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25+ Incredible Genshin Impact Statistics (Feb 2023)

Genshin Impact was a game that went from 0 to popular real quick when it was released sometime in 2020. Dubbed as the “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” ripoff, this open world ARPG or action roleplaying game has dominated the mobile game industry months after its release and made its way to PC not long after.

Genshin Impact Poster Genshin Impact Statistics

But how has the game been since its release? How big of an IMPACT did Genshin Impact have in the gaming industry? How many people play Genshin Impact?

We’ll know more about the statistics in this article.

Key Genshin Impact Statistics

  • One week after its release, Genshin Impact revenue was already $50 million on all platforms [1].
  • Player spending for 2021 was $1.286 billion [3].
  • Player spending as of Aug 2022 already hit the $1 billion mark [3].
  • Genshin Impact is one of the top-grossing games for the Apple App Store as of June 2022 with $13.95 million in revenue generated from that platform alone [6].
  • Japan ranks #1 in highest average revenue per download at $100 per, with Singapore following in second place with $72.69 [7]. The numbers indicate that this is what the new player would spend on average after downloading the game.
  • The player base worldwide is 55% male and 45% female, showing a near equal split for player demographics. But Japan’s player base is dominated by male players at 77% and female players only accounting for 23% [10], [11].
  • Genshin Impact average monthly active player count for both Android and iOS platforms is 2.29 million per month [12].
  • iOS’s monthly average was 2.76 million and Android’s monthly average was only 1.81 million [12].
  • Active player count for August 2022 was 63 million and 8.4 million peak concurrent players [13].

Genshin Impact Facts And Overview

Genshin Impact Characters Genshin Impact Statistics

Genshin Impact is an ARPG or action roleplaying game developed by miHoYo, a Tencent-owned company. The game was released back in September 2020 and can be played solo or with friends. Genshin Impact itself is free-to-play, but there are in-game purchases and microtransactions within the system.

The game is not without content though. Genshin Impact takes place in the world of Teyvat where two twins just arrived. These twins have the power to travel across different worlds but when they arrived in Teyvat, the world was in the middle of a huge conflict. Unable to escape, one of the twins was sealed away by an unknown God and the other was kidnapped.

Genshin Impact puts players 500 years after the events when the sealed twin, which is you, is released. The twin encounters a character named Paimon who’ll accompany them to find their lost sibling. Meanwhile, you will be put into the middle of the affairs of Teyvat and you’ll be playing through the story and its content. You’ll be able to control between four different characters, most of whom you’ll acquire through the story or through in-app purchases. You’ll be using these characters and their abilities to create powerful combos to cleave through enemies.

With vibrant colors, anime-like design, and a massive world to explore, it’s not surprising to see why many people play Genshin Impact and why it’s one of the most popular games right now. The game is currently available on PC, Google Play, Apple App Store, PS4, and PS5. There’s no date as to when the game will be released for Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact Revenue Statistics

Here are the numbers showing just how much Genshin Impact made on its first year [1]:

  • Genshin Impact revenue for its first week was $50 million from all platforms, with United States, China, and Japan being the biggest markets.
  • Two weeks after, the game generated $100 million in revenue, making it one of the fastest mobile games to reach the $100 million mark in player spending [2].
  • China generated 30.5% of the $120 million revenue for their first year, with Japan following at $98 million, and USA with $74 million [2].
  • Five months after the release, Genshin Impact generated $874 million in revenue, with China as the biggest spender and accounting for $253 million of that amount [2].
  • The game hit the $1 billion mark in revenue after six months, with China and Japan as the biggest markets and USA following with 18.5% market share [2].
  • Genshin Impact player spending for the entire year of 2021 was $1.286 billion [3].
  • As of Aug 2022, player spending for 2022 already hit the $1 billion mark [3].
  • Genshin Impact is currently the highest-grossing mobile gacha game around the world based on income reports gathered for the period of Q1 2022. Genshin Impact earned $567 million for that time period [4].
  • miHoYo’s annual revenue for 2021 was $1.4 billion. Year to date, the company generated $1.05 billion already with four months left to the year [5].
  • Genshin Impact is one of the top-grossing games for iPhone in June 2022. For that time period, the game generated $13.95 million in revenue. Pokemon Go remains as the highest grossing mobile game for iPhone with $23.97 million in revenue generated [6].
  • Japan has the highest average revenue per download at $100, with Singapore in second place at $72.69 [7].

