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Avada vs Divi: What WordPress Theme to Choose

Avada and Divi are known as some of the best WordPress themes on the market. Both of these multi-purpose and feature-packed themes are user-friendly and come with numerous pre-designed website layouts that let you make any page or website you want in one click.

Divi is the most flexible theme on the platform. It is created by Elegant Themes that has more than 525,000 users currently. Avada, however, is the best-selling theme on WordPress and developed by ThemeForest, having more than 600,000 sales.

Both are famous and used for their massive benefits and features that make the whole web designing process a breeze. Hundreds of millions of clients love each of them for a wide array of reasons. With that in mind, we’ve provided you with an intensive guide on Avada vs. Divi to help you decide what theme is the best and best fits your needs.

Divi vs. Avada

When browsing for the best WordPress theme for your website, you’ve probably heard of these two famous page builders, the Divi theme and the number one best-seller Avada. The Avada vs. Divi WordPress page builder debates have been raging on for quite some time now, be it via social media, WordPress forums, and tons of other website pages in search of the real truth about which one makes elegant themes.

Divi was launched in 2013 by Elegant Themes. It wasn’t the pioneer of the “All in One” theme, but it was the first all-in-one design that provided users with the seamless operation and encouraged other developers to step up their game. It’s been through numerous changes over the last couple of years. It has been continuously refined, with the developers placing their flagship builder Divi Builder at the core of the Divi theme.

Avada was launched back in 2012 by ThemeFusion, a year before Divi. It has more than 600,000 currently and is by far the best selling WordPress theme maker on ThemeForest. It’s a versatile solution that offers massive benefits such as an integrated page builder and fusion builder live.

WordPress themes enthusiasts all over the world have expressed divided opinions on which theme maker should be hailed number one. That’s why we’re here to take a hard look at them, one detail at a time to know which theme page builder is better. Having said that, and if you’re one of those truth-seekers who want to know the real score between the Avada and Divi WordPress theme feud, then you’re in luck; today in this review, we’ll know which WordPress theme maker is over the other.

Pros & Cons of Divi

Divi is a popular multi-purpose theme. It has numerous features like the theme options panel, pre-made designs that allow you to make any website you want, and a convenient drag-and-drop page builder. You can find any Divi review on the internet, but we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of the theme on the list below.

What We Liked

  • Straightforward & Intuitive

The Divi builder offers you a simple and intuitive experience. If you have any experience with WordPress, you’ll find it easier to use, and it’s also well laid out. Even beginners can use the theme without having to go through all Divi’s tutorials to start creating your websites.

  • Live Editing on Visual Page Builder

The Divi builder supports live front-end editing, so you can make adjustments on the go if you deem necessary.

  • Great for Beginners

Even for the coding-challenged, Divi offers a point-and-click solution to help novices quickly achieve more advanced design features and design functions by providing them with a functionality menu that’s robust and varied.

  • Available in 32 Languages

If you have difficulty in understanding the English language or you prefer to navigate around your website in your language, Divi comes with 32 language variations.

  • Updates of the Small Content are Speedy

Like with all themes, Divi has its fair share of content updates, but they make it faster and more convenient for you. Rather than sending copy requests to the developers, you can enter the Divi content modules and create them yourself, such as headings, copy, the footer, page titles, CTAs, blog categories, and more.

  • Sucuri Verified Theme Coding

Divi ensures a smooth and safe user experience with its secured theme coding that’s certified by the renowned website security company, Sucuri.

  • Design Consistency

Divi allows you to create templates with ease if your website has several contributors or those who use website content management systems. For beginners in WordPress, you can create a new post or page easily because they provide ready-made template boxes.

  • No Design Experience Necessary

Because of Divi’s numerous templates and content modules, you don’t have to be an experienced designer to create an appealing blog post, landing page, website page, or forms. They offer a wide range of template options in their library.

  • They Offer Many Tutorials

If you get stuck on something, you don’t have to worry since Divi provides you with tons of tutorials for your specific issues, and they’re helpful as well.

  • Divi Library

Divi made it easier to save sections, layouts, rows, and modules for later use. You have to save this content to its library and access it to the library when you need it.

  • Responsive Web Design

Divi features automated features such as responsive web design that automatically adjusts your layout and content for different screen sizes. It also allows your website to be optimized for different screen sizes., Divi enables you to change the typography of your content width for different devices.

