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Divi Vs Elementor: Which Page Builder Offers Ease Of Use

Page builders provide unique and stylish ways to enhance the quality and look of your website. It helps you develop a stunning website while maximizing your time, efficiency, and convenience of indulging in the benefits of these page builders. 

Popular page builders like Divi and Elementor have mastered the art of helping developers create wonderfully engaging websites easily. Though you have to know which one you should use and why. Whether you are a WordPress developer, hobbyist, novice or a beginner that is looking for saving grace to style your website to a professional level, then these page builders will surely do the trick for you. 

Which one should you choose? Who wins the heart (and eyes of an intricate artist when it comes to the website’s artistic level) when it comes to ease of functionalities, use, and navigation? Read this in-depth review and find out who will win when it comes to page builders, Divi Vs Elementor, and why it’s getting popularity insane?

Selecting the best WordPress page builders is not just an investment but a huge life-changing decision. You’ll agree with us when we say you have to decide which one offers convenience and peace of mind over price. Though pricing is important but, let’s be honest, we will go for something that offers us ease of everything.

Before that, we’ve summed up the benefits and features of both page builders, Divi vs Elementor, and why they are gaining tons and thousands of developers in creating stunning websites. Getting to know what they offer is an essential part of your every decision.

Elementor Complete Guide

Elementor is a page visual builder that utilizes a drag and drop type of settings for WordPress builder plugin. It replaces the traditionally used front-end WordPress editor that comes with the enhanced power editor from Elementor itself.

There are a variety of options when it comes to the Elementor page builder. This WordPress page visual builder itself offers a free version, a limited version, and the premium one. Their premium version adds a massive 300+ stunning templates and 50+ easy to use Elementor templates, and helpful widgets.

These comprehensive Elementor reviews will help you understand better what this page builder has to offer in store for you. Since it uses the simplified way of clicking your desired elements and dragging them in certain places where you want to position them, it adds convenience to how you can simplify the process while creating a professional-grade website with a stunning look.

Since Elementor provides convenient operation, you can personalize what elements you want to place and how your website will look. You have an empty canvas. The elements that you will need will be at a column on your left side.

With these set-ups, you can select which elements you should use and would appear on your website. Elementor enables you to customize your layout with ease.

Elementor has additional modules to provide features that enhance the visual look and added functionalities from your page. You’ll have complementary modules even if you’ve signed up for free trials. Thus upgrading for premium one unlocks more content modules.

What’s stunning about the free trial is it enables you to create decent websites like a pro. With excellent and easy visual editing, you can’t resist the advantages with this page builder.


  • Conveniently Ease Of Use

One of the best things that you will surely like about Elementor is how simple the functions are. There are no complex shortcodes to get familiar about. You don’t need to worry about a huge mess of these ‘complex-codes‘ especially if you are a neophyte to website development.

Elementor offers simplicity, ease of operation and super user-friendly functions that will help you design your website like how you’ve planned and visualized it to be. You can’t help it, this simple yet intuitive function stands out among its users and they can’t help but spread the news. 


  • Plugin

The best part about Elementor is it’s a WordPress plugin that works with almost any theme and it honors the standard coding of WordPress. 

  • Simple Interface Offers User-Friendly Editing Interface

With its simplicity, it enables you to layout all the elements that you wanted to appear on your webpage. Since it’s a drag and drop interface, you can fill your website with all the contents that you prefer or elements that will enhance an enticing visual beauty of your webpage.

Once you have activated this page builder, you will be presented with a simplified and user-friendly layout, designs, and animated modules to feed your interest and style.

With its user-friendly features, you can even play around and see for yourself how this page visual builder is conquering the world and simplifying the task without compromising elegance and quality. 

  • Performance And Speed

When it comes to website performance and speed, Elementor offers an outstanding feature that helps you reduce the file sizes of your contents thus enhancing the plugin’s velocity and performance.

With the right settings, your content quality and other downloadable files won’t slow down your website. It is essential for a page building tool to its velocity always in great quality to provide stunning accomplishments. 

  • Retains Content After Deactivation

If you have plans of deactivating the plugin itself but worried about the content present on your website, the Elementor retains all of this information regardless of its deactivation.

Though formatting and styles will surely be affected and will be void, rest assured that your contents will settle as they are. Your website will still be in good standing and will remain readable despite the missing shortcodes.

  • No Shortcodes

One of the advantages or disadvantages for some is that Elementor doesn’t have shortcode functionalities and libraries.

The widget from a third-party shortcode plugin can be used. You can also use saved template shortcodes. 

