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Elementor Free Vs Pro: Best Tips To Create Dynamic Websites

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Who says you can’t create dynamic pixel-perfect websites with perfect clean codes? Probably someone who hasn’t heard about the best page builder with over 5 million transformed lives in an instant. Whether you are contemplating between Elementor Free Vs Pro, there is not much to hold you back.

This in-depth review between Elementor Free vs Pro will help you discover the key secret on how to create dynamic and professional websites even if you don’t know anything about page building. Grab your favorite drinks and a few snacks, this is a totally life-changing experience! Be that pro developer in a few clicks, customize your page with Elementors’ user-friendly interface.

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Elementor Free Vs Elementor Pro

You are in the best place to look for help when it comes to deciding which page builder should you use. Elementor offers a free version that enables you to create dynamic pages instantly even if you are not familiar with any coding. Elementor is a free plugin from WordPress.

New Elementor subscribers may have heard about this ‘free’ plugin from their fellow page builders, bloggers, and even website owners on how stunningly easy its functionalities are. You may have heard Elementor as something you can work with even if you’re not a dedicated page builder and turn into a professional one.

The trick is, it takes more than one person to tell you how outstandingly easy it is to create professional websites using Elementor. If you’re still in doubt, you can check it for free.

There’s a free version of Elementor with all the basic functionalities to start your website. If you want additional functionalities to increase your website value, then upgrading for the Pro version will help you out.

What you’ll get in the free version of Elementor

Elementor’s free version has a lot to offer. Starting off with its user-friendly interface that allows you to drag and drop your elements into the sections from your templates. The real-time visual allows you to check how your page or posts look like when you hit and publish it live.

The Elementors interface has options that help you to create a blog post, add a new page, or customize your content. Elementor’s free version also helps you create unique page/post layouts for a variety of contents.

Creating multiple columns of unique or ready-made layouts that you can save for future use is easier. Elementor maintains your website design connectivity. You can simply access your saved templates for a certain website for complete optimization and cohesion.

Any tool that is easy to use and provides stunning results without the need to spend bucks over simple functions and connectivity is worth your time. You don’t want to go over the same process from scratch when you need to integrate your page, right? Unless you’re up for a challenge.

The free version unlocks a unique number of ready-made materials when it comes to content creation. There are roughly 30 varieties of elements and a massive library of page blocks and templates to begin with.

These basic elements are more than enough to cover essential bases — HTML, headings, images, and text. In addition, there are some non-standard peculiarities you can download, run a few extra miles and your website has plus functions in there. Included and not limited are the Google map, buttons, icons for social media, accordion tabs, image carousel, and more, which you can add to the editor.

The Differences between Elementor Free vs Pro

Elementor’s free version has a lot of features to offer and is more than enough to start with. The best part is, Elementor Pro has unique functionalities that add value to your already stunning website.

Let’s clarify things once and for all when it comes to the free and pro versions. When you upgrade for the Elementor Pro version, you’ll still be able to access all the features from the free version. Plus, say goodbye to all the restricted tools for optimizing page content.

The Elementor Pro’s functionalities for page builder allows you to navigate and customize almost any part of the website. The drag & drop interface helps you custom fit your headers or footers. With the Pro version, you can work with a single-page post as well as the archive.

Customizing templates for certain pages or posts and saving them for future use is accessible. With a lot of major benefits when you upgrade your plan, Elementor makes sure that every money you spent is worth the functions and features.

Elementor Pro provides a massive amount of library for your blocks, templates, and widgets. Advanced features such as pricing tables, sliders, and forms that help you save money from purchasing third-party add-ons can be accessible too.

There are 30 new additional widgets unlocked in the Pro version.

You may not need all of these widgets on the site that you are working on but they offer massive possibilities to enhance your website layout functionalities. Saving money and time downloading additional plugins that may slow-down website builders is another thing to consider.

There are widgets found in the Pro version that are strategically designed for contents associated with WooCommerce stores. Adding value to your already professional-like website helps increase website visibility and ranking.

Elementor Pro Adds New Widgets

Elementor Pro’s new set of widgets help you increase value. They offer satisfying functions which you can access under each widget category.

These include new sets of Woo-Categories, Woo-Products, Woo-add to cart, Woo-elements, breadcrumbs, post comments, author box, post navigation, search icon, Facebook page, Facebook embed, Facebook comments, Facebook button, blockquote, share buttons, countdown, testimonial carousel, media carousel, CTA, flip box, price table, price list, animated headline, nav menu, login, form, slides, portfolio, and post.

Aside from the mentioned new widgets, upgrading for the Pro version allows you to have access to Elementors’ 24/7 premium customer support and pro version updates.

With all the new functionalities added to the pro version, the ‘global widget’ and ‘custom CSS’ will simplify your editing time.

