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Best Minecraft Castle Ideas (Jun 2024)

There’s nothing that can’t be built on Minecraft. We’ve seen modern houses, weird mansions, impressive bases, and even architecturally-correct bridges. But there is one type of building that a few Minecraft players go after mostly to challenge their skills – a castle.

You read that right. A Minecraft medieval castle or modern castle isn’t completely unheard, but there’s not as common as you might think for a couple of reasons.

First, this is a huge undertaking for any player. It might take hours or even days just to gather the resources and another few days to build everything. Second, this might be a huge project so you’ll probably encounter errors with Minecraft chunks, so you’ll need to learn how to refresh chunks while you build your Minecraft castle.

However, if you’re fine with all of this and still want to pursue any of the Minecraft castle ideas you see below, then by all means go for it.

Different Types of Minecraft Castles

Before we proceed with the list of the best Minecraft castle ideas, we’ll need to go over the common types of castles that players have built over the years.

Note that you can take inspiration from any of these Minecraft castle types and proceed to make your own.

Minecraft Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle Type Best Minecraft Castle IDea

A common Minecraft castle type is the medieval castle, and is one of the most popular designs in the Minecraft world.

The medieval castle is an iconic design both in the Minecraft world because it’s thematic to a lot of real life castles, ranging from Dracula Castle to the Disney Castle.

Minecraft Modern Castle

Modern Castle Type Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

A modern castle is probably synonymous to a gigantic mansion. A modern castle is pretty self-explanatory in terms of what this Minecraft castle design or type has to offer.

You’re looking at a medieval castle combined with modern architecture and aesthetics such as colored glass windows.

Minecraft Water Castle

Water Castle Type Best Minecraft Castle IDea

Much like the modern castle, a Minecraft water castle is also self-explanatory. A water castle is any type of castle design built on an island in the middle of the sea. This is mostly what most Minecraft players make when they want to fish and stay isolated from the other players.

Minecraft Sky Castle

Sky Castle Type Best Minecraft Castle IDea

Another popular survival castle design is the Minecraft Sky Castle, and is the equivalent of a tree house. The sky castle is any type of fantasy castle or modern castle, but situated high up in the sky or at least elevated from the ground.

This is far from being a Minecraft simple castle because you need to be good at setting up the foundation and groundwork before designing your very own castle. A mountaintop castle or a floating castle might be considered different types of sky castles because they share the same design philosophy.

What Are The Best Minecraft Castle Ideas?

Now that we’ve talked about the different Minecraft castle types, it’s time to go over some interesting castle ideas.

These are not arranged in any particular order, and the creators behind these impressive Minecraft castle ideas are credited.

Zaypixel’s Small and Easy Classic Medieval Castle

Zaypixel Small Castle Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

Castles don’t have to be large, and Zaypixel proves it. This is one of the best Minecraft castle ideas who want something functional yet practical.

In their YouTube tutorial, Zaypixel will show you the types of materials to build this Minecraft mini castle. If you want to go for a different color, you’re free to replace certain materials.

Gorillo’s Small Survival Castle

Gorillo Small Castle Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

When resources are limited and survival is the name of the game, building a castle might be a terrible idea unless you’re Gorillo.

Gorillo has this incredible Minecraft castle tutorial on their YouTube channel if you want to make use of limited resources properly. The materials are fairly simple to find, but you’ll need a lot of them. Oak and stone bricks are two of the commonly used materials for this castle idea. It’s a great starter castle for people wanting to try survival game mode.

Louisdepoui’s Small Castle

Louisdepoi Small Castle

Louisdepoui creates this Minecraft small castle design with ease, and like Gorillo’s, this is another starter castle for survival game mode.

Unlike Gorillo’s, Louisdepoui beautifully incorporates a lot of greenery and flowers into the build while the exteriors are heavily accented by wooden oak. Regardless of the Minecraft game mode, this castle design shouldn’t take you that long to complete. If anything, laying the foundation would probably take you longer than

Blockworks’ Minecraft Replica of Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle Type Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

Believe it or not, real castles are great sources of inspiration for castle ideas in Minecraft, and Blockworks, together with the English Heritage, proves just that.

