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What Does o7 Mean In Gaming?

You’re having a nice time chit-chatting with someone in Eve Online. It’s your first time playing the game and you’re having a blast. You and your newfound friend are having a great time and right as they log off for the night, they give you a “o7”.

You’re wondering why they gave you a letter and a number, and right as you ask them what it means, they’re gone. “o7” is now stuck in your mind until you see the person again. What exactly does “o7” represent and why are they heavily used in video game chats or streams?

We’ll find out more about this text-based emoji in this article.

What Does o7 Mean In Gaming?

Person Saluting What Does o7 Mean In Gaming

The emoticon “o7” represents a person giving you a salute. It means “I salute you”, which is one of the most creative ways people in other games show their gratitude or appreciation.

To dissect this emoticon, we have to look at two things. The “o” represents a person’s head, while the “7” represents a bent arm and a hand showing a military style salute. No other emoticons represent “I Salute You” the way that o7 does.

But I know what you’re thinking. The emoji is saluting with the wrong hand because it’s facing you. The right way to salute is to use the right hand, of course.

Don’t worry, you won’t get into trouble with the armed forces here for using the o7 virtually. The “o7” does not mock or disrespect the Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Air Force, or any other part of the armed forces. Nor does it imply that persons using the “o7” are part of the armed forces, unless they really are.

What Does o7 Mean In Twitch Chat?

Twitch chat is host to a multitude of slang terms, like poggers. The streaming chat culture found in Twitch is diverse, so much so that some jargon don’t exactly mean the same way to different streamers.

For one thing, “poggers” might denote something positive to one streamer, while it could carry a sarcastic tone to another streamer. But one thing’s for certain, what o7 mean for one streamer is the same for the other streamer.

In Twitch chat, there is another meaning tied to “o7”, and that is “to pay respects”. The “o7” emoji pays tribute to the meme found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s “Press F to Pay Respect” meme. Most people would type F in Twitch chat to pay respects to whatever was happening on the stream, while there are others that would just use the “o7” emoji.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there was someone who passed away or that they were referring to an unfortunate event in a streamer’s life.

Roleplaying In MMORPGs and Eve Online

Eve Online What Does o7 Mean In Gaming

In several games that are predominantly PVE (person versus environment), roleplaying is a common site. Particularly, the Eve Universe is one of the most impressive games with an RPG-focused player-base.

The premise of Eve Online and the entirety of Eve Universe is exploring the different star systems. You’re one of hundreds of thousands of pilots who have their own fighter ships, cruiser ships, carrier ships, and even frigates. The goal of the game is simple: explore the universe, discover and mine class stars, and fight other people or fleets.

The game’s roleplaying environment is immersive, but not to the point of committing stolen valor. One person could be a Brigadier General or another person might be Rear Admiral in Eve and only in the game. The extent of their roleplay is only within the video game. Eve players don’t pretend to be a member of an elite dangerous military group in real life outside of Eve Online.

Because the game doesn’t have in-person avatars, you’re not able to give a saluting motion to another player. Instead, the person receiving the salute receives a “o7” in game chat or in Discord chat. You can also type “salute mate” in game if you feel like being fancy.

What Does o7 Mean In Online Web Forums and Gaming Communities?

“o7” means the same thing in online web forums as it does in Twitch chat and in forums and other gaming communities. “o7” is used to represent a salute to other players or members of the forum, or to give respects to higher ranking members.

For example, if a moderator is actively participating in a group discussion or someone of authority, other members or other players might give off a “o7” as a way to acknowledge and appreciate the mod’s input or inline feedbacks about particular topics.

What Does o/ and \o Mean in Gaming Communities?

Person Waving What Does o7 Mean In Gaming

Both emojis, “o/” and “\o”, are different from “o7”. And no, they are not any form of salute or does not even remotely resemble a notorious group’s salute. The correct answer to what both emojis mean is nothing than saying “hi” without saying the word “hi”. It could also mean the opposite, which is to wave goodbye to someone who’s about to log out of the game or out of the chat.

The “o” represents a person’s head and the “/” or “\” represents an arm stretched outwards as if he or she is waving to someone else.

Wrap Up

The “o7” emoji is the universal sign for “salute mate” in gaming groups, forums, chat groups, and even in social media.

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