What We Did Not Like

  • Designs Can’t Be Edited Easily

Though Divi offers tons of pre-made layouts and designs, there is some rigidity when it comes to tweaking the templates they provide if you have little to no coding experience. If you want to customize something, you need to know some custom CSS or HTML to optimize your website’s design.

  • It Gets Confusing

Though they offer tons of options to let you optimize your website to your liking, however, with so many tools, it may get confusing.

  • Compatibility Problems With Other WordPress Plugins

The page and post templates offered by Divi are built using modules and content buried within these modules, making it hard for other WordPress plugins to analyze.

Pros & Cons of Avada

Avada Theme is the best selling WordPress theme in ThemeForest, and they have been around for more than five years. It stands amongst the vast WordPress themes available for numerous reasons. According to any Avada theme review, it is packed with benefits and features; that’s why it’s gained so much popularity in just a few years. Below we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of this famous theme.

What We Liked

  • Easy to Use and Accessible Demo Sites

The Avada builder gives you access to tons of top-quality demo sites, making it easier for experts and novices to get started with a complete website. All you need to do is to make necessary adjustments and tweaking to match the layout to your site and branding.

  • Free Access to Premium WordPress Plugins

You are given access to several premium plugins with no charge, such as slider revolution, layer slide, advanced custom fields pro, and more.

  • Fusion Builder

A unique function to Avada, the fusion builder, is ThemeFusion’s twist to the conventional page builder. They offer a front-end page fusion builder with Avada’s latest version, which is a lightweight and powerful drag and drop visual page builder that allows you to create your custom designs from scratch.

  • Compatible With All Modern Browsers

The builder Avada is powerful and well-coded, which loads your websites quickly, and it’s also compatible with all modern browsers.

  • WooCommerce Customization

Avada theme comes with advanced WooCommerce customization that allows you to create your eCommerce online stores with ease since they offer plenty of options to create a custom WooCommerce experience tailored to your specific needs.

  • Integrated Cookie Notice

It comes with an integrated cookie notice function that ensures the safety and security of your data is kept.

  • Swift Support

Avada is the best-selling theme on ThemeFusion and is one of the most popular WordPress themes globally, so you can easily find support regarding the application.

  • Regular Updates to the Framework

Because of Avada’s popularity, you can count on better staffing, which provides you with regular and reliable updates to your framework and ensure their engine is running seamlessly. These updates also introduce you to new features and implement essential changes to improve your overall experience. It allows your website to be more secure and stable.

  • No Coding Experience Needed

This WordPress theme offers many unique features and options that provide you almost all the elements you will need on your website without having to learn how to code.

  • Great SEO

Avada provides you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that allows your website to become a powerhouse for ranking on popular search engines like Google.

What We Did Not Like

  • It’s Heavy Weight

In terms of performance, the Avada theme is more substantial than other WordPress themes, especially when it comes to its out of the box configuration. It comes with 5.8 MB (MegaBytes), which is significantly higher than other builders. That’s why you may not achieve the page load times that you can with different lightweight themes.

  • Many Theme Updates are Required

Avada theme requires the updates of other plugins or extensions, such as the fusion core and their infamous fusion builder.

  • Not Suitable For Simple Website or Content Creation

Avada comes with numerous features, and if you want to create a minimalistic blog or portfolio website, this specific theme may not be suitable. Because of function “bloat” and that it has many features makes the website creation process more complicated than it has to be.

  • Memory Usage Issues With Other Hosting Providers

Avada is considered a heavyweight theme, and you may encounter memory usage issues with different hosting providers. It requires stable servers to run smoothly.

  • Very Expensive

Avada, when compared to other themes, is very pricy, they offer a rate of $60 per website while most themes allow unlimited installation for the same costs. Besides that, you only get six months’ worth of support from their customer service then you have to pay over $80 annually per website if you run into any issues.

Overview of Divi’s Features

Divi theme and page builder overview

Elegant Themes’ Divi builder takes website creation via WordPress themes Divi to a whole new level with its unique advanced visual page builder technology. It’s more than a WordPress theme; it’s a revolutionary website building platform that replaces the conventional WordPress post editor with its superior visual editor.

The theme can be enjoyed by both professionals and newcomers, giving you the power to make website designs easily. Below is an overview of the many features that Divi has to offer.

Search Bar

With the many Divi theme options, this feature often gets overlooked. You should incorporate this search bar into your workflow because it simplifies custom padding to your module. You don’t have to settle for manually clicking the different design tabs, opening the size toggle, adding custom margins, or scrolling down because you can effortlessly search these options in Divi’s search option bar.

