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The Best Keyboard With Silent Switches (Dec 2023)

Mechanical keyboards have a certain appeal to them, and no, we’re not talking about their RGB lighting. What actually draws people into getting mechanical keyboards is listening to the nostalgic sound of the keys that take us back to the time when typewriters were a thing.

But not everyone appreciates the clickety-clacking of the mechanical switches, and more often than not, even the owners themselves get tired of listening to the sound of the loud switches.

What most people don’t realize is that there are actually mechanical switches that are incredibly silent. And by silent, we mean they don’t make as much noise as other switches. And that’s what we’ll be looking into today.

If you’re in the market for a new mechanical keyboard and if you’re looking for the quietest switches, then this article will help you.

What Are The Best Silent Mechanical Switches?

Mechanical keyboard switches vary from one keyboard to another. You’ll one keyboard quieter than the other because they have different colored switches.

If it’s your first time purchasing a mechanical keyboard, then you should know that mechanical keyboards and their noise levels are dictated by their color switches. Blue switches are often the loudest of them all, and reds are often the best silent switch. You don’t even need to open the box or ask for a demo to know how noisy a particular keyboard is. Jsut look at what colored switches they have.

Whether you’re buying a mechanical keyboard for the first time or thinking about getting switches to upgrade your hot-swappable keyboards, we’ve curated this simple list of the best silent switches.

Gateron Silent Reds or Gateron Silent Blacks

Gateron Silent Red Silent Switches

If you ask around for what are the best silent switches right now, Gateron silent switches will probably be recommended by a few people. And if you’re going for Gateron switches, look out for the Gateron Silent Red and Silent Black.

Both the Silent Red and Black are linear switches, so they’re really quiet. Keyboards with Gateron switches are also more affordable compared to their Cherry MX counterparts. And they’re a lot smoother to the touch too.

Cherry MX Silent Red or Cherry MX Silent Black

Cherry MX Silent Red Silent Switches

If you want premium silent switches, or keyboards with premium switches, then go for the Cherry MX Silent Reds and Blacks. The Cherry MX Silent Reds are quieter than any of the Cherry MX silent switches and have a completely different feel.

The switches come with a rubber dampening mechanism on the stem, which keeps the switch from making a lot of noise on impact. The only downside is that Cherry MX silent switches feel kind of heavy to the touch as they give off a muddy feeling for each keystroke. But this is what you get when you have complete noise reduction. If you’re playing World of Warcraft and you don’t want to wake people up at night, this is the switch for you.

Matias Quiet Linear

Matias Quiet Linear Silent Switches

The Matias Quiet Linear Switch is perfect for office workers who want to bring their own keyboards to work but don’t want to make a complete ruckus when typing.

The Matias Quiet Linear Switch’s spring is designed in a way where the resistance is higher at the start of the keypress and decreases as the spring is compressed. As a result, you’ll have a much noisier key press compared to the other switches on the list but not as distracting to other people around you.

ZealPC Healios

ZealPC Healios Silent Switches

The ZealPC Healios is another silent switch from ZealPC, and is possibly the quietest linear switch in the market right now. The Healios comes with a silencing bumper that dampens both upstroke and bottom-out sounds. What this means is that the key is silent when pressed and released.

ZealPC Zilents V2

ZealPC Healios Silent Switches

Another linear switch from ZealPC is the Zilents V2. The ZealPC Zilent V2 is a tactile switch and provides tactile feedback to the owner. What this means is that tactile switches give off a bump at the start of the key press with no pre-travel.

A keystroke does not happen unless you clear through this bump, so accidentally pressing or half-pressing a key is minimal at best.

What Are The The Best Keyboards With Silent Switches?

We’ve gone over the best silent switches to have if you’re planning on upgrading your keyboard switches. If you want to shop around for a new keyboard, then we have a short list of the best silent switch keyboards.

These are not arranged in any particular order.

Ducky One 2 Mini

The Best Keyboard With Silent Switches For Gaming

Ducky One 2 Mini SIlent Switches

The Ducky One 2 Mini is at the top of this list because it’s the best quiet keyboard that we’ve seen yet. And frankly speaking, this is coming from a personal experience.

I’ve had the Ducky One 2 Mini for a good couple of years and it had a silent linear switch that didn’t sound as annoying and as flat when pressed. I’ve transitioned to a full 100% keyboard since, but I’ve kept the Ducky One 2 Mini for use with my gaming laptop.

At 60%, it’s compact and small enough that it fits into a backpack without taking up a lot of space. The typing feel is excellent, to say the least. I’ve played World of Warcraft and League of Legends with the Ducky One 2 Mini KB and even when I’m spazzing out on the keys, my fingers don’t hurt as much compared to a keyboard with a tactile switch.

Keychron K6

A Solid Keyboard With All the Right features

Keychron K6 SIlent Switches

The Keychron brand is a favorite among keyboard modders and enthusiasts for a few good reasons. First, the build quality is insanely amazing. Its mechanical keyboard switches are often Gateron silent switches, but some models carry the proprietary Keychron switches and Cherry MX switches. Lastly, the keyboard is fully customizable, so you can upgrade the switches and keycaps as you see fit.

On this list, we have the Keychron K6, quite possibly the best quiet mechanical keyboard out there. And the good things I have to say about the Keychron K6 are also based on experience as it is what my wife has been using with her Macbook for a year now.

The Keychron K6 is a budget friendly keyboard, unlike some of the models that are on the pricier side. You’ll have different variants with Gateron Red, Gateron Blue, and Gateron Brown switches to choose from. If you want a completely silent keyboard, the Gateron Red switches will suffice. But the Gateron Brown variant isn’t a bad choice either.

Durgod Taurus K320

The Best Keyboard For Office Use

Durgod K320 SIlent Switches

The Durgod Taurus K320 has one of the smoothest stabilizers out there, and the build quality of their keyboards is insanely high. You’re getting a premium feel with the Durgod Taurus K320 and its black/grey minimalistic theme makes it so appealing for both modders and office workers.

Like the Ducky One 2 Mini, the Durgod Taurus K320 is equipped with Cherry MX Silent Reds (or Blacks), so there’s hardly any noise when the key is pressed. But if you want the Durgod Taurus K320 to be a bit noisier, well, there are other variants out there with different colored switches.

What’s Our Pick?

If you want a premium keyboard without worrying about replacing it in the immediate future, then the Ducky One 2 Mini is what we recommend. It’s a quiet option and a perfect partner for use with a gaming laptop. It doesn’t make as much noise, so when you’re in a coffee shop, it doesn’t bother the rest of the customers.