How to Clean A Gaming Chair

Step-By-Step Guide

All of us would agree that a comfortable gaming chair is vital for a gaming enthusiast to be comfortable and perform their best.

Gaming chairs come packed with features and are made to be durable, adding to the overall end cost.

And, for it to last, you need to maintain it regularly. 

clean gaming chair

There can be so many reasons gaming chairs become dirty. They accumulate dust, and there are times when you’re careless and spill tea or coffee on your chair. In such cases, if the chair isn’t cleaned immediately and properly, it will leave a nasty stain with stickiness. 

Usually, when you buy a gaming chair, you get a manual and care tag mentioning how to clean a gaming chair. You should follow those instructions while cleaning the chair. We hear you for all who have misplaced the manual or would like to know extensively more about cleaning gaming chairs. 

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about cleaning gaming chairs in this article. Read on to learn more.

How to Clean A Gaming Chair?

  • Identify the material of your chair
  • Get the things needed for cleaning
  • Remove surface dirt and strains
  • Deep clean upholstery with cleaning agent or water 
  • Wipeout hard stains
  • Wipeout rest of the chair
  • Finish the detailing

Step 1: Identify the Material of Your Chair

Identifying the built material of your gaming chair helps you proceed with a proper and planned approach while cleaning it. You can easily clean PVC leather and PU leather chairs, but you need to put in some more effort to clean mesh chairs. You should not rub a mesh chair with force, as it will damage your gaming chair.

Typically, gaming chairs are made from 4 materials:

  • PU leather
  • Fabric
  • Mesh
  • PVC leather

Other accessories like armrests, wheels and other plastic parts are easy to clean. You may also find hard materials like stainless steel being used in many chairs. You have to clean these parts with water or a damp cloth. 

Step 2: Essentials for Cleaning

Although, you won’t need too many items to clean your gaming chair. There are a few basics, like a cloth (preferably microfibre) and some water. You can add in some cleaners or stain remover if you have tough stains.  

It is always recommended to use warm water instead of a normal or very hot one. You can also use a spray bottle to use water or other solvents for cleaning your chair. 

Clean the dirty parts by sprinkling a few drops of water and wiping them with a cloth.

You can also use a mild detergent or dish soap for cleaning hard and tougher stains without hampering the quality of your gaming chair. Never use solvents or stain removers directly onto the chair surface; instead, dissolve it in warm water and use it for cleaning your chair. 

Essentials for Cleaning a Gaming Chair

If the stains do not go away even after using the solvent or mild detergent, you can consider using rubbing alcohol to clean those stubborn stains. 

You would also require sponges and brushes to have better results and deep clean your chair. Brushes make it easier to clean the debris and dust from the deeper or inaccessible parts of the chair. 

A microfiber dry cloth or paper towel is essential to remove water stains and other marks. After cleaning the chair, quickly wipe the water drops.

Step 3: Remove Surface Dirt and Stains

This is the easiest step as you would not require any cleaning agent or water. Simply wipe out the dust particles and debris by using a microfiber cloth or duster. If your chair is made of PU leather or PVC, then you can simply follow this step. 

If there are only dust particles, then you can remove them by using a cloth or duster. You can also wipe the chair by using a damp cloth.

Microfibre cloth for cleaning a gaming chair

The chairs made from fabric and mesh require more effort to clean. This is because of their absolvent tendency. The dust particles get trapped deep inside the microfibres. 

That is when you may need a vacuum cleaner. You can use brush attachments on your vacuum cleaner to clean fabric material. You must pay attention while using the brush. 

It’s always advisable to vacuum your chair at least once in two weeks. This allows you to clean away any dust particles or debris accumulated in the hard-to-reach areas of the chair. 

Step 4: Deep Clean Upholstery with Cleaning Agent or Water

Once you are done cleaning the surface dust and dirt, you can proceed with deep cleaning the upholstery. This is the step you get rid of the tea/coffee stains.

Remember, you need to clean any spill almost immediately. Otherwise, the stains are likely to stay forever unless you use any industrial cleaner.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the cleaning directions of the chair. You will notice marks mentioning “S,” “W,” or “S/W.” Many people get puzzled as they don’t know what these marks mean. 

“W” means that you can clean it by using water, and “S” means that you would need a cleaning solvent or water-based cleaner for the same purpose. 

Cleaning Solvents or Cleaners for gaming chairs

But how you should use the solvent and water depends on the material of your chair. If you have a leather chair, you should gently rub the solvent onto the chair carefully with a sponge, cloth, or other soft material. 

Applying undue force may cause harm to the material of the chair. In the case of fabric, you can use a little force for better results.

You should not rub a mesh at all. Instead, it should be blotted while cleaning. 

Step 5: Wipeout Hard Stains

It can be challenging to clean tough stains on your chair. If you are not in the habit of cleaning your gaming chair regularly, then you would notice that the stains of sweat or beverages are stubborn and will not be cleaned easily.

You cannot clean them using water or mild solvent. These can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol but don’t just put the whole liquid directly onto the chair.

Instead, use a cotton ball and put a small amount of rubbing alcohol on it. Gently blot or rub it onto the tough stains. Leave it for few minutes, and you’ll see the result. 

Remember, you should never use too much of rubbing alcohol onto any surface. It can severely affect the quality and durability of the fabric and chair itself.

Step 6: Wipeout Rest of The Chair

Now, you’re finally done with the major part of cleaning. It’s time to clean the remaining parts of the chair like the armrests, headrests, etc. As they are generally made from plastic or materials like stainless steel, it is easy to clean them. 

Just clean the dirt and stains with the help of a sponge and warm water. You can also use a microfiber cloth or duster for the same. Or even- applying soap or mild detergent can work well.

Once you’re done cleaning these parts with the liquid, always make sure to rub off the excess water off them. This is because otherwise, you’re likely to get watermarks or spots on these areas. You can always use a paper towel for wiping the excess water.


Step 7: Finish the Detailing

For most of it, the cleaning is done in the last step. But if you like perfection, this additional step is for you. 

This step is primarily about cleaning the insignificant or more minor parts of the chair that goes unnoticed most of the time. This can sometimes also be the most annoying step of the process, cleaning the caster wheels.

Caster wheels are often the part that collects the most dirt and debris. They typically gather debris and hair and can be tricky to clean.

The very first thing you need to do in this step is to turn the chair upside down. Get a crevice tool or a vacuum cleaner and clean out all the dirt from the wheels. It might take you some time to do this step.

Once done, take a clean cloth and damp it with some rubbing alcohol. You can use a cotton swab to clean the narrow and hard-to-reach parts of the wheels. Rub it on the inside well, and you’re done.

The cleaning is pretty much complete here—time to retighten any loose screws and give it a final check. If you find your chair squeaking when moved, apply a lubricant to ease the movement.

Maintenance and Care Tips

  • Do not keep your chair under direct sunlight. It fades the color of your chair, and if exposed for an extended period, the PU leather can get cracked. Direct sunlight also lowers the quality of the material and hence decreases the life of your gaming chair.
  • Use a towel on the seat if you use the chair regularly. This will help avoid getting sweat stains and also spills. 
  • For maintaining the overall shine and look of the chair, the only way to go about is to use it properly. Keep your pets away to avoid scratches on your chair. 
  • If you happen to spill any beverage onto the chair seat, clean it immediately to minimize stains. 
  • Remember to wipe the water droplets after cleaning to avoid watermarks. You can do so by using a paper towel or a dry microfiber cloth. Proper maintenance and cleaning increase the durability and life of your chair.