The 15 Best PC Gaming Chairs for 2021 (For Every Budget)

Gaming has come a long way in the last few years, and the growth of PC gaming, in particular, has been meteoric. Whether you play on console or PC however, being comfortable while you play is really important, as gamers will often spend extended periods of time glued to their favorite games and devices.

Supporting your back and posture correctly while gaming is really important for both your health and your ability to game comfortably for long periods, and while a standard office or desk chair seems like a relatively comfortable choice, they are quite often inadequate for the heavy use and demands that gamers get out of their chairs.

The 15 Best PC Gaming Chairs for 2021 (For Every Budget)

A poor-quality chair will often start to fall apart and begin to look worn and scruffy very quickly, and the supports often collapse quite quickly making you uncomfortable and not providing the proper support needed to be able to sit comfortably for extended periods. 

This is where purpose-built gaming chairs come into their own.

They are made to be able to withstand heavy and prolonged use and are specifically designed to be able to support gamers and ensure their posture and comfort are central in the layout of the chair and its functionality.

These chairs often come packed with features that few other desk chairs use, providing gamers with a host of superb additional features to make your gaming experience as fun and comfortable as possible.

In this article, we’re going to look at 15 of the best PC gaming chairs across several different budgets, from the most premium brands and designs to entry-level chairs that offer great price to performance for beginners. 

Why get a gaming chair?

Quite simply, gaming chairs are better for your back and your posture when you know you’re going to be sat in the same place for hours.

Gaming chairs often come with a specific design focused on supporting good posture while you sit while making sure you’re also comfortable and can adjust the chair to your own preferences.

There are also many different designs and styles meaning you’ll be able to find a chair that meets your needs and your budget quite effectively.

Premium Gaming Chairs

Premium gaming chairs tend to be anywhere between $500 to $1000 and are among the highest quality chairs available.

Typically they are made of high-quality components and feature superb build quality, with a focus on comfort, finishing, and superb ergonomics. These are chairs built for heavy-duty use and will last a very long time, especially if looked after properly.

DXRacer OH/TS29/N Tank Series

DXRacer is one of the most popular gaming chair brands and is known for its excellent design and sponsorship of some of the most famous gaming personalities and professional teams/players.

This model, in particular, is incredibly high quality, featuring high-quality lumbar cushions, supportive headsets, adjustable armrests and beautifully finished leather covers.

The build quality of this chair is second to none making it an ideal choice for those who want a long-lasting and well-made chair by one of the leading brands.

AKRacing Masters Series Pro

The AKRacing Masters Series is a chair with some of the most comprehensive cushioning and support available, featuring a fine finish and plenty of adjustability.

It has a high-quality lift with an adjustable rocking function, lockable tilt positions, and a 330lbs rating making it a great choice for heavier users.

The branding is relatively minimal and sleek and the additional cushions provide excellent additional support but can be removed easily for those who prefer a different seating position or arrangement.

Quality Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs around the $500 mark are high-quality options with many great features and high-quality components, but lacking some of the additional finesse that the premium quality chairs have, meaning they are a little more reasonably priced for the average user.


Corsair is a brand that has built an excellent reputation for its accessories and peripherals, particularly in the gaming industry.

It’s no surprise that their gaming chair benefits from the same focus on features and quality, making it a seriously strong option for those looking for a quality new seat.

The leather is well stitched and soft, the frame is supportive and sturdy and the adjustability of the lift, seat, and arms are excellent, providing many seating positions for all body types.

The cushioning is ample but not overwhelming and the posture support is good, making this a very comfortable and supportive chair with vast customization options.

Cooler Master Caliber R2

Cooler Master is another very popular brand among gamers, known for its internal components and quality peripherals. 

The Caliber R2 is a very reasonably priced chair that provides many features you could find on much more expensive options.

The large additional cushioning allows users to easily customize their position depending on their preference, while the armrests and lift have good adjustability.

The chair’s build quality is superb as evidenced by the 2-year warranty that this chair comes with, giving great peace of mind to users who use their chair a lot.

This is a great all-rounder and a surprisingly well-priced option, which also comes in a variety of colors to suit your lighting setup and color scheme!

DXRacer K Series

Another great offering from DXRacer, albeit a more reasonably priced option, the K series provides the excellent quality this brand is known for and several amazing features in a more accessible package.

The lumbar and head cushions are well-positioned and not oversized meaning they are supportive but not overwhelming which is really important for a more comfortable seating position.

There is ample adjustability throughout the seat and its leather is soft and well finished.

Additional accessories such as footrests and casters make this a great all-around choice perfect for lounging or gaming, and it’s available in several colors to suit any environment. 

AKRacing Masters Series

Another AKRacing seat, this option is very similar to the more expensive Pro version but lacks a few additional features that make it a little more accessible for smaller budgets.

This seat does benefit from all of the quality of its big brother, however, with many of the same features such as excellent lumber and head cushions, great adjustability, a solid frame, and nice finishing.

Anda Seat Kaiser 2

This seat is a little different from some of the others and is rated for larger users with a max size recommendation of 6’ 10” and 440lbs.

This makes this seat a great choice for larger gamers who want to get the benefit of the support and comfort gaming chairs to provide without worrying about wear and tear.

The heavy-duty build quality of this seat makes it rugged and long-lasting as well as very comfortable, with the seat area particularly well designed and supportive for larger bottoms. 

The lift is powerful enough to cope with larger users, and the frame itself comes with a lifetime warranty highlighting the build quality of this chair.

GTRACING Gaming Chair ACE Series

GT Racing may be a lesser-known brand but the ACE series is a quality option for those who want something a little less concave and more traditionally shaped.

The cushions are quality and supportive and there is a decent amount of adjustability, and the chair is rated to handle 350lbs of weight meaning it will be able to comfortably handle most users for a long time.


Acethrone is another relatively unknown brand but the finish of this chair is excellent and comparable to some of the more premium brands such as secret labs or DX Racer.

The high back is great for supporting good posture, and the soft fabric on the seat and seat back feels great.

Unfortunately, this chair is only rated for users up to 250lbs so not everyone will be able to benefit from this chair, but it does come with a 5-year warranty which speaks to the quality of the design and craftsmanship.

Budget Gaming Chairs

Budget chairs are a great option for users who want a little more comfort and support without breaking the bank, and many come with some superb features despite their lower price.


The Respawn RSP-110 is a very comfortable chair with extensive padding and cushioning and an included foot/leg rest making it as comfortable for lounging as it is for long gaming sessions.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Another offering from GT Racing, this chair is a slightly simpler option that still features excellent lumber and head cushions and enough adjustability to make for a comfortable gaming experience.

X-VOLSPORT Massage Gaming Chair

This chair is absolutely packed with features for such a reasonably priced gaming chair. The cushions are well set up and supportive, the adjustment is decent and the addition of a footrest is a huge bonus. The addition of a massage 

Bargain Gaming Chairs

Bargain chairs are the most accessible and basic chairs, but they often still offer much more comfort than a standard desk chair.

Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

Another chair with ample cushioning, the Polar Aurora isn’t ad adjustable as some other chairs but still offers plenty of comfort and support at a reasonable price.

Amazon Basics Racing/Gaming Chair

Amazon’s own basic gaming chair isn’t anywhere near as bulky or cushioned as some other options, however, it’s a great choice for smaller users or those who want a lighter chair that will fit in a smaller space.

Homall Gaming Chair

Despite its low price, this chair has ample cushioning and decent adjustability making it a great choice for larger users.

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