  • Pre-Made Layouts And Designs

Elementor offers a myriad of ready-made layouts and designs. With over 100+ ready-made layouts and pre-made designs, you’ll have a massive selection of how you can create stunningly elegant and professional web pages instantly.

What’s interesting about Elementor templates is the vast array of multiple layouts and designs that you can customize into unlimited ideas. Once you have created the perfect layout of your choice, you can instantly save that for your next page developing projects. 

  • Includes Content Modules

With access to 29 stunning content modules from the complimentary version, you can create a webpage that is interestingly professional-grade. If you upgrade into the premium or pro version, you will have an additional 30 content modules.

Plus, you are not limited to those content modules alone. You can even add third-party content module developer add-ons as Elememntor supports these add-ons too. 

  • Theme Compatibility

Elementor provides a myriad of theme compatibility for most WordPress themes. For you to have peace of mind, you can even check with the support theme who will gladly help you out and answer all your queries. 

  • Plugin Compatibility

When it comes to plugin compatibility, Elementor enables you to have used add-on plugins as it’s designed to help you develop your web page. Elementor is strategically designed for almost any WordPress theme. 

  • Free Trial

What sets Elementor apart from other page builders is the vast selections that you can access with their free trial or version. Though their premium version does not support any free trial, it guarantees 30-day warranty money back if it doesn’t reach your satisfactory level of a great page builder. 

  • Support And Community

You can reach the Elementor support team via email. It doesn’t have any active forum but has an active FB group you can join for more details and everything in between. 

Pros And Cons

There are plenty of page builders and plugins that offer convenience and ease of use, but nothing beats what Elementor has to offer you. Here’s our unbiased review about this page builder’s good side and the not-to-good-side.

  • Pros
  • It offers a myriad of helpful and dynamic elements, to begin with. 
  • It’s super easy to use and navigate, suitable for start-up web page builders and those that wanted to design their own stunning and professional-looking website.
  • It has a WooCommerce Builder And a theme builder in one. 
  • It works perfectly with all elegant themes and is compatible with any WordPress you are using.
  • It enables you multiple third-party plugins availability of use.
  • It works perfectly fine with any plugins and WooCommerce.
  • It actively provides stunning feature updates and keeps improving for your satisfaction. 
  • It comes with a free version for beginners but does not limit your options too. 
  • Cons
  • No lifetime options. 
  • The support team may take a while but they surely will get back to you. 
  • The website you are building may look different while editing.


For a complete pricing guide. You can have your single site for $49. While purchasing 3 sites for a year is $99. And Elementor Pro is $199 enables you to have unlimited sites for the whole year. Otherwise, you can also access their free version, to begin with then upgrade to premium as this will help you enhance your skills with web development. 

Divi: Everything You Need To Know

Divi is not your traditional page building tool for WordPress. It offers completely new ways of building your website which changes the ordinary WordPress web development into a vast stunning visual editor. It changes the traditional norm of building websites into spectacular layout and designs that are extremely efficient and incredibly easy.

Since Divi is not just your traditional drag and drops visual page builder, it is also a WordPress theme. While the Divi theme works with a built-in Divi Builder, you can also use the website builder as a standalone. Divi website builder works perfectly with WordPress themes you have carefully selected. This in-depth Divi review will help you understand its full functionalities, benefits, features, and everything in between.

When it comes to the frontend interface, you’ll find Divi’s elements being displayed straight into the layout page itself. What you will be doing is check which elements you wanted to change and which one should remain based on the suggested layout.

You can rearrange the whole thing by dragging elements you wish to be part of the webpage that you are building. Then you can drop the chosen elements in the place where you want them to be. Full customization and personalization are in your hands.

Aside from that, you can place additional content modules included in your selected package. All of the modules you need are in the package you’ll purchase. 


  • Incredible Price Deal

We won’t sugarcoat it, you will surely have an incredible deal when it comes to Divi’s unbeatable lifetime price of the product itself. While it’s an investment to pay that lifetime access, you can check with the annual version, to begin with.

Divi does not have any free trial, unlike Elementor, however, they have a 30 day guaranteed money back just in case you are not completely satisfied with the page builder’s performance.

  • Bundle Purchase

We can’t say it’s total ease when you decide to use it as your WordPress builder due to its cynical peculiarities. However, that won’t be an issue as it can be used with almost any WordPress elegant themes. Though the Divi WordPress page builder is strategically and created to suit the Divi theme.

In case there are updates on both website builder and theme, they will perfectly coincide together. Plus purchasing the website builder bundles with its theme. It’s an excellent and smart move to pull as many users as possible.

