like the footer, 404 pages, archive page, search result area, single blog page post, and header.

The Elementor Pro allows you to customize your header, not just for one header, but you can also assign these customized headers or other parts to a variety of pages for your website.

  • The Pro Version Offers Post Type Designs And Layouts

The Elementor Pro enables you to enjoy a variety of sections and actions for your page post. This includes unlimited options for every page or posts you create through customization and usability of settings that help your site stand out among the rest.

Your site builder can integrate your page and marketing conveniently easily through dynamic layouts and designs that are appealing to every end-users and site visitors. The Elementor Pro version has more to offer aside from convenience. It’s a powerful tool not just for developers but even for business, freelancers, and more.


Features are an essential aspect of every site builder. They help you customize everything and create a premium-quality website that is both appealing and easy to create. Elementor Pro understands every developer’s needs and what helpful settings should be included in the package.

These features should unleash your creativity while thinking outside the box. Below are the top peculiarities why more and more users are loving Elementor Pro and why it has more than 2 million users and counting!

  • Front-End Site Builder Editing

Elementor provides its developers with real-time access and preview to what they are working with. This is why front-end editing is essential as it saves you time and effort. You can visualize your website while working on it.

With the drag and drop settings, you are one click away from conveniently customizing your site. Front-end editing has a lot of benefits for developers and businesses. Think of adding a button and tweaking it perfectly? Elementor Pro has options for that.

You can also shift your page from one to multiple layout columns. With all-in-1 settings, it’s guaranteed to save you time and effortlessly set up your website like a pro, with incredibly fast performance regardless of what customization you came up to.

  • Blocks And Templates

Elementor offers a wide array of blocks and templates that enables you to create stunning websites easily. No matter what type of template you need, you can find one that is stunning enough to use and may need a few retouches to make it unique.

You can find a massive template option and recommendation on your “Folder Icon” which is at the bottom part of your page. Try checking this folder to help you get familiar with a vast option of template recommendations and save time from guessing everything through a blank page.

All of Elementors templates are customizable and you can even save them for later use. You can edit their settings and even try to make it full width or transform the background section if you wish to.

While blocks are also a big help, these are preset areas similar to your page templates. Blocks can be imported easily to your site. There is a myriad of block options based on your site’s demand.

For a complete dropdown listing, you can also check your folder icon and you will see the ‘Blocks’ and just click it. By doing so, you have access to a wide array of block categories that will match your needs.

You can save both the blocks and templates that you have used for future use. These elements will be saved on the ‘My Templates’ under your folder icon conveniently.

  • In-Line Typography (Text) Editing

One of the settings that you will surely enjoy with your Elementor site builder is the text editing options. This has a huge impact on the visual appearance of your website. With Elementor Pro, you can do in-line editing of your text or typography.

This includes adding personalized and simple yet faster touch to your website. You can easily custom texts’ font family, enable you to add text shadows, enable drop cap, change the text size and color, and more.

With Elementor Pro, your imagination is the limit to what you can achieve.

  • Mobile-Friendly Accessibility

WordPress websites can be accessed into three devices, a pc, a tablet, and through convenient and portable smartphones. You need to take into consideration and always check how your website appears through a smaller screen.

What Elementor pro provides are a variety of options to customize the appearance of your website without affecting the settings with a desktop or tablet viewing. The good news is, you can work with a variety of settings from your site builder to make sure that everything is working beautifully regardless of which screen your website is accessed with.

Elementor enables mobile-friendly interface businesses and developers to take advantage of it. This way, you can work with customization without compromising the dynamic appearance of your website no matter where it is viewed.

You can edit and sort things out from paddings to adding margins and more. Have peace of mind knowing that what you’ve worked for through the desktop screen is well preserved when you edit under the tablet or mobile screen and vice versa.

  • Compatibility With Theme From WordPress

Flexibility is one of the best characteristics that you will love about this site builder. Regardless of what WordPress theme you are using, Elementor can be a great fit. it’s simply compatible with whatever WordPress theme you have in mind.

Though some themes will surely ring a bell, they may even feel and look like they’re made especially for Elementor. There are crowd-favorite themes to team up with the Elementor site builder.

These themes are Ocean WP, GeneratePress, and Astra to name a few that work perfectly with Elementor. These themes come with a free trial version and a level up paid versions at the same time.

  • Community And Support

When it comes to supporting, Elementor offers a variety of options to make sure they cater to the needs of their users. You can join their ever-growing FB community and share insights from flocks of the same interest.

Github community is another way to voice out your concerns with the site builder, provide honest feedback, and even report bugs you’ve encountered.

The intensive and reliable 24/7 premium support guarantees peace of mind about everything this site builder has to offer.

Available Modules

What the pro version offers is a wide range of settings, elements, and stunning content modules that makes Elementor tops the notch for full-featured site builders. Here’s what you’ll get with Elementor Pro and why it’s a great pick, to begin with.