Drag and Drop Building

You can quickly move, add, or elements across your website. You don’t have to learn or do any coding and no more confusing back end options with Elegant Themes’ Divi drag and drop building feature.

Easy Revisions

You can make hassle-free revisions with Divi because it works like a modern software application that lets you undo, redo, revise, and check your entire editing history with ease. It helps you pinpoint your mistakes in the editing process faster, so you can swiftly make necessary adjustments.

Divi Theme Builder

It lets you create the body, header, and footer of your whole website. It also enables you to customize your products, pages, and categories with the Divi builder.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This handy feature is easy to miss and most often forgotten. But knowing these keyboard shortcuts will significantly speed up your workflow if you commit to using them. You can find the keyboard shortcuts with the Divi Builder Helper modal. To access this, type these buttons (shift + ?) on your keyboard from with the Divi builder and click on the short keys tab.

Live Visual Editing

You can now design your page or website in real-time and see the results immediately. Easily create and customize your content using Divi’s intuitive visual editor’s controls.

Custom Body Layouts

Elegant Themes aims to make Divi the best WordPress page builder there is, with their latest update, you can create multiple designs and arrange them in any way you want. You can place them to all pages of your website, such as:

  • The homepage.
  • Child pages.
  • All posts,
  • Specific pages.
  • Categories or tags.
  • Archive pages.
  • WooCommerce pages.
  • Project pages.
  • 404 page.
  • Product pages.

Global Elements

You can manage your whole website’s layout and design using the Divi builder’s universal elements and a website full design settings. It’s more than a page builder; it’s an entire website design system.

Numerous Design Options

Explore several unique page elements and over thousands of design options, which gives you full design control over your website or page.

Responsive Editing

Using Divi automatically revises your content and website to fit in any screen size, allowing you to build seamless websites with ease.

Divi Split Testing

Using the split testing feature has never been easier because of Divi’s visual page builder. You have to right-click on the row, section, or module you want to test, click on split test from the right-click menu, and then select the test’s goal. Divi will automatically make another version of the element you’re testing so you can create a new version, hence ‘split testing.’

Overview of Avada’s Features

The Avada Theme offers the most advanced options networks that give you the ultimate flexibility to create custom designs and style layouts unique to your brand or website, letting you stand out from the rest of the competition. Avada, with its unique fusion theme options and fusion builder, lets you control settings, layouts, options, and elements globally throughout your website. Below is an overview of the numerous features that the Avada theme has to offer its users.

Advanced Theme Options and Page Options

Fusion theme lets you control options globally, while the fusion page enables you to control individual pages and posts on your website. The different page options allow you to change anything on one single or specific page or post that overrides Avada’s global theme options.

Simple and Intuitive Controls

You can add and customize different content types using Avada’s simple menu system and its handy drag and drop editor. You don’t have to use any code or employ the services of a designer.

Free Demos

There are over 45 pre-designed demo websites offered by the Avada theme. All of these demos come with a different arrangement of widgets, colors, and page elements, helping kickstart your new website without having to allot too much time in the process. Some of these websites are:

  • Avada Classic.
  • Avada Law.
  • Avada Sports.
  • Avada University.
  • Avada Creative.

The Avada theme comes with specially designed demos for different niches apart from those mentioned above, such as professional websites for agencies, healthcare facilities, photography, and travel. All demos provided by Avada are flexible, and you can choose to import the full or partial demo for your website.

Inline Text Editor

It lets you create the body, header, and footer of your whole website. It also enables you to customize your products, pages, and categories with the Divi builder.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This handy feature is easy to miss and most often forgotten. But knowing these keyboard shortcuts will significantly speed up your workflow if you commit to using them. You can find the keyboard shortcuts with the Divi Builder Helper modal. To access this, type these buttons (shift + ?) on your keyboard from with the Divi builder and click on the short keys tab.

Live Visual Editing

You can add elements or create layouts and start typing your narrative on the go, if you need to change some repetition, you can highlight and edit as you go.

Responsive Editing

Regarding Divi vs. Avada themes, both the Divi and Avada theme options offer responsive editing in your website creation process. You don’t have to write lines of HTML5 or CSS3 codes as the theme gives you full control over the mobile responsiveness and compatibility of your WordPress website to different screen sizes.