The Gacha System is what really drives Genshin Impact’s revenue up. In Genshin Impact, you stumble across unique characters that will help you along your journey. Some of them you can unlock as you progress through the story, and others are unlocked through the microtransactions.

Players will need to purchase Genesis Crystals through the store, which they will use to purchases Wishes. Wishes are the equivalent of loot boxes in other games. Each Wish unlocks a random item or unique character.

If you’re lucky enough, you unlock the most sought after characters in the game. The more money you spend for Crystals, the more Wishes you can purchase or make, so to speak. Now the game can be played without spending money on Crystals. Crystals are earned through quests, but you’ll need to grind for it.

The Gacha System is also controversial because countries like China have considered it as gambling [8]. To circumvent this, a lot of games have redesigned the way their loot boxes work in order to comply with these gambling rules [9].

There’s no maximum number for purchasing Crystals and making Wishes, so you can just imagine how many players are actively spending money on the game just to go after a character.

Statistics on Genshin Impact Users

It’s always interesting to see the demographics of people playing online games, and Genshin Impact being one of those popular games right now, we were curious to find out just how diverse their player base is compared to other games.

  • Japan’s player base is 77% male, and 23.1% female. Globally, Genshin Impact’s player base is almost a close split. 55% of their players are male and 45% are female [10], [11].
  • 27% of their players spend about 3 to 10 minutes per session, while 23% of their players spend anywhere between 1 hour and 10 hours playing the game [10].

The gender split across Genshin Impact through four platforms is almost close to equal, indicating that the game has enough appeal for female gamers to try out.

How Many People Play Genshin Impact?

  • Genshin Impact player count for the entire year of 2021 was 2.29 million for both Android and iOS platforms [12].
    • iOS had a higher monthly average for 2021 with 2.76 million active players while Android had a monthly average of 1.81 million active players [12].
  • Active player count for August 2022 was 63 million with an all time peak of 8.4 million concurrent players [13].

Note that the player count does not discern between veteran players and new players, which would’ve been an interesting data to see.

How Many Downloads Does Genshin Impact Have?

  • For 2021, Genshin Impact generated 53.31 million downloads across all platforms [14].
  • Year to date, it’s estimated that Genshin Impact has had 32.88 downloads with four months left till the end of 2022 [14].
  • For the iOS platform, the game has been downloaded more than 601,000 times in the United States and 275,000 in Russia during the second quarter of 2022. To date, there have been 2.3 million downloads for just the iOS devices worldwide [15].
  • For the same period of observance in the previous paragraph, Android users in Russia have the highest downloads with more than 674,000 with the United States with 478,000 downloads. For the Android platform, the game has been downloaded 5.6 million times worldwide for this time period [16].

Is Genshin Impact Still Popular?

With the stats above, it’s safe to assume that Genshin Impact’s popularity is anything but low. It’s one of the most popular games in the mobile gaming industry and is also one of the most streamed videos on Twitch.

  • Genshin Impact is currently ranked #14 on the iPhone and 5th on iPad for the Top Free RPG Games category in the USA [17].
  • In Japan, Genshin Impact is #2 for iPhone and #1 on iPad for the same category [18].
  • In Brazil, Genshin Impact is #4 on iPhone and #3 on iPad for the same category [19].

As the stats showed, iOS is the go-to platform for a lot of people playing Genshin Impact on their mobile phones.

On the other side of the mobile gaming industry, we have the following stats for Google Play Store.

  • Genshin Impact is the 4th most downloaded game and 3rd highest-grossing game for the Top Free Adventure Games Category in the USA [20].
  • Genshin Impact is ranked 3rd for most downloaded game and top-grossing game for the same category [21].
  • Genshin Impact is ranked 6th for most downloaded game and 3rd for top-grossing game for the same category [22].
  • Genshin Impact won the iPhone Game of the Year and Google Play Store’s Best Game for the year 2020 [23], [24].

The number of players on the Apple iOS is presumably higher than the number of players on the Android platform, but the margin is minimal.

The Wrap Up

With the data for Genshin Impact revenue, active player count, and even just seeing how many people downloaded the game since its inception, we can conclude that Genshin Impact is here to stay for a few number of years and at the rate they’re cranking out content, who knows how many people will be spending more money on the game.

The appeal is there and the story is great. The environment and the graphics are colorful. And of course, the Gacha system is addictive to a lot of players playing this game.


























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