Blockworks was commissioned by English Heritage to recreate the exact replica of Kenilworth Castle inside and out. The purpose of the commission was to give the public an idea of what the castles looked like back in the day.

To this day, The English Heritage continues to work with Blockworks and other expert builders to bring these ancient castles to life in Minecraft.

Mutereu’s Rumpelstiltskin’s Castle

Rumpelstiltskin Castle Type Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

Who needs a real castle when a fantasy castle looked ten times better? A Minecraft game wouldn’t be complete without structures that came out of the movies. And this one, we have Mutereu’s replica of Rumpelstiltskin’s Castle. And yes, this huge golden castle design is from the Shrek movies.

This golden but huge castle is easy to replicate on creative mode, but you could attempt to build this in survival mode too.

French Garden Castle

French Castle Type Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

A French castle design is simply amazing to look at. You see, French castles such as the Palace of Versailles are noted for their large open fields and beautiful gardens. And this French castle design, creator unknown, is a beautiful example of medieval architecture at its finest.

The building process of a French castle is two parts – one for the whole castle and another for the amazing gardens.

BigTonyMC’s Dwarven Mountainside Castle

Dwarven Castle Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

Taking another design from the Minecraft fantasy builds category, we have BigTonyMC’s variation of the Dwarven Mountainside Castle. And yes, you read that right.

This isn’t a castle on a mountaintop, but a castle built inside the mountain itself. BigTonyMC’s version is one of many you’ll find on YouTube, but we feel this one fits the bill in terms of the best Minecraft castle ideas.

The premise of a mountainside castle design is simple. Your structure and foundation is built within the mountain, so bulk of your work is digging through the side. BigTonyMC covers this building process in great detail in YouTube channel.

Stevler’s Medieval Mountaintop Castle

Medieval Mountaintop Castle Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

Do you want to take a basic medieval castle and kick it up a notch? Well, Stevler’s going to show you how with his amazing medieval castle on the mountaintop.

Probably one of the best Minecraft castles we’ve seen yet, this castle design has about 5 rooms, a main tower, and an impressive roof design. The castle gate is large in itself and is one of the main features of the mountaintop castle.

It only took Stevler two weeks to work on this castle design, but we can see it’s all worth it.

BlueNerd’s Large Medieval Castle with Courtyard

Medieval Castle Type Best Minecraft Castle IDea

BlueNerd Minecraft videos are always the most entertaining and most inspiring, and it’s no surprise that we see his designs on the list of the best Minecraft castle ideas.

In his YouTube channel, he has this tutorial for an incredibly huge castle with a courtyard. And believe it or not, the screenshot does not give any justice because it doesn’t feature the ENTIRE Minecraft castle.

This huge castle comes with a courtyard that’s as big as the castle’s ground floor. Surrounding the castle, you’ll see a lot of small village houses with some practical function. You could go about with this build on your own, or have friends help you with this Minecraft castle idea.

TheGide’s Huge Medieval Castle with Village

Medieval Castle with Village Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

A floating castle or a mountaintop castle may be fun and all to design, but what if we told you that someone took it further than anyone on this list.

Redditor TheGide’s take on his medieval Minecraft castle comes with its own village. And no, they’re not built around the castle as you’d seen in the previous entry. Each of the individual village houses are unique in their design, like it’s as if another player came in and designed their own house.

The Wrap Up!

These are just some of the best Minecraft castle ideas we’ve curated over the Internet. From YouTube videos to Pinterest entries to Reddit, you can get inspiration from anywhere if you want to build a castle in Minecraft. And with the number of entries you see on these sites, it’s no surprise to see why Minecraft is extremely popular.

If you want to build your very own castle, try to start small first as seen with the first two entries. Go into Creative Mode so you become familiar with the process while improving your building skills.