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Visual Composer vs Divi: The best WordPress page builders

Visual Composer (WPBakery Page Builder) and builder Divi are some of the best page builders available. Both of these WordPress website builders are packed with many benefits and features that let you create stunning websites in one click. Divi theme for WordPress is the most flexible builder on the platform. It is produced by Elegant Themes that has over 525,000 users, while the Visual Composer boasts over 100,000 users. Today we are going to discuss the cons, pros, features, and differences of Visual Composer vs. Divi and see which one dominates and helps you determine which page builder is the best for you.

Both are famous drag and drop WordPress page builders that offer substantial benefits and features that let you create beautiful websites with ease, making the entire web customizing and creation process a breeze. The Divi builder and WPBakery Page Builder provides seamless operation and excellent user experience.

Visual Composer vs. Divi

Divi WordPress themes by Elegant Themes and the WPBakery Page Builder features drag and drop functions, making it easy to use and create stunning professional websites quicker. In this article, you will be able to easily see the differences between the Divi builder and the Visual Composer website builder. Both page builders come in close regarding market positions, with Divi builder having 500,000 active users, and the WPBakery Page Builder has over 100,000 active installs.

Overall, each builder is top-quality on their accord, so you’re safe and won’t make a wrong decision when choosing the perfect builder to help you create professionally crafted websites with ease. However, some differences between each builder may surpass the other and offer you more benefits for your website creation process.

In this post, we’ve highlighted each WordPress website’s pros, cons, features, ease of use, pricing, support, and the overall differences of each builder to help you decide on which one is the best WordPress builder for your website. Read on to find out more.

Pros/Cons Visual Composer

The Visual Composer website builder is a WordPress builder that boasts more than 100,000 active users. It offers numerous features and benefits that allow even novices to create professional websites suited to their tastes. Below we have provided you with the pros and cons of this builder.

What We Liked

  • Various Layouts and Elements

Even if you’re not a professional website designer or developer, you can easily create beautiful websites with its vast array of pre-designed layouts and elements.

  • Compatible with other Extensions or Plugins

It offers many features that allow you to integrate this plugin with different themes on WordPress. You can combine it with popular extensions, such as translate, WooCommerce, and extendable API (Application Programming Interface).

  • Front-end and Back-end Editing

This builder comes with both front-end and back-end editors. The former allows you to design your site and see the changes you’re making in real-time.

  • Responsive Design

If the WordPress theme that you are using is responsive, the pages created with the WPBakery Page Builder will automatically become responsive too.

What We Did Not Like

  • Limited Functionalities

Using this builder is not possible if you want to create responsive pages or tables on your website with Google calendar or CRM.

  • No Free Version

The developers of this builder didn’t provide a free version for users to try their tool before purchasing it. You can only buy a regular and extendable license.

Pros/Cons of Divi

The Divi page builder offers many features, such as the drag-and-drop page function, pre-made layouts, designs, large theme options panel, and more. Below we have provided you with the pros and cons of this visual builder.

What We Liked

  • Consistent Designs

Divi enables you to make logical and professional templates with ease if you use website content management systems or have other contributors working on one site. For novices in WordPress, you can easily make a website or page because it provides you with ready-made template boxes.

  • Front-end Editing

The Divi builder provides front-end editing, helping you preview your changes instantly and make adjustments.

  • Easy to Use

Even for those without coding skills can create stunning websites because of Divi’s point and click solution. It helps you get more advanced design functions and features with a functionality menu that’s simple and straightforward.

  • Great Support

Divi provides you with several articles, tutorials, forums to help you with specific issues.

  • Responsive Web Designs

Divi features a handy automated feature, and its responsive web design helps optimize your website by automatically adjusting the layouts, designs, content for a wide variety of screen sizes. It also gives you the option to change the font of your content.

What We Did Not Like

  • Incompatible with some WordPress Plugins

Divi offers page and post templates using their modules, content embedded in these modules will make it harder for different WordPress extensions to analyze.

  • It’s Overwhelming

Although Divi offers great options to help you maximize the beauty and functionality of your website that is suited to your tastes, however, with so many options and tools to choose from, it may get confusing, especially to novices.

Overview of Visual Composer Features

visual composer widgets

The WPBakery Page Builder, known as Visual Composer, is a premium page builder with over 100 features that help you create beautiful and functional websites for your business or personal endeavors. Below is an overview of the many features that it has to offer.

Instant and Regular Content Update

You can immediately see the changes you adjust on your elements and pages. You can explore the different options, colors, and other parameters and see the results immediately.

Edit on your Mobile Phones

You can edit your content or make adjustments to your site straight from your smartphones with tailored mobile UI/UX (User interface design) devices.

Coding Skills are Not Necessary

This WordPress page builder allows even novices to create professional-grade websites.

Template Management

Its unique template mechanism allows you to create different WordPress templates, and the template management feature enables you to save any template with one click of a button.

