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What Is VC In Gaming?

In gaming, the abbreviation VC has a lot of meaning. Some terms are even game specific, so what is VC in gaming? We’ll find out what the abbreviation means and how they’re used in different contexts.

VC Definition

For most gamers, if not all, VC has different abbreviations within the realm of gaming, namely:

  • Voice chat or voice communication
  • Video chat
  • Video creator

And then there are specific definitions such as:

  • Vice City (in reference to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)
  • Van Cleef or VanCleef
  • Venture Capital
  • Videogame Currency or Virtual Currency

Voice Chat, or Voice Channel, or Video Chat

Voice Chat Toon What Is VC In Gaming

With the growing popularity of communication platforms like Discord, Ventrilo, and TeamSpeak, VC used to only mean voice chat or voice channel. Because Ventrilo and TeamSpeak didn’t have video call before, the definition Video Chat wasn’t invented later on.

Voice chat or voice channel is a pretty straightforward term in gaming. You’re simply telling friends to get on voice chat to make it easy to communicate with each other.

Here are a few examples of how it can be used:

  • Player 1: For those participating in the raid, be sure to log in to the VC at least 5 minutes before raid starts.
  • Player 2: There’s a specific gaming VC for raids and groups, so be sure to join that.

Video Creator

VC can also refer to Video Creator, or someone who creates video content for YouTube, Twitch, and other video hosting platforms.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Vice City What Is VC In Gaming

In rare cases, the gaming jargon VC can also refer to Vice City, which is in reference to the Grand Theft Auto video game.

Van Cleef

Another popular definition of VC is Van Cleef, which is reference to Edwin Van Cleef, a boss in World of Warcraft’s dungeon, Dead Mines. During the time of World of Warcraft Vanilla, there were two dungeons that had similar abbreviations: Dire Maul and Dead Mines. To prevent confusion, Dead Mines was referred to as VC, or Van Cleef.

A few examples of how that would be used in this context is:

  • “Looking for tank for VC run”
  • “VC run, need heals and tank”

Virtual Currency

Another definition that’s relatively new is virtual currency, or videogame currency. Gaming companies left and right are now inventing their own virtual currency for players to purchase.

These virtual currencies can be used to purchase in-game items. Within the context of MMORPGs, virtual currencies can also refer to the currency that’s being used by the game so players can buy items. In games like World of Warcraft, the virtual currency is GOLD.

Then there are other forms of virtual currency, which is used to purchase with real money so players can purchase items that you normally can’t purchase through game. For example, NBA 2K19 has its own currency where players can buy different stuff such as uniform and animations.

Cryptocurrency: Online Gaming’s Future?

Cryptocurrency has made the headlines over the last few years, and more industries are enjoying its many benefits. One of which happens to be gaming.

You now see a lot of game studios and gaming startups with a keen focus on developing cryptocurrency for their video games as a way to incentivize people for playing.

Earning these cryptocurrencies have allowed players to collect these virtual assets and trade them in the market. A popular cryptocurrency game that made the headlines in the time of the pandemic is Axie Infinity.

How Does Cryptocurrency And Online Gaming Work Together?

Cryptocurrency earned from video games are stored as you would with any kind of cryptocurrency, which in a digital wallet. A user who’s earned virtual currency from a game would be able to hold on to the virtual asset and use it for later, either to sell it to the market or to trade for real items.

Simply put, it’s a different way for gaming studios to monetize their games without compromising their own and their users’ integrity online.

Using Axie Infinity as an example, players would play their way through ranked games to earn SLP, which is the game’s cryptocurrency. A real life value is assigned to SLP, which would be a few cents. Back when it was at its peak, 1 SLP was worth a few dollars so you can imagine how lucrative it was when there weren’t a lot of players trading it.

What Are The Benefits Of Using or Earning Cryptocurrency in Gaming?

With more gaming companies adopting cryptocurrency as their way to monetize the platform, there are several benefits for end users that they can enjoy when they earn or use cryptocurrency.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Immediate transaction – In the gaming industry, transaction speed is everything. With cryptocurrency, you remove the middlemen and go straight to the buyer and seller. You don’t shoulder any of the trading fees, and you get to enjoy the items immediately.
  2. Privacy – Cryptocurrency in video games enjoy the same perks and advantages of being part of blockchain technology. Transactions are immediate and also private. You only know who you’re dealing with through their unique digital ID or wallet number.
  3. Safety and security – Tied with privacy, all transactions made in the blockchain are safe and secure.

Venture Capital

Game developers nowadays are now finding more financial backing through VCs or venture capitalists. In the finance industry, VC definition is venture capital is another form of financing provided to startups or new companies in exchange for equity.

As a billion dollar industry, it’s come as no surprise that there are now gaming VC firms on the hunt for the next big unicorn startup. As a gaming startup, the main goal is growth and to do that, they need adequate funding to proceed with their projects. This is where gaming VCs come into play.

For a small equity, gaming startups and gaming companies are financed to pursue whatever it is they need to grow.

Here are the top gaming VC firms that are investing in video game companies:

Galaxy Interactive

Founded by Mike Novogratz and Sam Englebardt in 2018

Galaxy Interactive is a new gaming VC firm based in New York, USA. They invest into different technology companies who focus on interactive media and in different funding stages.

Makers Fund

Founded by Jay Chi in 2017

Makers Fund is another American firm founded in 2017 and based in San Francisco. The firm focuses on investing in startups that are in their early stages of development. Their focus is on businesses within the interactive entertainment sector, which covers gaming companies.


Founded by Jens Hilgers, Markus Fuhrmann, Scott Rupp, and Malte Barth in 2015

BITKRAFT Ventures is a VC firm based in San Francisco, California. The company was founded in 2015 and focuses on early stage and seed investing for startups in the gaming industry, interactive media, and e-sports. They have offices all around the globe.

Wrap Up

There you have it, the many definitions of VC in gaming. From the use of VC for communicating with other people to a VC firm who fund video game companies through investments.

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