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15+ Candy Crush Statistics For The Avid Fan (Oct 2022)

Who would’ve thought that Candy Crush would turn from a browser game into one of the most played mobile games in history.

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Developed by King, Candy Crush started out as a browser game on Facebook back in April 2012. The premise of the game was simple. You were given a puzzle where you needed to identify and match three elements on the grid in order to remove them and get new elements after.

Matching more than three elements will give you more power-ups and clear up the grid faster. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter maps with different goals and requirements. There’s also a time limit so it’s going to be difficult for you the more levels you go through. This in turn requires you to think ahead and strategize your moves for any particular grid before moving on to the next one.

The game has been around for almost ten years now and is consistent in keeping itself up to date. In this article, we’ll explore different candy crush statistics and go through the numbers to answer questions such as how much they’ve made over the years and how many users they have as of this writing.

Key Candy Crush Statistics

  • Candy Crush was the first F2P or Freemium game to generate $1 billion in revenue [1].
  • Candy Crush only earned $77 million a year after its release. They earned $1.13 billion two years later [1].
  • Activision Blizzard acquired King, the developer of Candy Crush and other titles, for $5.9 billion in 2016 [1].
  • Candy Crush Saga revenue for Q3 of 2021 was $652 million and was considered the highest earning title under the Activision flag [1].
  • Candy Crush Saga had more than 2.7 billion downloads accumulated as of 2017 [1].
  • 50% of the Candy Crush players are aged between 20 and 40 years old [4].
  • There are currently 11,690 levels installed in the game as of May 2022. Each Wednesday, they add anywhere between 30 and 90 levels. Players can also participate in polls that let devs know how many levels should be added for the next patch [7].
  • The game is played by people all over the world, spanning 6 continents [7].
  • 38 minutes a day is the average time Candy Crush Saga players spend playing the game [4].

Candy Crush Revenue Statistics

  • Candy Crush was the first F2P game to earn over $1 billion in revenue back in 2014 [1].
  • A year after the release, the game only made $77 million. In two years, they earned $1.13 billion [1].
  • In 2020, the game earned $1.19 billion and was one of the highest grossing mobile games for that year [1].
  • King was acquired by Activision Blizzard back in 2016 for $5.9 billion. In Q3 of 2021, King generated $652 million in revenue for Activision Blizzard and was considered the highest earning title under the Activision brand.
  • Candy Crush Saga earned $556.4 million in revenue from in app purchases in 2021, making it the highest earning Candy Crush title for that year. Candy Crush Soda Saga comes in second place with $196.3 million in IAP revenue and Candy Crush Friends Saga with $28.29 million in IAP revenue for that year [2].

Candy Crush Download Statistics

  • As of 2017, Candy Crush Saga generated 2.7 billion downloads [1].
  • In 2021, Candy Crush Saga accumulated 119 million downloads and is one of the top 10 leading mobile game apps worldwide by downloads [3].

How Many People Play Candy Crush?

Person Playing Candy Crush Candy Crush Statistics

Candy Crush User Statistics

  • Candy Crush Saga’s core market is women aged 35 years and older [4].
  • 50% of the people who play Candy Crush Saga are aged between 20 and 40 years old [4].
  • The average age of people who play Candy Crush games is 30 years old [4].
  • Candy Crush Saga Players distribution by gender is 54% female and 46% male [4].
  • Candy Crush Saga reported 273 million monthly active users for 2020 [1].
  • Players spent an average of 38 minutes per day playing the game in 2019 [1].
  • 16.7 % of people who downloaded Candy Crush Sage prefer casual games, while 9.8% lean more towards puzzle games [5].

Other Impressive Candy Crush Saga Usage Statistics

  • People playing Candy Crush Saga from the United States played the most number of rounds at 212 billion Candy Crush levels played in March 2018. Players from Great Britain followed with 50 billion levels played and Spain with 40 billion levels[5].
  • The game is currently popular in 196 countries. That’s the equivalent of saying there are people playing Candy Crush games from 6 continents out of 7.7 [5].
  • The highest score recorded was 1,999,259,792 and this was in 2018 [6].
  • As of May 2022, there are currently 11,690 levels available for Candy Crush players from Google Play, Apple App Store, and Facebook versions. King’s official forums also keeps track of the current number of levels [7].
  • Every Wednesday, between 30 and 60 levels are added to the game. The forums also has polls that allows Candy Crush players to dictate how many levels should be added per week for the next updates [7].

Wrapping It Up

Candy Crush Saga is probably one of the most addictive mobile games in the mobile games market right now. The game is simple and it’s easy to understand the mechanics of the different games under its franchise. It doesn’t come off as a surprise that something as simple as this game could end up becoming one of the highest grossing games in the mobile game market.

The premise of matching and destroying candies to move on to the next level might be underwhelming for the elite mobile gamers, but for the casual gamers, this game is heaven sent. Candy Crush Saga, and any other game under their umbrella, could keep you entertained for hours just by matching candy pieces. Whether you’re killing time in a waiting room, coffee shop, or classroom, Candy Crush Saga is the perfect mobile gaming partner.









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