Personalized Element Names

You can name the elements that you want to add to your website, which can help you organize the structure or layout of your site easier. It can also help you emphasize your work progress with other contributors on the site if you’re working with others.

More than 100 Pre-designed Templates

The WPBakery Page Builder developers made it easier to create your ideal website by offering over 100 professionally crafted templates that you can use for different types of industries, letting you create high-quality websites.


If you’ve been in the business for a while, learn how to code or catch up with the trends and learn skills in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Learning these necessary coding skills can help you find better work opportunities. Custom CSS can be easily added to the tool editor’s settings.

Overview of Divi’s Features

The Divi builder takes website creation to unprecedented levels with its unique visual page builder technology among the vast page builders. It’s a revolutionary website creating a platform that quickly transforms traditional WordPress post-editors with its special visual editor. Both novices and professionals can use both page builders, giving you access to creating stunning websites with ease. Below is an overview of the many features that it has to offer.

Drag and Drop Interface

You can easily navigate your website and add content elements across your site with no problem. The Divi builder offers the most affordable builder deal that doesn’t require any coding and different back end options with the drag and drop function of it.

Universal Elements

You can oversee your website’s design and layout with Divi builder’s elements and full design settings, making it a whole intricate website design system rather than a simple page builder.

Inline Editing

You can easily make revisions with Divi because it’s developed to work like a modern software application that easily lets you check, undo, redo, and revise your editing history on your website. Inline editing also helps you find your mistakes and edit them faster, letting you swiftly correct them.

Divi Split Testing

Divi makes a different version of the element you want to test with its split testing feature.

Many Design Options

You can explore numerous page elements and more than thousands of pre-made design options that give you full control over the layout and structuring of your page or site.

Custom Layouts

Divi lets you create several designs and arrange them tailored to your tastes and needs. You can place your customized layouts on different pages of your websites, such as the homepage, all posts, individual pages, archive pages, 404 error pages, categories, product pages, tags, and more.

Ease of Use: How Quick Can You Create a Website With Visual Composer and Divi?

If you plan on creating a beautiful WordPress website, you’re going to use the page builder of your choice a lot, that’s why you should choose a builder with a user interface that’s easier to use and more navigable.

Both page builders have the advantage of being able to provide easy customization, multi-purpose templates, and more. Below is a more extensive explanation regarding the ease of use of both these WordPress page builders.

Visual Composer User Interface

Visual Composer lets you choose between different views they offer, back-end editing, and front-end editing. Back-end editing enables you to construct your page using abstract blocks, while front-end editing allows you to create your page with a live visual preview. Having the option of doing back-end editing can come in handy if you aim to create a more abstract design for your site.

Divi User Interface

Divi is simple and easy to use, providing you with multi-purpose templates, demos, elements, and more with one click of a button. Templates offered by the theme lets you create a website based on page templates or layouts faster and easier.


Divi provides you with a more intuitive and straightforward user experience compared to Visual Composer, although both offer drag and drop functions.

How is the Support of Visual Composer and Divi?

No matter how polished the tool is, facing issues and technical problems are inevitable. That’s why both page builders should have extensive and accessible options support.

Divi Support

The company offers several options of knowledge base to help you navigate your way through their theme. Divi offers extensive video tutorials, a support center, articles, and a reliable customer support service. Its plans come with the one-time payment that you make for the theme itself, so you don’t have to renew these support benefits.

Visual Composer Support

Support provided by it is minimal. Their main form of help they offer is through their slack page. The only way to get support from their customer service is through their ticketing method.

The Verdict

Divi offers many support channels for most of your issues. However, for the other theme, there are minimal options regarding their knowledge base and customer support. Regarding the Divis vs. WPBakery Page Builder in support. Divi wins when it comes to the support they offer to their consumers.

Pricing of Visual Composer and Divi

Out of the two, only one offers a free version at WordPress’s site, but both offer premium versions of their tools to take on extra functionalities. Below is a brief comparison of Divi’s and Visual Composer’s pricing and plans.

WPBakery Builder Pricing

Visual Composer offers do not offer free versions of their tool. They only allow one site per purchase. Below is the price of its one payment plan that they offer.

One site – $45

Divi Pricing

  • Unlimited websites – $249 (one upfront payment)

Unlimited websites – $89 annually


Regarding WPBakery page builder vs. Divi price ranges, Divi is more expensive but offers more features than the WPBakery theme. When it comes to the price point, it all depends on how much you are willing to shell out to polish your website.

Which One Should You Choose? Visual Composer vs. Divi?

When choosing the best WordPress Page Builder to help you create stunning, top-quality, and professional websites, you must consider your particular needs. However, our comparison guide regarding the advantages, disadvantages, features, pricing, support, user experience, and final review of the two renowned WP builders Visual Composer vs. Divi, our winner is Divi. That’s because it offers more benefits, and its premium version offers more features than the other. It also provides users with a smoother website creation process that can be done with anyone, providing us with crisp quality and beautiful websites for all to enjoy.