If you want to be an expert when it comes to page builders that use shortcodes or want to feel comfortable working on this, then Divi is your ultimate partner. What this shortcode offers is the knowledge to duplicate several websites that may benefit you or your future clients.


  • Theme And Plugin In One

When it comes to purchasing either the theme or the plugin, Divi enables you to have them both. Since Divi is a WordPress theme and a plugin, they always come in a package, including updates for the website builder or the theme itself. 

  • Ideal For Editing Frontend Interface

Not as user-friendly as Elementor, Divi builder still offers intuitive ways to operate and learn from scratch. If you are a beginner with this page builder, you may find a few bumps on the road until you get familiar with it.

On the contrary, professional developers that find comfort working with shortcodes can have a good time with Divi builder. It offers you ways to create dynamic websites without burning countless of times dealing with codes at the same time. 

  • Content Retains After Deactivation

Your content will remain even after you have deactivated your theme or the plugin itself. However, expect things to be quite a mess with shortcodes. This means you will also need to deal with style and formatting loss as you deactivate Divi builder. 

  • Performance And Speed

There has been a lot of feedback and reports that Divi is behind when it comes to velocity compared to other page builders, especially with Elementor.

Which makes it another inch setback especially if you are working with options around your website. This is due to the size of files consumed by the present modules and all its functionalities. 

  • Ready-Made Layouts And Designs

There are at least 58 ready to use layouts on its package or bundle. Plus, 2 additional layouts are coming every week. That is what makes Divi builder good for customizing your layouts.

What you can do is save these layouts for future preference, either for yourself or your clients. What Divi offers is a complete customization of all the available layouts and they are saving ability for future use. 

  • Shortcode Functions

This website builder offers you complete access to almost any type of shortcodes you can use when it comes to web development. Since Divi builder will provide almost any shortcodes you need, they can also be found in a library to compile everything.

If there are features that need to be done under this page builder, you can find a shortcode for it. However, there is just one big issue once you stop using or deactivated this page builder. Expect a massive messy shortcode that needs to be sorted out afterward. 

  • Theme Compatibility

Almost any WordPress theme can be a good match for this page builder. Divi builder respects standard shortcodes/coding from WordPress. For complete peace of mind, you can always reach out to Divi’s support team and inquire about it.

  • Content Modules

There are 46 stunning modules that you can use for Divi builder. There are also a myriad of extra modules that you can use and are compatible with third-party page developers if you prefer to. 

  • Compatibility With Plugins

The Divi builder enables you to work with almost any plugins from WordPress and/or third-party developers but it works perfectly amazing with the Divi theme. 

  • Customer Support Team

When it comes to reaching out to DIvi’s support team, you can select with their email support or its online chat support.

In certain cases that the live chat support can’t answer your queries instantly, surely they will reach you out through email for answers and follow up concerns.

  • Guaranteed Money Back

Unlike Elementor vs Divi, which offers a free version that you can already use to create stunning websites, Divi builder doesn’t have a free version. What is offered is 30 days of guaranteed refund in case you are not satisfied with the page builders’ performance. 

Pros And Cons

Divi Modules 2

There are plenty of page builders and plugins that offer convenience and ease of use, but nothing beats what Elementor has to offer you. Here’s our unbiased review about this page builder’s good side and the not-to-good-side.

  • Pros
  • Real-time front-end editing to help you save time going over and over. 
  • It’s easy to navigate and suitable for developers who love shortcodes. 
  • It comes with a massive number of elements to work and select. 
  • It provides a huge number of pre-made designs and layouts that are ready to operate. 
  • It provides complete control of everything you are working for, plus it lets you save this stuff for future references. It enables you to access Monarch, Bloom, and Extra.
  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Cons
  • A little to too many options to begin with.
  • It requires you to check for a video tutorial for seamless operation and control. Though the learning curve is what most users’ pain point is. 
  • Shortcodes from Divi builder are not compatible with other page builders, leaving you with messy shortcodes if you deactivate it. 
  • It does not have a free trial.


When it comes to price tags, Divi offers customers with either an annual unlimited site which will cost you $89. However, if you like their services and what it offers you, you can go on a one-time lifetime access payment of $249 with updates included.

This can be a great deal if you are working with multiple websites. However, if you are only doing it for a personal account, you can take a free version like Elementor offers and see how it goes. 

Best WordPress Page Builder: Which One is Better?

With all the different page builders that offer convenience, Divi, Elementor, and more. These two page builders stand out when it comes to providing excellent and dynamic websites. We say everyone has their favorite and has a personal preference when it comes to the ‘best’ website development.

