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What Does OG Mean In Gaming?

The term OG wasn’t exactly limited to just gaming, but rather, it was a common term used by people spanning different hobbies in mainstream culture and in real life, from athletes to musicians.

But what does the term really mean? Where did it come from? How did it become part of various pop cultures?

What Does OG Mean in Gaming?

Meaning of OG What Does OG Mean in Gaming

The OG definition of OG is ORIGINAL GANGSTER, which refers to a player or person who has been around a particular game for a long period of time. The term OG might also refer to someone who’s the recognized expert for a game, or for inventing something that’s become a part of that game pop culture.

OG, or original gangster, does not necessarily refer to someone as a gangster from a Los Angeles Gang or part of a mafia. Within video game context, one might be considered so OG if he or she has been around since that game’s exception and who’s not part of that gaming company. Outside of how long a player has been in an online game, a player might be considered so OG for inventing or innovating an existing game mechanic that a lot of players are now taking advantage of.

Calling a player, or a person, an OG is a sign of admiration and respect. In the sports world, one might consider Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan as an original gangster for their particular sports. Within a relationship or friendship, you have OG mean as someone who’s been in your life for a long time.

When Did OG or Original Gangster Start?

Original Gangster What Does OG Mean in Gaming

OG dates back as far as 1970s when the phrase was invented by a Los Angeles Gang’s band who had members identify as the OGs, or as the original gangsters. The term would later one become a reference to people who were already into gang culture for a long period of time. Young gang members would also refer to their older members as original gangsters.

The term OG entered mainstream pop culture through the world of hip hop, which was incorporated into a lot of their ideas, lyrics, and words. But mostly, you’ll find that the inclusion of OG dates back to the 80s when Ice-T wrote a successful record called “O.G. Original Gangster”, which was a record breaking song and the album peaked the Billboard.

As we continue discussing pop cultures and its inclusion of OG, the first popular definition of OG dates back to 2004 when the OG definition was included into the Urban Dictionary. It then gained a lot of popularity during the late 2010s when social media platforms erupted. Within the social media context, OG’s popular definition would later on become a reference to the “Good old days”.

Did Ice-T Invent The Term?

Ice-T What Does OG Mean in Gaming

While he made a song about being OG, Ice-T wasn’t the true OG for creating the term (see what we did there?). But he was actually the first person who people might reference to for the creation of the term.

Here was the actual lyric of Ice-T’s song:

I ain’t no super hero
I ain’t no Marvel Comic
But when it comes to game I’m atomic
At droppin’ it straight
Point blank and untwisted
No imagination needed, ’cause I lived it
This ain’t no fuckin’ joke
This shit is real to me
I’m Ice-T

However, the “O.G. Original Gangster” was a successful record that Ice-T released, and remains Ice-T’s most popular song yet.

What About OG Kush?

OG stands for a lot of things and is used to reference different things. You might have also heard about OG being used to refer to a popular strain of Cannabis. No imagination needed here.

OG Kush was the name of this popular strain, which gained its status as the old school strain for breeding different plants. But despite its popularity, OG Kush’s exact origins remain a complete mystery and no one really knows where OG Kush came from or how it was made.

It’s also worth noting that the OG stand for “ocean grown”, not “original gangster”. Countless cannabis growers indicated that the OG Kush emerged somewhere along the coast of California., which is now defunct website that was the primary resource for cannabis growers back then, was also what people thought OG mean back then.

We’re going to stop our discussion about cannabis from here and won’t mention about OG Kush’s potency or any existing strain, or where you can find OG online even.

What Does OG Mean in Gaming and in Discussing Pop Cultures?

The context of OG has changed all throughout the years. The old school definition pertained to younger members calling the older members of a Los Angeles gang as OG or original gangster.

But within pop culture, OG refers to the first person who’s played a particular role or started a particular movement. For example, one might say that Christopher Reeve was the OG Superman, or that Adam West was the OG Batman.

Within the same culture, OG today can also refer to someone who’s authentic or admirable or innovative even within sports, music, video games, movies and TV shows, and a whole lot more.

How Do You Use the Term OG?

The term OG is simple enough to use, and depending on the context, you might even have your own version. You might even refer to your special someone was your “OG”.

Here are some good examples of how you can use them:

  • Freddie Mercury is the OG entertainer
  • Hugh Jackman will always be the OG Wolverine for me
  • Shroud will always be the OG 360 YY No Scope player

What Does OG Have To Do With Playing Fortnite?

Fortnite What Does OG Mean in Gaming

Straight point blank, the term OG also started to gain traction once more when it was used frequently in a video game called Fortnite. And yes, OG mean something else different here in playing Fortnite.

Fortnite is a popular battle royale video game where people go against each other while building insane structures and killing other players. Fortnite’s character customization is also very insane, as they’re partnered with the likes of Marvel Comic Books, DC, and other pop cultures.

What’s Considered OG in Fortnite?

OG refers to any exceptional or old school player in Fortnite. It also refers to players who have the OG skins, or those who’ve innovated in-game mechanics and have changed the way people play the game.

Is There Something Different About OG In Fortnite?

Fortnite Glider What Does OG Mean in Gaming

Fortnite players might have OG mean differently, because it refers to their purchasable gliders. The term OG in Fortnite refers to an original design for their gliders that was only given to players who played the game for the first time.

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