One-Click Importing Tool

You can import any demo from Avada at a click of a button. You can import additional sections if you need facets for more than one demo, or you can uninstall and reinstall the tool for a fresh start.

Unique Fusion Builder

Avada’s fusion builder is an update requirement for the Avada theme. The fusion builder allows you to have a flexible and expandable page builder for your website by focusing on providing you with a robust and user-friendly experience that aims to emulate the native WordPress look and feel closer.

Dashboard Options

The search option feature in your dashboard makes it easy for you to locate the option you need. All these options help you design your website without having to modify the code of the site. It’s ideal for beginners because the Avada theme is easy to navigate because of the dashboard option and requires no technical skills or professional help.

WooCommerce Integration

You can set up your online store with Avada’s WooCommerce integration feature that lets you sell anything with them alongside its numerous layout and styling options. Avada is always up-to-date when it comes to the latest versions of WooCommerce.

Avada Theme Support and Documentation

Avada WordPress theme gives you access to their many theme documentation and support that can help you with any issue you may face regarding the theme. Avada provides you with a detailed guide that explains how to use their services to achieve your dream website.

Ease of Use: How Quick Can You Create a Website With Avada and Divi?

Both themes have the advantage of being able to provide multi-purpose templates regarding the ease of use regarding Divi vs. Avada. These templates let you create a website based on page templates or layouts. If you want to know about the software regarding the themes, you have to get the Divi and Avada’s full advantages.

However, when it comes to the navigability and ease of use, Avada is at a disadvantage because it imposes you to make an additional step in creating your websites. To get access to their premium features, you have to register to get a token number that needs to be verified, which can take a couple of hours. Divi, however, is more simple to use and provides more intensive guidelines and tutorials to their services.

Final Verdict: Divi Avada is relatively easy to use, which is crucial for people without knowing advanced coding skills. There’s no clear winner when regarding the ease of use of both the themes. However, when it comes to creating sites, Elegant Themes’ Divi builder is far superior because it doesn’t need any additional extensions, plugins, or steps.

How is the Support of Divi vs. Avada?

No matter how easy the theme is to use or quickly create websites, you’re going to face issues and have questions that need answers inevitably. That’s why both the Avada and Divi need to have vast and reliable support options that you can easily access and rely on.

Avada Support

Avada provides you with stellar documentation regarding their services with the addition of full video and tutorials to help you with your site creation process and work with your WordPress sites. Their customer services also can help you through their ‘support ticket’ feature. Lastly, they have established Facebook groups and community forums to help you start discussions about their services.

All of Avada’s products come with an inclusive 6-month period of support and free lifetime updates. When the six months are finished, you can extend coverage for 6 to 12 months.

Divi Support

Elegant Themes’ Divi offers numerous options of documentation to help you navigate your way through their theme. They provide articles, video tutorials, and customer support services. But what distinguishes Divi from Avada is that the former has established its unique Divi Support Center that allows you to open discussions with professionals and fellow consumers of Divi easier. The support center also gives you and their support team the tools needed in fixing problems faster and efficiently, without disrupting the operation of your site.

The support that Elegant Themes for their Divi builder offers comes with the one-time payment that you make for the theme itself, so you don’t have to renew these support benefits.

Final Verdict: Divi offers many support channels for most issues, and they will have you covered. However, for Avada, since ThemeForest sells it, you only get a minimum of 6 months of support, and if you want to extend these services, you have to pay $80 per year. Divi wins when it comes to the support they offer to their clients.

Pricing of Divi and Avada

Regarding Divi vs. Avada’s price ranges, Divi is more expensive but offers more features than Avada. When it comes to the price point, it all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to shell out to make your website look great. It’s always smart to invest in Divi and count on it to give your site an extra oomph if you will.

Because Divi comes with 86 additional themes and six plugins, which only costs $89 annually, and you can use the theme on several websites. It can help you boost your online credibility as a brand or a business for the long haul. Indeed, fortune well spent that’ll help put your organization in such a high position online. While the Avada costs $60 per site and you have to pay an additional $80 per year for the extension of their support system.

Which One Should You Choose? Divi or Avada?

The seemingly never-ending Divi Avada saga will continue to be one of the significant debate issues that the online developers and designers’ sphere will argue about in the years to come. But one thing is for sure in this Avada vs. Divi review: Divi by all accounts stands out as the better WordPress themes maker, not only because of the number of features and functionalities it has but the real website-optimizing impacts that it brings about for the better.