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What Does POG Mean In Gaming?

What does POG mean in gaming? You’ve probably seen it being used by one of your favorite Twitch gaming streamer or the Twitch community. You might’ve even seen an emoji or two here and there. You might’ve seen it being used frequently by players too. But what does POG mean, and why is it a popular gamer jargon?

PogChamp What Does POG Mean in Gaming

What Does POG Mean in Gaming?

The name POG, or Poggers or PogChamp, is a term used by Twitch streamers and viewers, and YouTube content creators that express delight, surprise, or fascination. This surprised expression is usually tied in with a certain action, usually within an amazing or exciting context.

In all things gaming and streaming, the term POG is synonymous to words like COOL, AWESOME, or AMAZING. Several Twitch communities from big time streamers usually come up with their own Pogchamp Emoticon, usually in the likeness of the streamer they follow.

Where Does The Term POG Come From?

POGS What Does POG Mean In Gaming

The word POG didn’t exactly originate from online games, or various streaming services. You might remember that POG used to be part of the online gaming culture back in the early 90s. POG were 90s collectible circular cardboard bottlecaps that you traded and played with friends.

The point was similar to stacking milk bottle caps. A player would stack an X amount of POG bottlecaps and slam it hard using a POG slammer or a separate POG. Whatever fell will be your winnings, and this game goes on up until the entire stack is run out, or when a player loses all of their collections.

POG later on became part of the online games property and culture, and a few other meanings were also invented.

Who Even Uses The Word POG?

Even though POG is used to express excitement, there are several uses for POG. Before it became a thing in Twitch, Overwatch players were the first to use the term POG to refer to a video highlight for sick plays.

In Overwatch, the acronym POG meant Play of the Game, which would highlight one of the many sick plays for a particular match. In Twitch chat, you’ll often see the POG champ emote being used more often than the actual term itself. Getting POG became one of many only gamer priorities for some players and was considered a toxic trait for OW players.

How Is POG Used?

There are several instances to use the word POG in an online game or Discord chat without using the POG champ emote.

How To Use The Verb POG?

  1. “I need to POG this raid parse tonight or I won’t make it past Raid Trial”
  2. “Some guy tried to play of the game the last ranked match in OW, but I didn’t let him. I POG’ed it myself”

How To Use The Word POG As An Adjective?

  • Player 1: He got the loot last night from raid.
  • Player 2: That’s a POG moment right there

What Does POGChamp Mean in Gaming?

PogChamp, synonymously used in conjunction with POG or Poggers, came from the creation of the PogChamp emote, which was typed into Twitch chat. However, the emote was removed from Twitch chat library back in 2021. Even though the original Pog Champ emote was removed, there are several variations made by either a stream watcher or mods of a famous streamer.

Where Did The Pog Champ Emote Come From?

PogChamp Outtake Video What Does POG Mean in Gaming

PogChamp, or Pog champ, came from an outtake of a video back in 2010 made by Cross Counter TV and Street Fighter professional Players Mike Ross and Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez. The video included a series of failed attempts, which led to a wide collection of outrageous and funny expressions from Gootecks. POG spawned other emojis later

What does PogU Mean in gaming?

PogU What Does POG Mean in Gaming

PogU wasn’t a Twitch emote but rather a BetterTTV emote to express hype. This came from the same outtake video as the Pog Champ emote. This particular emoji should Gootecks showing a very excited look, but was removed from BetterTTV on Jan 2021, the same time it was removed from Twitch.

What Does OkayChamp Mean?

OkayChamp What Does POG Mean in Gaming

OkayChamp did not come from the same Gootecks outtake video, but uses a different person instead. This is also one of the most popular emotes being used in Twitch. This original emote came from the host of Linus Tech Tips, who’s displaying a smile that denotes uncertainty or being unsure. It’s mostly used to signify that you disagree with whatever the other person was saying, but just resign yourself from arguing. If you see this on your favorite streamer, it’s mostly used for when the streamer says something and the community doesn’t want to believe him or her.

Twitch Decided To Remove PogChamp Emote

PogChamp, OkayChamp, Pog U, and all the other original emotes based on Ryan Gutierrez were removed from Twitch and other streaming platforms for his Covid-19 controversy. He was widely known for being vocal about the Covid-19 pandemic, and even went as far as sharing fake news, conspiracy theories, and other nonsense that related to Covid-19.

But the final nail to his streaming career came when he encouraged violence after the storming of Capitol Hill. Then the Twitch platform removed every POG emoji and other video streaming services followed suit.


There you have it. The answer to the question “what does POG mean in gaming”, and it’s just as expressive as the emojis that were born out of the term itself. While the original emotes have been removed from streaming platforms, streamers have taken it upon themselves to make their own versions of the emojis, even going as far as combining it with the Pepe emoji.

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