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What Does Cuck Mean In Gaming?

It doesn’t take long for anyone to be on the Internet before they’re called something: troll, simp, fanboy, fangirl, and snowflake. The same can be said for online gaming communities. You’ll always have your first encounter with a nasty person sooner or later.

But there was probably one term out of all the rest that you think was something you’d never hear. This word isn’t exactly kind nor does it have a positive connotation or meaning.

The term we’re about to explore today is “CUCK”, and we’re going to find out what this gaming term means.

What Does Cuck Mean In Gaming?

Before we start to dissect this term in gaming, let’s take a look at its negative meaning in the real world, how it’s used, and what it means to modern society. The word CUCK has different meanings, and all of them happen to be mean and negative.

Let’s start off with the least harsh meaning of them all. CUCK is short for the world CUCKOLD, and refers to a man who’s girlfriend, wife, or partner has been taken or stolen by another man. In most cases, the latter is often a lot wealthier or more attractive than the former. Think Richard Gere who was dealing with an unfaithful wife in the movie “Unfaithful”.

To coin a phrase, being called a cuck is similar to being called an inadequate man. The recipient of the title “cuck” is implied that he is a beta male with little to no confidence found in their body.

But what does cuck mean in gaming, actually? The meaning of cuck doesn’t deviate that much from what the word cuckold means in real life. In most contexts, cuck in gaming means that something precious or valuable was stolen from that person. It also implies that that person got embarrassed in a huge way, and is suffering from inadequacy compared to other men in the group or community.

Here are some common examples of how the word cuck is used in gaming:

  • “I heard you got cucked last night from the raid when Jeff stole your loot”
  • “Someone got cucked by that Diablo Immortal whale”

Sometimes, cuck can also refer to the F-Bomb or the F-word. Because video games censor the F-Word, most players come up with creative ways to use the F-Word without spelling it, as seen in the example below:

  • “Hey! Don’t steal my buff! Cuck you!”

History Of The Word

Cuckoo Bird What Does Cuck Mean In Gaming

The word CUCKOLD or CUCKED has been around dating back as far as the 13th century. Cucked, which was the slang term for cuckold, refers to the cuckoo bird. The cuckoo bird was notorious for stealing other birds’ nests to lay their eggs.

During this time, when something was stolen from you, you were referred to as someone who got cucked. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a woman or man stolen from you.

Fast forward to 2016, the word gained notoriety once more when it was used during the Presidential Election in the USA. This time, it was combined with another word and referred to conservatives. Cuckservatives referred to more inferior or beta alt right politicians who ended up flip-flopping on various issues, separating themselves from the likes of Donald Trump.

When political discussions were hot and people were not firm on their stance against certain issues, they were called cucks. If they were alt right conservative politicians, they were called cuckservatives.

The Word Cuck And Its Use in League of Legends

League of Legends What Does Cuck Mean In Gaming

League of Legends is no stranger to a lot of toxic terms, and in this game, cuck’s previous meaning does not differ that much. In League of Legends, the insult doesn’t necessarily involve husbands and wives, women, and even liberals. While politics are rarely points of insults in video games, it’s not uncommon to see someone being called a cuckservative or a liberal.

In League of Legends, cuck’s definition and usage is centered around something being stolen from the other team. For example, jungle players navigate through different camps to get their buffs. When the enemy jungler wanders into the opposing side, they’ll steal their buffs.

  • “You just got cucked by that enemy jungler.”

Overwatch And The Usage of Cuck!

Overwatch What Does Cuck Mean In Gaming

Overwatch, or any other first-person shooter, also has different ways for how cuck mean and is used. The definition of cuck in Overwatch or in any FPS games is not that different from the actual definition.

FPS games basically have game modes where capture points or points of objectives are needed to win the round or match. When these points are stolen from the other team, they are cucked. Sometimes, cuck also refers to the F-Bomb because Overwatch and Call of Duty games censor their vulgar words.

Here are some real life examples of how the word cuck is used:

  • “That Soldier 76 just cucked us when he wiped us out with his ult.”
  • “That cucking Roadhog just took out the entire team!”

What’s The Real Meaning of Cuck?

Richard Gere and Diane Lane from Unfaithful What Does Cuck Mean In Gaming

The real life meaning of cuck, or cuckold, is basically sexual in nature. Cuckold is also a category found in some porn sites where a husband finds pleasure in watching another person pleasure his wife. Within the context of porn, cuckold isn’t something that’s racist or insulting, nor does it even indicate that the husband is weak. If anything, cuckold’s meaning is closely that of a fetish.

But porn does take inspiration from real life activities. There are people out there who like being cuckold, with the implication of that of a man whose wife is about to be pleasured by another man. The idea of being cucked involves compromise and some role-playing involved between the husband, wife, and the other man.

On the other hand, when a man whose unfaithful wife was stolen from him unwillingly (like Richard Gere), he is also described as a cuck, or was cuckolded.

The Bottom Line

What does cuck mean in gaming and in real life? The word is used to describe the act of stealing, or being stolen from. When you are the person who got something stolen from them, you’re referred to as cucked.

Is it a bad term? Yes, in most of the contexts. Is it racist? Not entirely, unless you attach a racist derogatory term to it.

Will you get banned from using it for gaming? You might be because it is considered as an insult or something that’s toxic.

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