Elementor Pro Unlocks The Full Template Library

Elementor offers a vast template library that is mostly restricted from the free version. When you upgrade to the Pro version, this massive amount of library templates are unlocked.

It enables you to access each and every one of these stunning blocks and website templates. Though there are regular templates in the free plan, you can still find it beneficial in the long run, or if you’ll need website templates that you haven’t tried before.

Nonetheless, the free plan  has great starter templates you can use. Elementor Pro has great advantages that provide value and functionalities to your website when you’re ready to level up your game.

Elementor Pro Adds Powerful New Functionality

With the latest release of the pro version, Elementor has added the most excellent and valuable additions to its functionalities.

Below are the latest features that you’ll enjoy with the Elementor Pro version 2.0

Full Theme Building Functionality

Elementor Pro’s complete theme builder functionality lets you access the darg & drop interface when it comes to site building. These include the contents post templates, footer, and header.

If you are the type of web developer that is into extensive details, then Elementor is the best tool for you. Another great reason to work with the pro version is complete customization.

On the contrary, if you like to create simple pages, you may not need the complete theme builder, yet.

Live Custom CSS

The free version provides access that allows you to include custom CSS categories and IDs. While Elementor Pro enables you to directly include your custom CSS style with your individual sections or widgets.

If you are into using your personalized CSS, then this function will surely boost your productivity.

Global Widgets

The global widgets are one of the features that allow you to reuse the previous custom widget you’ve used from previous workloads or multiple pages.

This process is almost similar to any saved template. Though the widget enables you to quickly reuse this design but allows you to enhance it at the same time.

If you have plans of upgrading your custom widget for future use, take note that any changes made automatically get pushed-out to that certain global widget itself.

Embed Anywhere

The ‘Embed Anywhere’ feature allows you to insert any Elementor templates on your website using widgets for shortcodes.

A perfect example of this one is when you wanted to design and include a Call-To-Action widget that blends with your website’s sidebar through a widget.

A combination of the theme building functionality enables you to select another method to apply the plugin interface to the entire website.

Is Elementor Pro Worth The $49?

It’s essential to reiterate that deciding for a quick upgrade may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Elementor’s free plan is already jam-packed with all the basic features to customize, provide value, and functionality to your website.

Moreover, you’ll also agree with us that Elementor vs Elementor Pro has a lot of new additions to add value to your website. Nonetheless, the price is surely worth the simplified and advanced features, especially for agencies that deal with multiple to huge numbers of websites to be built and designed.

The additional widgets and access to a massive number of unique blocks, templates, and elements can be key features you’ll need to provide dynamically unique layouts that truly stand out and meet your preference.

With Elementor Pro’s theme builder functions, it creates a higher level and complete customization control on how you want your website to look.

The $49 for the pro version still depends on your current budget. The premium features, of course, are remarkably enticing, however, it’s still up to you whether your current financial status can afford the payment.

If you are still on the grey area and waiting for the turnaround of events before purchasing the Pro version. You can always stick with the free version until all things make sense and are clear. Upgrading is super easy, so once you’ve finally decided, your designs are safe and just hit that upgrade button anytime.

What is the difference between Elementor and Elementor Pro

Here’s a quick recap of the main differences between Elementor pro and free plan.

The free version provides access to a variety of blocks, templates, and elements. You can use these features together with the Elementors user-friendly interface. You can create posts and pages through front-end editing with simplified drag and drop settings.

The pro version allows you to select from a massive number of library options and further customize the website. You can edit every single part of your content website by using the new functionalities from the latest update.

The theme builder on the pro version allows you to completely customize your site’s single-post pages, archive, footers, headers, and a lot more.

Should I buy Elementor Pro: Pointers To Review

There are a few essential factors that you need to keep in mind if you want to get the pro version of Elementor.

  • If you have plans of using the previous widget with multiple websites or pages. The Global widget helps you save time by customizing your previous designs and templates.
  • If you want to gain instant access to all of Elementors templates.
  • If you prefer to use Elementor’s user-friendly interface for building your entire website.
  • If you wanted to speed up the workflow by using custom CSS straight to sections and widgets.
  • If you want complete flexibility when it comes to using WooCommerce.
  • If you are a web developer that likes to build complex content plus landing pages.

Elementor Free vs. Elementor Pro: Conclusion

There is no rush when it comes to this decision. You’ll have all the time working with Elementor’s free version. When you feel like it’s about time for an upgrade, you can instantly do that.

You can start your page building career through the free version and get familiar with all its features. By that, you’ll easily determine if the shoe still fits or you’ll need those additional features. Since Elementor is a free WordPress plugin, there are no configurations and all your layouts are safe.

At the end of the day, whatever you’ll prefer, Elementor free vs pro version, you’ll have a flexible control that allows you to create dynamic and professional websites easily.