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What Does XD Mean In Gaming?

xD. XD. xd. Xd.

Four different combinations but with only one of two meanings implied. You might have seen this being used by a lot of people in a video game or in social media.

But what do these letters mean exactly? Do they represent a hidden code in online gaming? Is it only used for multiplayer game chat? What does XD mean in gaming, or in social media even?

We’ll answer all those questions and more in this article.

What Does XD Mean In Gaming or in Social Media?

XD Face What Does XD Mean In Gaming

Whether you’re playing games or just browsing through Facebook, you’ll have seen the two letters “XD” or any of the other combinations used by different people.

XD is not an abbreviation for anything. Rather, XD means nothing in the realm of gaming, social media, and texting.

XD is a sideways emoji of a person with two closed eyes and having a big smile. In the Internet culture, XD means more of a punctuation or a way to lighten a previously sent message. XD is one of the other emoticons that you can create with just the letters on your keyboard. You might even find an emoji keyboard on your mobile phones, but the text XD already says a lot more.

XD is an emoji that represents the LOL or Laugh Out Loud internet slang, but you can have different meanings for the two letters depending on which one’s uppercase and lowercase.

  • The term XD or xD means laugh out loud, or displays a smiley emoji turned sideways
  • The term Xd or xd is somewhat of the opposite and is openly declaring either sadness, disgust, or considered annoying.

Here’s how one gamer could use the emoticon XD in text messages, guild chats, or social media:

  • “Hey, did you see Asmongold’s latest video? It’s hilarious! XD”

Or if you want to convey message using the emoticon that you don’t want to be taken seriously, or if you want to just say just kidding without saying “just kidding”, you can do it like this:

  • “I have a huge crush on you XD”

On the opposite side of the emoticon, here’s how you can use the emoticon Xd or xd in games, messaging app, or in social media:

  • “We weren’t able to push through with the raid last night due to the lack of attendance xd.”

How Is XD Used In Gaming?

The gaming community has different ways to interpret XD as an emoji button. The XD emoji icon might look like someone laughing at the end of the statement, or punctuating your sentence with “laugh out loud” without typing LOL, but there are those who find the use of XD to be sarcastic.

In rarer instances, you might even hear people speak the words “ecks dee” when they’re on Discord or any voice communication app for a game.

When Is The Right Time to Use XD In A Game or in Discussion Boards?

XD Person What Does XD Mean In Gaming

Typing in “Laugh out loud” or LOL might be too time consuming if you’re in the middle of a frantic gaming session, but there are actually right times to use XD and other gaming terms.

  • When you’re lightheartedly talking about what you watched in Netflix or other entertainment services and want to let it be known that you’re in a good mood to talk about it.
  • When you find something funny that other players have done or said in chat, the right reply would be XD.
  • As a shorthand way to respond to the comment sections in your social media pages that you enjoy what they posted or that you find it amusing
  • As a way to disrupt gaming arguments in voice chat or in an alternate channel without having to say what you mean in gaming.

The XD symbol is a difficult emoji when you read it in gaming or in discussion boards because it doesn’t convey tone or anything. What XD mean in gaming or in other social media platforms might just be as simple as laughing out loud, but other players might take the XD symbol the wrong way.

When Should You Avoid Using XD in Gaming, Chat Rooms, Social Media, or In Real Life?

Generic NO What Does XD Mean In Gaming

In the online gaming community, XD is used by gamers and even game developers in discussion boards, Discord servers, and in comment sections of social media pages.

When you type XD, the receiving end of your text understands that you’re either joking, trying to be sarcastic, or trying to portray that you’re on the floor laughing at something. But there are times when you shouldn’t be using XD in online games or in real life:

  • When you’re communicating with your officemates or boss, don’t use XD in any of the messaging apps used for work.
  • When someone is saying something serious or conveying sadness or anger in a message
  • When a person sends words of praise or congratulations your way, you don’t respond with just XD.
  • When someone is doing a personal attack against you verbally

What Does XD Mean in Roblox?

What XD stand for in Roblox is pretty much the same thing that XD mean in other games. However, some younger members of their online gaming community have added on more meaning for the use of XD in the Roblox game chat.

XD stands for a person about to do a crazy dance or about to fall on the floor laughing. Within a certain demographic of players in Roblox, XD means “Little Bit” in Spanish, but it’s not exactly a commonly used term.

Most of the time, XD is just used to show a laughing face or excitement after a sentence.

Is The Use of XD Too Annoying?

We now know what does XD mean in gaming, and while the two letters simply show you a laughing face or a smiling face, some people consider the use of XD emoji or any text-based emojis to be extremely annoying.

In a web computer game or in discussion boards, some users actually punctuate their posts with the XD instead of a proper punctuation mark. Note that not all people will understand what you’re trying to convey with the XD emoji.

You always put yourself at risk for being misunderstood because there are users out there who have made XD synonymous with annoyance or sarcasm. There are also people out there who use XD one too many times, so you can see why this emoji is more frustrating than funny.

Wrap Up

What does XD mean in gaming? It means a lot of things. It can show you a person laughing or smiling. It can show you a person about to fall down on the floor and laughing. Whatever the meaning tied to it, XD is one of the most popular emojis out there. And now you know how to use it.

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