It’s still a matter of perception and preference. While some would go for Divi’s massive array of options, others will prefer Elementor and it’s the ease of control. Honestly, it comes down to two things when you are checking for the most excellent page builder. You need to determine the price and how will this affect your financial status, and second, the convenience of operation.

While Divi is known to have a steeper learning process and needs time for you to get comfortable with its overall features. Elementor offers convenience and user-friendly interface settings with easy to control, learn, and master.

While the prices that they offer have total crossroads, you can always find comfort on either of these page builders. For example, though the premium version of Elementor is on an annual payment while Divi has a lifetime access payment. Elementor offers a free version at the same time. This free version is already a great stepping stone for beginners. 

You may be torn between these two but the bottom line is you need to find a website builder that offers total ease and control. Price can be the next thing. You can decide later on if all the hustle and bustle is worth the money that you have or will invest. That is where Elementor is a huge difference compared to Divi. 

Can I Use Divi And Elementor Together

When it comes to page builder, you can work on both Elementor and Divi together. The good news with WordPress is that it enables you to work with two page builders or more which you can work at the given exact time. However, you will need to decide what concept you will be using as it only gives you a single option. 

The trick is, once you get familiar with website builder settings, you can work using Elementor vs Divi on your website page, given that you work with them with a single page. That way, before you can even edit a certain page, you can already decide which website builder to use. 

On the other hand, you can work with the Elementor page builder under the Divi concept on your WordPress account. Though the speed of your website may be affected as you are using the two website builders at the same time.

Is Elementor The Best Page Builder

There are different definitions when it comes to categorizing the best page builder for WordPress. For example, if you are looking for a website builder that offers comprehensive and total comfort of operation, user-friendly and up-to-date features that even beginners will have a complete and professional grasp, then we can safely say that Elementor is a great page builder. 

What this page builder offers is total ease of access, control, learning curve, and professional-grade stunning websites that you can do it by yourself. Since Elementor enables you to access this page builder for free, you can start working with your websites with seamless integration that is extremely beneficial for you. 

You won’t be dealing with shortcodes or any complex coding skills, CSS and HTML knowledge and more. You will have an essentially feel-good, easy operation experience with its drag and drop interface.

When it comes to performance and speed, you can surely rely on using Elementor vs Divi in velocity. Page builders need to have a competitive speed for you to execute your designs and layout properly. Elementor offers its users the freedom to drag elements that they prefer and drop them on the desired space for their website. 

Is Divi Fast?

Though Divi may not be the fastest theme for WordPress it’s not that slow. It has adequate speed given the flexibility and versatility that it offers compared to other popular WordPress themes.

If you are looking for a solid theme that offers a great sense of flexibility, you’ll never go wrong with a Divi theme. The Divi page builder is also a great starting point. Since you will be purchasing the theme and the page builder is part of the bundle.

Some users had a few feedback when it comes to the page builder’s velocity and performance. Since it comes with a massive array of content modules, elements, pre-made layouts, and designs, it may not be as fast compared to other known page builders.

Divi offers a massive option of performance enhancements which stimulates the speed of the page builder. With it’s the latest update, the page builder has been far better and faster. Keep in mind that Divi offers a third-part built-in optimization.

How Good Is Divi

It boils down to knowing what you need to determine the efficiency and performance of a certain page builder. As with Divi, it is considered one of the best page builders especially with those who are comfortable working with WordPress coding and other shortcode options.

With its multifunctional features and flexibility, you can have a breath of fresh air (after going through the tough learning curve) once you work with the page builder accompanied with the Divi theme itself.

Don’t get confused with the page builder and the theme. To simplify this, the Divi page builder is a plugin itself. That means you can work with this page builder with any WordPress theme that you prefer. any popular theme will be compatible with the Divi page builder, most especially, the Divi theme. If you downloaded the Divi, it automatically comes with the page builder.


To end the feud of which is the most excellent page builder, Divi Vs Elementor, these 2 page builders are strategically designed to match certain criteria that are suitable for everyone or to an individual’s preference when it comes to convenience over stunning and dynamic website development.

If you are looking for an easy procedure, user-friendly interface and multifunctional up-to-date features, which also comes with a free version, to begin with. Later on, you can upgrade to the premium version, we say Elementor is simply the best one. Though you will need to invest with Elementor, it is surely worth the money that you will be putting in there over the ease and convenience of control. 

Elementor is not just a starting option but a stepping stone for every page builder and website developer out there that wants to save an extensive amount of time dealing with complex settings. It’s a great investment, to begin with, especially if it makes your life easier.

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