  • Essential elements – WooCommerce, theme, and popup builder
  • Workflow – Enables full-page editor and a global widget
  • Design – Global custom CSS, animated motion effects and interactions
  • Marketing – Action links, helpful widgets namely countdown, testimonial carousel, and form widgets
  • Typography – Typekit integration and customize fonts
  • Layout – It enables you to easily create a full width, custom the width and height, create a gap and content position, padding & margin, z-index, horizontal, vertical, fixed, inline elements, and more
  • Mobile editing – 100 mobile responsiveness, font size, reverse column, visibility, customize breakpoints and more
  • Theme builder – Sticky header, footer, display conditions, dynamic colors & contents, archive age, 404 pages, single post, SEO, and customize field integration
  • Theme content – Table of contents and a variety of custom widgets like login form, WordPress comments, posts, portfolio, nav menu, and search widgets
  • Ecommerce – Widgets that will enhance profit from your site includes Woo elements, woo add-to-cart, woo categories, price list, price table, and woo product widgets
  • Accessible Forms – Forms that you can add into your page action such as Honeypot, acceptance field, hidden fields, advance form, custom messages, plain/email HTML, confirmation email, AAS (action after submit), login, subscription, and contact forms
  • Page integrations – A wide range of site integrations such as Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Zapier, HubSpot, Campaign monitor, Facebook SDK, Getresponse, ReCaptcha V3, Discord, Drip, Adobe TypeKit, Slack, MailerLite, Font Awesome 5, And Custom icon libraries
  • Social media – Options to boost traffic to your site and redirecting to certain social media outlets and sharing your content, linking sites, and more
  • Library – From customize to pre-made elements, layouts, templates, and blocks that help conveniently design your website in one easy-access area
  • Media – This module enables you to insert images, embedded videos, slides, sound, and more
  • Interactions – Adding interactive widgets such as CTA, scrolling effects, animated headlines, hover animations and more
  • Advance elements – This includes advanced settings such as custom CSS, HTML widgets, RTL, request parameters, custom attributes, safe mode, and more.

Licensing And Pricing

The Elementor Pro has three packages to select, here’s a quick breakdown

  • Personal – $4/year
  • For 1 Site
  • More than 50 Elementor Pro Widgets
  • Theme Builder
  • More than 300 Elementor Pro Templates
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • 1 Year Updates
  • 1 Year Support
  • Plus – $99/year
  • For 3 Sites
  • More than 50 Pro Widgets
  • Theme Builder
  • More than 300 Pro Templates
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • 1 Year Updates
  • 1 Year Support
  • Expert – $199/year
  • For 1,000 Sites
  • More than 50 Pro Widgets
  • Theme Builder
  • More than 300 Pro Templates
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • 1 Year Updates
  • 1 Year Support

To get clear with the pricing Elementor offers through subscription services and licensing, it’s as simple as the site builder it is.

If your license has expired, you’ll lose access to its pro blocks and templates, future updates, and 24/7 support. However, you can still access the modules for Elementor Pro. These include settings for theme builders, pop-up peculiarities, and more.

You will still be able to install the most updated version for any new page or site that you will create.

There is a 25% off renewal discount enjoyed by active members. While there’s 30-day guaranteed money you should make a new purchase.

Which Is Better Elementor Or Beaver Builder

Elementor and Beaver Builder are two of the most popular and best site builders every developer can testify about. They simplify work for developers and businesses. BB is developer-friendly while Elementor is a simple yet powerful tool that offers a massive range of stunning templates, blocks, modules, and more.

Elementor may seem simple to use but it has robust benefits for developers, businesses, and end-users. It’s an all-in-1 WordPress plugin that showcases its superiority once you’ve worked with it.

Is Elementor The Best Page Builder

We cannot say it unless you’ve tried and worked with it. As per 2 million and counting users, two things are precisely the insights.

First, Elementor is made to help developers work with ease without compromising [performance and quality. Second, it’s an essential tool that provides excellent convenience and peace of mind when it comes to website development.

It’s a perfect tool that enables you to do everything at hand. You don’t need extreme knowledge about HTML, shortcodes, CSS, and more. All you need is Elementor and you’re good to go, create stunningly awesome websites faster and easy.


It will always be about performance and ease of use. These two factors affect whether or not a site builder you have is better or even excellent. If you are a developer that can’t decide which site builder is better, Beaver Builder vs Elementor, you are not alone. These two have always been the best and most popular site builders.

As a developer, we’ve intensively checked and navigated websites, created new ones, and checked the performances of each site made with both builders. They are made with developers as their top priority. While keeping updated with the most exclusive features profitable, accessible, and useful to everyone.

At the end of the day, it will always depend on your preferred settings and performance. However, the Elementor is a top-notch site builder, can’t we agree that they both are? It’s just that, we want something as convenient and less the complex process.

Elementor is simply the simplest yet powerful site builder ever made. Even for beginners, who know nothing about shortcodes and other developer-tied processes. Elementor simplifies your life. From turning a blank page into a stunning website instantly. With unlimited access to stunning modules and elements, your creativity is being fed while working with Elementor.

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