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What Does FF Mean In Gaming?

There you are, playing a competitive game like League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, or Rainbow Six Siege. You’re familiar with the competitive landscape but so much of the gaming slang terms are still unfamiliar to you.

Right as you just got your butt handed to you by the enemy team, one of your teammates typed “FF” in chat. The first thing that probably went to your head was “why does he want to fast forward?”. Maybe the one definition of FF you have in your mind has other meanings in game.

So, what does FF mean in gaming?

What Does FF Stand For And Why Does The Online Community Hate It?

League of Legends Surrender What Does FF Mean In Gaming

FF means “forfeit” in games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and other competitive online games. Another way that it could mean is “F***ing Forfeit”, which is a profane FF definition albeit uncommonly used.

For games like online roleplaying games, MOBAs, and even competitive TCG, FF is more or less used to indicate surrender or forfeiture. This Internet slang is typed into chat, or even verbally spoken in voice chat.

An example of how this particular FF definition is used is shown below:

  • Player 1: It’s over, their Renekton is super fed and our top lane is just the worst right now.
  • Player 2: Yeah. FF, so we can start a new game. I don’t want to waste my time.

What Does FF Mean In Gaming Communities Like CS:GO or Rainbow Six: Siege?

Valorant FF What Does FF Mean In Gaming

FF has other meanings for different games. For first person shooting such as CS:GO or Valorant, FF has two other meanings.

Focus Fire

On top of FF meaning Forfeit, FF can also mean Focus Fire. This is usually used within team communications or with a gaming clan. As the words imply, “Focus Fire” or FF is meant to designate a single target that players of the same team will be targeting.

Here’s how this particular FF definition is used:

  • Player 1: I think the enemy team captain is already fed enough. We need to do something.
  • Player 2: FF on him the next round. We need to end this game mod right then and there.

The person who’s being targeted by this FF will have the enemy team against him or her for the entire match.

Friendly Fire

Albeit an uncommon definition, FF means Friendly Fire in a first person shooting game. When a person shoots and damages the other player from the same team, that’s friendly fire. Friendly Fire can also refer to collateral damage within a particular game that’s not entirely just first person shooting.

Here’s how FF means from that context:

  • Player 1: Since you’re new here, don’t shoot other teammates. You can get banned for FF.
  • Player 2: Oh right. Thanks for the heads up.

What Does FF Mean In Forums or Social Media?

Following In Forums What Does FF Mean In Gaming

Whether in a gaming website, or a non-gaming community or forum, the abbreviation FF has one unique meaning: following.

For example, in an online car forum or a forum that’s meant for the remote control aircraft hobby, FF is used as a response by other people in a particular post so they are notified if there are responses made within that particular post.

Here’s how the abbreviation FF can be used in forums or social media:

  • Person 1: Does anyone have any information on how to join the voluntary fire brigade? I’ve heard different people tell me different things.
  • Person 2: FF.
  • Person 3: FF.

When that particular post has a reply from another person, other than the abbreviation FF, the people who posted FF will be notified about the activity.

Are There Any Other Popular Meanings for FF?

Final Fantasy What Does FF Mean In Gaming

Within the context of gaming, FF also refers to another popular video game: Final Fantasy. FF used to refer to Final Fantasy, a world renowned TV game (TV because it’s got its own movies and shows on Netflix), is slightly uncommon but still people use it more than they would actually use Friendly Fire or Focus Fire.

Here’s how this particular definition can be used:

  • John: Hey, did you see that latest FF XIV post from that Finnish gaming site? They were announcing a new class but no translations about what they are all about.
  • Peter: Man, I’d love to know what the new classes would be like for the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion.


There you have it. The answer to the question “what does ff mean in gaming?” and how you can use them for different purposes. Whether you want to forfeit the next match, or play Final Fantasy, FF is one of many popular Internet slang terms that you need to be using more often.